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"I suppose now you guys have to go with the dace with us." Riku said, picking his finger nails. Kairi and Namine sighed, a tear falling down through each cheek. Instantly wiping their eyes so they wouldn't be caught crying, the nodded slowly. Time sure had zoomed by. The dance was tomorrow night at six thirty. And all Namine and Kairi could desire was to go to the dance with Roxas and Sora. Why do Riku and Seifer keep doing this? They were sent from somewhere to wreck everything Namine and Kairi had.

"Do you need us to escort you to class?" Seifer asked as he stared at Namine's cruel blue eyes. "No" she said in a harsh whisper as she and Kairi walked away to their periods. Usually the two girls had loads of things to tell each other on the way to class, but they were unusually quiet. They kept the fact inside them that they hated Seifer and Riku more than anything in the world. Selfish demons.

The other thing that concerned Kairi and Namine was; Where was Sora and Roxas? The thought of seeing the blood, and seeing them dead made shivers run down the twos spine. Kairi suddenly stopped the quiet, "Where is..." she choked, "Sora and Roxas?" Namine more than anything wished she new the answer. "I don't know..." a tear ran down her cheek. If only they went past in time, and forgotten about the whole makeover. They would have been taunted by Roxas and Sora, but it was better than seeing them jumped on by people Riku and Seifer hired.

After the question, they remained silent again, and walked to their class. Everyone glared as the two stepped in, one or more people would cough and say "Whore" which made Namine and Kairi feel angry, but there was nothing they could do about it. The two sat in the back alone, and they were ignored the rest of the day, except they received glares from classmates. It made their hearts break to see Sora and Roxas absent, and when the teacher called their name out while calling role, everyone stared at the two.

They were guilty, and there was nothing they had done in the first place.


After second period, it was lunch. When Namine and Kairi met up, they had to think of some excuse so they didn't have to sit with Riku and Seifer. Sighing, they had nothing but just to try and sit with them. After all, every other student in the school right now hated them. They walked over to Riku's and Seifer's table, and then she saw two other guys, someone who they have never met before.

"Hey ladies" Riku greeted as he introduced the girls to the new replacements of Sora and Roxas. One was blonde, which was Tidus, and the other had dirty blonde hair, Hayner. The two seemed nice, but they were annoying after a while. Namine poked at her food, and Kairi only gave a fake smile as she pretended to like Hayner's jokes. "How about another joke? Okay um, why did the turtle cross the road?" Kairi looked like she was going to strangle him if he said another joke.

"I don't know...what?" Kairi said in a very aggravated voice.

"To get to the Shell station!" Hayner said, laughing so hard at his own joke.

"Ahahahahahahahaha" Kairi scowled.

"Let me tell you another one-" Hayner said as the bell rang. Thank you! Kairi thought in her mind. Sora had way more funny jokes. Turtles and shell stations? Lame.

The two girls were even more hurt when Roxas and Sora were hurt and replaced. Namine got up and left, saying bye to Namine, since they didn't have the same period. Before Riku could turn away, Kairi grabbed his arm. "Uhm, honey, where would Roxas and Sora be?" Kairi said in disgust on what she just called him. Sounded so wrong.

"Destiny's Medical Hospital." Riku replied, "You and Namine don't plan on going there after school...right? After all, there is no point on those freaks."

Kairi glared, who would say this about a friend? "Of course not...what were you thinking..."


When the period ended, Kairi zipped toward to Namine. "Roxas and Sora are in the Destiny's Medical Hospital" she panted after running across the whole school for her. Namine grinned, "Lets give them a visit. Lets hope Seifer and Riku don't find us." Namine giggled. It was the first time that day she was smiling of real joy.

So Namine and Kairi rushed to the hospital which was seven blocks apart. They forgot they were completely tired and sore from running, but the just had to find them again. When they entered the door, they asked a kind lady, "Do you know if there is anyone here named Roxas Hina, Sora Hikari? They both have spiky hair." Kairi panted after running.

