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Story and Summary: What Counts Inside, Not Out- Namine and Kairi, are the school's biggest dorks. They are made fun of everyone, especially the most popular people in the school, such as Riku, Sora, Roxas, Seifer, Olette, Selphie, and Yuffie. When suddenly, the two biggest dorks get sudden makeovers, they are magically popular and loved by all. Especially the popular guys.


Whispering and giggling was heard in the middle of the night, 3 AM, to be exact. The usual Sunday was spent at Kairi's house, since they were always eager to be at school on the same time. Namine's parents didnt mind much about the sleepovers, ever since Namine's twelveth birthday, they suddenly became workaholics. Kairi and Namine stopped giggling, since Kairi's mom repeatedly had to come in Kairi's room and ask them politely to go to bed. If you chugged fifteen cans of cola, that was pretty hard to do.

Just a few minutes later, Kairi, from her bed, looked down at Namine, who lay on the floor, suddenly asked, "Are you asleep yet?", poking Namine by the side. Namine grunted, making it known that she was before Kairi randomly poked her.

"Well, if your asleep, I'll tell you anyway. I really am excited for school, dispite suffering from the fashion monsters." Kairi seemed to say, as she sat up from her bed, and hugged her knees, rocking very slowly. Honestly, Namine did expect Kairi to say that. I mean, Namine has been knowing Kairi had a crush on Sora, the day her started picking on her. That was forever ago.

Namine just simply replied, "I am not. Suffering from Riku and Selphie's insults is really hard to get in your system. Come on, I bet that Sora and the gang have something already planned to ruin our lives." Namine thought of this for a minute, and her heart sank, knowing that Kairi had to get hurt from her crush, for the hundredth time. What was there to like about someone who had picked on you since the day you attended Destiny Islands Elementary?

Kairi was silent for a moment, Namine thinking that she was asleep. She suddenly pipped up with, "You know, dispite Sora's habit to insult us, along with Roxas, I think that they have a nice heart." Namine had a laughing fit, until she reliezed that Kairi wasnt laughing. Sora and good heart was a joke when used on the same sentence. Kairi seemed to have a shiney stream coming down her face.

"Kairi! I didnt mean it like that! You do have some chance to be with him." Namine lied, trying to make her best friend better.

"If I take out the ugly!" Kairi said, through tears. Yeah, Kairi and Namine were pretty ugly, with the big huge glasses, and their weird fashion senses. Actually, if someone had to write a list on how ugly they were, it would last the whole story...but not for long.

"Man, sometimes I wish I was in Rinoa's life. She is so rich, pretty, and has guys drooling over her." Kairi sighed, refering to her cousin Rinoa, who lived quite a lot of islands down, so she didnt visit her much. Not like she wanted to, Kairi and her fought to much, and Rinoa ended up winning, calling her everything that was a fact. Ugly.

"Namine? Oh, well thanks for listening to me" Kairi sadly said. Namine lay sound asleep, her snoring filling the room. After ten minutes, Kairi was there to join her sleepiness.


"Gah! Kairi wake up!" Namine shrieked the next morning, shaking her best friend. Kairi being a light sleeper, woke up with a startle. "Wha-What!" She asked, rubbing her eyes, listening on what her friend had to say. Namine, retrieved Kairi's alarm clock and gave it to Kairi.

"Well, this doesnt really mean any- HOLY SMOKES. WE ONLY HAVE 15 MINUTES TO GET READY. SCREW THE SHOWER." Kairi screamed, and when she screamed it wasnt pleasant. Like a mix of someone scratching a blackboard, and some old guy trying to sing.

"Dont worry! I already have your outfit picked out! And guess what? It matches mine!" Namine said with a sweet smile, which she would look pretty with, if she didnt have those huge glasses in the way.

Kairi, also giving a pretty smile hurriedly said, "Great! Now everyone will know we are the BEST OF FRIENDS" and no, she wasnt using sarcasm.

Kairi hurriedly rushed into the clothes which Namine had chosen and laid on the floor, which consisted in a uniform, which was optional, so NO ONE in the school wears them, except for two 'losers'. "How do you think we look?" Kairi chirpped as she started circling her room, and at the same time brushing her red hair, which didnt give it a difference.

"The same" Namine chirrped up, as she clapped both the same. "Pose time!" Which was the most stupidest thing in the world to do, but they did it anyway. Kairi and Namine were back-to-back in front of a mirror, to see how they looked in about...two minutes.

"Lets have some breakfast! im sure my mom left some pancakes before she left for work." Kairi suggested, and lo-and-behold, there lay pancakes on the counter, and a note that was for Kairi from her mother. Namine suggested it was private so she didnt bother to read along with Kairi the note.

Namine, stuffed in four minutes, waited for Kairi, who ate for six minutes. "C'mon lets go!" Namine shouted as she grabbed her backpack, and Kairi grabbing her backpack, were out the door and walking.

The morning was fresh and crisp, and the best. Namine happily smelt the air, and always stopped to pick up the litter that sat on the sidewalk. Kairi just smiled, happy that her best friend cared about the environment. When they arrived at school, they had time to talk about classes and homework assignments, until suddenly, a ghastly voice, which scared the both of them, was heard.

"Well, well, well, what to we have here?" The owner of the voice snickered.


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