By: chocolate rules

A/N: Set at the end of Provence. What Dean said to get Sam back to Sarah. Kinda long considering it was a few seconds, but I really don't care. Hope everyone likes:D

Sarah closed the door behind Sam. She leaned against it and couldn't help but think how stupid she is to let such a good one, a great catch, get away.
Sam walked towards the car where Dean stood watching him with a look of great disbelief in his face. Once he was a few feet in front of him, Dean scoffed.

"I can't believe it," the elder said. Sam kept walking until he was leaning on the car beside his brother.

"What?" Dean turned to look at him and scoffed again. "What?"

"Dude, we are soo not related."

"What'd I do?" Sam asked. Dean always questioned Sam's gene pool when he did something unbelievably stupid.

"Dude, are you that dense?" Apparently, Sam was because he kept looking at Dean with that look in his eyes that said, well that stated that Dean still had a lot to teach the kid. "Didn't you see her? How she was looking at you?"

"Who? Sarah?" Sam asked and he glanced back to the door he had just left.

"No, Pamela. Yes Sarah!"

"What about her?"

"Oh my god, I'm going to have to hurt you. You are seriously the stupidest person I know. You left her, just like that. You left her like nothing!"

"No, I didn't…."

"Dude, first you're all doggin her and then you practically go and ditch her like that! What do I have to do? Write out a script for ya? Get back there and make it right! She's probably going to have all these horrible images with you dying and all after last night and you couldn't even give her anything to make it alright."

With Sam's look of slow, and I mean slow, understanding and look of slight discomfort – but no movement Dean gave his final shove.

"Dude, make this right, or you're walking from here on! There's no way that this is going to be how you leave my future sister in law."

Sam stumbled as he walked to the door and listened to his brother. Future sister in law. Hmm, nice ring to it. Almost as nice as future wife.

Before he knew it he was right back in front of the door, knocking on it.

Sarah let her eyes slide close just as the pounding on the door brought her back. Ooo, this better be good, she thought. I just possibly lost the love of my life and some yahoo is going to come all but four hours early to try and look at the damn auction items.

As she opened the door, however, she barely had a 'hello' out when she was taken into a deep unforgiving kiss. I'll be back

Slowly, as realization and overall joy overtook her she relaxed into it and allowed her own mouth and lips to respond. I'll be waiting.

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