"Hold on a minute." The lady said, glancing at a few papers. After looking for 10 miunutes, which really scared the two teenagers, the lady found what she was looking for. "Sora Hikari, and Roxas Hina?" she asked politely. Namine and Kairi nodded their heads. The lady smiled, "Room 570, they share the same room."

"Thanks!" Kairi grinned as she and Namine rushed up the elevator, and went to the fifth floor. "Oh, I hope they are okay!" Namine chirped as she waited until they reached the fifth floor. They rushed to find the right number, "560,562,563, 564..." Namine said, counting down the numbers on the door, finding the right one she grinned, "570 we're here!"

The two girls rushed into there smiling. "Hey guys!" It was two old guys with blank expressions, "Molly is that you?" the guy asked in a hoarse voice. "No. Do you know anyone named Sora and Roxas?" Namine asked, remembering to be nice to her elders.

"Next door..." One of the old men said. Stupid lady and her lousy service.

"Oh, um thanks, sir!" Kairi said, as she and Namine ran out of the room, embarrassed. They heard voices next door, and they recognized it as Roxas's and Sora's. They had been talking about the two girls, which made them stop and listen. They blushed as they heard every word, and they wished more than anything to be matched up with them, than Riku and Seifer.

'Roxas, I'm really ashamed of Riku and Seifer. I can barely feel my bruised legs' Sora said.

'Atleast they didn't whack you with sticks. What I'm really mad about is that-' Roxas started.

'Is that Riku and Seifer backstabbed us just to get Namine and Kairi's heart by force' Roxas and Sora said at the same time.

'I guess we should have asked them sooner, it really kills me to think I lost Kairi to Riku' Sora said in his disappointed tone.

'Atleast Kairi isn't with a flirter and a player like Namine is. It makes me angry to know if he cheated on her.' Roxas said with a sad tone.

'I wish that we could see the two smiling at us again. But now we are banned to see them, or they will beat the two up' Roxas said protectively.

The girls blushed mad, but they found themselves smiling the whole time. Unexpectedly, they opened the door, making Sora and Roxas jump. "Surprise!" Namine and Kairi chanted at the same time, to look at the two surprised boys.


Kairi and Namine laughed as they hugged the two boys on the beds. Namine ran to Roxas, Kairi ran to Sora. "Ow, ow, ow. Bruise." Roxas and Sora winced, as the two let go. "Oh, sorry. We were just super worried so we came here!" Kairi giggled, as she and Namine smiled.

" much of our conversation did you hear?" Roxas asked, eyebrow raised. The guys weren't going to tell them their feelings wasn't the right time.

"Uhm." Kairi said as she turned to Namine who mouthed out the words; don't let them know.

"What do you mean?" She asked innocently, boy she was really good at that. Sora and Roxas looked relieved for a moment, and then looked solemn. "So we heard you're going out with Riku and Seifer" Sora said sadly.

"Yeah. But we didn't have a choice. If we did, we would have said a straight no." Namine said, also sad. Something popped into her mind she had to ask. "Are you going to the dance tomorrow night?" She had always known the two were eager to go to the dance, ever since they first mentioned it a month ago.

"Least likely. Look how much damage Riku's gang did to us" Roxas said, and Namine did agree. There were bruises everywhere, and the two boys had pain in their eyes. Namine and Kairi looked hurt and disappointed, but they nodded anyway.


The four teenagers talked for hours, until it was sadly time to leave. It stunk how Roxas and Sora had to stay in the hospital for another week. They really did get bored a lot. It made Namine and Kairi's hearts tingle when they thought about what Sora and Roxas had said earlier. Kairi and Namine stood up, "Guess we gotta go. It's late. We will visit you tomorrow, we promise." Kairi said with a smile. The guys frowned. "Aww...okay." Sora said as they said goodbye. Kairi and Namine walked home, talking about the dace. They had been so sure that they were going with Roxas and Sora.

