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A/N: This was a very caffeinated me writing a sports article for English class. Enjoy!

Erik Strikes Out

Phangirls vs. Phantoms

46 to 1

Yesterday, at Populaire Stadium, the finals in the PoTO Single-elimination Baseball Tournament were held. The competition was fierce; neither team had lost a game yet.

As the 2004 Gerard Butler Musical-Movie-Erik version took the pitcher's mound, the crowd went wild with applause and screams.

First up to bat for the Phangirls was Laavanya. Her bat connected with the ball and it went sailing out of the stadium.

Next up, was the lovely Christine. All Eriks and Phantoms were distracted, and Christine scored.

Up third was Molly. She hit the ball and sent it flying into the parking lot.

In the bottom of the first, the Phangirls strategically placed Christine in the catcher's position. The 1990 Charles Dance made-for-TV.-movie Erik version, the 1986 Michael Crawford Original-Musical Erik version, and the 1925 Lon Chaney Erik version were all too distracted and all three struck out.

The highlight for the Phantoms was when the 2004 Gerard Butler Musical-Movie version scored.

By the end of the game, the 1911 Original-Novel Erik version, the 1989 Robert Englund Erik version, the 1962 Herbert Lom Erik version, the 1943 Claude Rains Erik version, and the 1998 Julian Sands Erik version were all too distracted by Christine to ever realize that the game was still going on.

Phangirls Molly, Laavanya, Jordan, Paige, Elise, Christine, Meg, Allison, and Juhie each scored at least one homerun, and there were many triples and doubles as well.

"We were defeated, humiliated, disgraced…ooh… look, Christine!" said the 1986 Michael Crawford Original-Musical Erik version.

"It was nothing really. Christine was put in as catcher because we knew Erik(s) would be distracted, ensuring victory for us," Molly said.

"I scored one! Oh, look… Christine might need help over there," said the 2004 Gerard Butler Musical-Movie Erik version.

When asked where they were going to go now that they had won, the Phangirls all replied, "WE"RE GOING TO THE PARIS OPERA HOUSE!"