Well, the two went their separate ways and said goodbye. "See you tomorrow..." Kairi said, as she leaned for a hug. The two parted, and went home that night, thinking once again what the boys said earlier. It still ran down her back, making it warm inside.


Kairi woke up that morning in frustration. She didnt want to go to school, after all she was hated in the school, and now part of 'Riku's property. Kairi plopped onto her bed. Today was the day of the dance, and Kairi felt that what she was so anxious to go to, felt she can go and crawl back in her covers and lay there all her single life. Kairi sighed as she got up, since she couldnt fall asleep again. "Time for another day. Trapped in prison with demons that snarl at you." Kairi whispered to herself as she combed her long red hair, and stepped into her shower.

She came out of her room, wearing the usual. She didn't bother wear anything pretty, since there was nothing to show it to, if Sora and Roxas weren't there. She wore an orange tank top, and a black mini jacket of velvet. She wore a black skirt with orange stripes in vertically in the sides. She wore black heels which made her grow four inches taller. "Let's go see what Namine is up to shall we?" She asked herself as she left the house.


Namine had just finished straightening her long blonde hair, when the door rang. "Coming!" She shouted through her door, as she finished the finishing touches. She wore something normal and she also had thought about the dance that day. Namine stood there with her blue long t-shirt and a denim skirt. She had those huge pearls dangling down her skinny neck. She wore the usual blue and white sneakers, and when she saw Kairi she grinned. "Morning!" she piped as she joined Kairi outside.

The air was cold, and when they spoke, white stuff appeared, like powder. "So, why are you at my house an hour and thirty minutes early again?" Namine asked. Kairi shrugged, but she really actually did just get bored back at her house.

"Well, the dance is today..." Kairi said trying to come up with a good topic to talk about to kill the time. Namine only glared at her feet and shivered. "Please don't talk about it" she murmured to herself as she thought of the dance. She and Kairi had picked out the dresses last Saturday. It was probably something they looked forward to, until Seifer and Riku stretched the limit. What were the dresses like? Well wait and see.

"There isn't much to talk about now is there?" Kairi said. She pulled a strand of red hair behind her ear. She looked at the floor dazed. Namine shivered in the breeze.


When they arrived at school there were posters about the dance everywhere. It made Namine and Kairi glare at them, and when Riku and Seifer passed by, Namine and Kairi wouldn't look them in the eye. They ignored their 'boyfriends' the whole time, and it made Riku and Seifer really, really mad. They didn't dare talk to them, seeing they weren't over the new 'boyfriend' thing. Oh well, screw it. They had pretty girlfriends.

When the two guys' couldn't take it at lunch, Riku came up with an idea. " about me and you join for the Queen and I run for the King of the school" Riku grinned easily. Seifer smiled too, "Yeah, we can use a little competition" he said, nudging Namine who shrugged his hand away.

"How bout it Kairi and Namine?" Riku said, grinning mad. It was all simple. Pretty boy, pretty girl. Easy prize now, right?

"Whatever" Namine and Kairi murmured as they got up and left the table, leaving the confused Seifer and Riku.


As they promised, they went straight from school to the hospital where Sora and Roxas were staying at. It was quiet when they entered, and it seemed like Sora and Roxas were hiding something. "Hey guys..." Namine greeted as they looked at the quiet teenagers. Roxas had a big grin on, and Sora's was even bigger. "Hey!" they both said back as they stood up from the beds.

"So the dance is today...we got to go soon to get ready..." Kairi said sadly. Sora only smiled wider, "Oh, well hopefully you get some surprise." Kairi looked confused, but Roxas said the subject quickly. "I wish we could have seen you in those pretty dresses you were determined to show us..."

Namine nodded her head sighing, "So are you guys improving yet?"

Roxas and Sora grinned, "Yep! We can even walk now..."

Namine and Kairi looked delighted, "Can you walk to the dance yet?" Kairi grinned.

Sora sighed and flopped on his pillow. "No. We are forbidden to see you guys...or be near you"

Namine and Kairi rolled their eyes, "Oh, well okay". They seemed a little hurt, and left the hospital, saying another goodbye.


Namine and Kairi were chilling at Namine's house, since it was empty. Kairi's mother was there, and she would make a big fuss about the dance, and Kairi would never live it down. The two girls were in Namine's room and giggling was heard. The were in their dresses, which I will describe later. Namine was curling the bottom tips of her blonde silky hair, and Kairi was putting on jewlry, makeup, and she straightened her hair.

The two girls had to admit, they looked great. And just like old times, when they were done, they clapped and suddenly one of the shouted, "Pose time!". And now, looking like beauty queens, they posed. They laughed, and bounced around. "We look, great!" Kairi grinned as they rushed downstairs. They watched tv until the door rang. "Do you want to be the one to answer?", both shook their heads.

"How about we both go?" Namine suggested as they both got up to answer the door. There standing was Seifer and Riku, looking very...handsome? Kairi grinned, and Namine scowled as they greeted the two guys. "Hey, look beautiful tonight." The two said coolly.

"Hi..." Namine sighed, as she walked into Seifer's car. She rode in the passenger seat next to Seifer, though she would have preferred Kairi.

"Ready to go?" Riku asked nicely. He seemed to be a gentleman?

"Whatever." Kairi sighed, as she put on her seat belt.


The dance was very decorated, and a lot of people danced and all that crap. The only people who hated everything was Kairi and Namine. They sighed as they drank another cup of punch. Riku and Seifer had asked them many times to dance with them, only to be rejected. Everything was boring, and many people commented Kairi and Namine's dress.

Kairi's dress was pretty, a short white dress reaching her knees, and wore a simple rose on her chest. She looked plain, only because she didn't want to look nice for Riku. Namine's dress was blue, and had a strapless dress, made of silk. There was diamond things embroidered on some stitching. They turned to go, when someone had caught their attention.

"Now for the votes! The best couple of the year is...well its a tie! Namine and Kairi, along with their dates, Sora and Roxas!" The guy seemed to randomly yell out.

Kairi, Seiifer, Riku, and Kairi looked confused, but the girls walked up the stage anyway. They received the plastic crowns and looked at each other funny. Suddenly, looking dazzlingly as ever Roxas and Sora come on stage with roses for the two clueless girls.

Well, after they all said their words, they all went outside for fresh air. "Well, that was a huge surprise!" Kairi grinned as she took a seat on a bench, Sora sitting next to her.

Well, Namine and Roxas went their seperate ways from Kairi and Sora. Namine giggled, "You got us too good!" Roxas only gave a weak smile. He didnt really look happy. Namine seemed too noticed, and her smile slowly turned to a frown. "Whats wrong?" She asked worried.

"Namine, I'm really sorry, but...but...but...before I tell you, promise me you will wear this until we meet again" Roxas said, as he took out a diamond ring, and placed it on Namine's palm.

"What do you mean until we meet again?" Namine said, as she wore the ring, scared. He hand quivered, as she waited patiently for his next words.

"Namine, I'm moving..." Roxas said, looking at the floor. Namine's heart shattered to a million pieces.

"W-W-Why...?" Namine said a look of depression in her eyes.

"When my mom found out what Riku and Seifer did...she wanted me to move far away as possible from him." Roxas said, as he didnt dare look into Namine's eyes.

"Oh...So I guess this is goodbye?" Namine said, a tear falling from her eye. Roxas sighed, taking Namine's hands in his.

"No, we will see each other again. No matter how far we will be...I want you to know one thing. I'm madly in love with a girl. And her name would be. Namine." Roxas said, in a serious tone. Namine had never seen a mood like this in Roxas.

"Umm...oh." Namine said, a tear falling from her eye. She wiped it quickly and hugged Roxas, "Just promise me this, where ever you are, you'll find me."

Roxas hesitated for a moment, and hugged back. "I promise"


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