Summary: What happens when two crazy girls give Hogwarts a whole new experience? The story is set in the school year of 1944-1945. Grindelwald and Dumbledore are teachers, Armando Dippet is the headmaster, and Tom Riddle is a student along with Minerva McGonagall and Alastor Moody. From drugged cookies to exploding walls it all happens. So R&R. Have fun with this story it promises to be hilarious.

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A/N: Constant Vigilance takes place from September 1944 to June 1945, and is based off of a dream of Stephanie's, with some parts added and some of the weirder parts taken out. Stephanie and Rayne are in their seventh year, Armando Dippet is headmaster, Quinn Grindelwald is Charms teacher and deputy headmaster, and Albus Dumbledore is Transfiguration professor. We offer our deepest thanks to J.K. Rowling and Freelancer, both who have made this story possible.

Constant Vigilance

Chapter 1:

Happy Beginnings

Two seventh year Gryffindor girls, Rayne LaBorde and Stephanie DeMattos, who were best friends, walked into the Entrance Hall, having just gotten off of the Hogwarts Express. It had been raining extremely hard, and both girls would have been soaked to the bone from the short walk from the carriages to the castle if it hadn't been for Stephanie's water repelling charms. Both girls were in 7th year and had been friends since before Hogwarts. Both were also from the United States, New Orleans Louisiana to be exact, the Voodoo capital of the World. Rayne was 5"7 with blonde hair down to the small of her back and emerald green eyes. She was in Gryffindor house, played chaser for the Quidditch team and had excellent grade levels in most subjects, especially Astronomy and Transfiguration, but Potions often gave her trouble, and she hated Herbology (Rayne had never coped well with plants.) Stephanie was 5"5, with dark brown hair that stretched down to her shoulders and large steely gray eyes. She, like Rayne, played for the Gryffindor Quidditch team, as a seeker and as Quidditch Captain. Stephanie's favorite subjects were Charms and Care of Magical Creatures, and she had above average grades in every subject except for History of Magic and Divination (she believed it was a load of rubbish)(she also had a rather cynical and logical father)

"Hey chiquititas," called a voce behind them. A second later, each girl felt an arm go around their waits. A wide grin immediately spread across Stephanie's face, and she spun around and put her arms around the boy to whom the arms belonged, putting her face close to his face.

"Hola senior, cómo sean usted, son usted emocionó acerca del año escolar nuevo" said Stephanie in a low voice that was probably supposed to make her sound sexy but only succeeded in making her sound like she had something caught in her throat.

"Huh?" replied Alastor Moody. Alastor was a bit taller than Rayne, very thin; with black hair that was cut to about the middle of his face (it was very messy). Though he was normally fair skinned, Alastor had gotten quite a tan that summer.

"j'espère que vous n'obtient rien a logé dans votre nez comme la dernière fois nous étions à une fête, vous paraissez surtout beau ce soir" said Rayne in French pushing Stephanie out of the way and giving him a kiss. Rayne and Alastor had been going out since their fifth year, but Alastor had always been flirty with Stephanie, too.

"I don't know what that means but it I liked it" he replied to Rayne giving her another kiss.

"So Plastor my main man how was your summer?" asked Stephanie. At this they both hugged him.

He grinned at his old nickname, then spied Tom Riddle walking in their general direction.

Alastor, deciding he would try to I'm press tom, said,"What can I say?" as Tom and a few of his friends passed, "the ladies love me." At this, Stephanie promptly broke away from him and hit him in the back of the head.

"Sure they do," said Tom smiling, "hey Steph," he said winking at her.

"What's up Tom?" she said giving him a high five. Tom was Alastor's height with black eyes and straight black hair that came down to his nose. He was considered a "heartthrob" by most of the girls in school. He was Head Boy, the Slytherin Quidditch team captain, and Seeker. Everyone, except for Stephanie, knew that Tom had a huge crush on her, and apparently that crush became bigger Stephanie joined the Gryffindor Quidditch team. Apparently he had even told Alastor that he had a "thing" for female Quidditch players (much to the amusement of Alastor)

After Stephanie, Rayne and Alastor had caught up with some old classmates, they went to their house tables. Soon the sorting of the first years started and (Alastor and Stephanie's favorite part of going back to school) the feast.

"So Rayne, you gonna hit it off with Alastor this year."

"Stephanie...we have been hitting it off for the past few years now," said Rayne.

Stephanie rolled her eyes and said, "Never mind. Anyway, tomorrow Alastor and I have planned this..."

"Oh no, I will not take part in your little pranks. Last time it got you both a month of detention over the summer. Plus I am a prefect and I have a reputation to uphold."

As Rayne was saying this Stephanie was making cross-eyed faces, mouthing her words, and making her hand move up and down like a mouth. So she was basically mocking Rayne.

"Stop it. You know I'm right."

"Oh Rayne, Rayne, Rayne. I don't think you are right in the least. I just think you need to loosen up."

"I am plenty loose."

"...compared to an air tight, vacuum sealed container you are."

"Oh really?"

"Yes really."

"I bet I could do anything as 'loose' as you."

"No problem. Just eat your meal as I do."

"You must be crazy."

"Yes. What's your point?"

"I have seen you eat before Stephanie. I have known you since we were five. When you eat everyone sitting next to you gets drenched with food."

"Then why do you sit next to me at every meal?"

"I put a shield charm on myself."

Stephanie's mouth hung open as she looked at Rayne in bewilderment.

"My god you are being a git...oh god I am starting to talk like a British person." Stephanie then smacked her forehead with her palm of her hand.

Rayne grinned, "This school is rubbing off on you Steph."

"NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" Everyone in the Great Hall turned to look in Stephanie's direction. Everyone (except for the first years) knew Stephanie's voice. Rayne, who was sitting right next to Stephanie, blushed and scooted down in her seat. When Stephanie had heard the hall get quiet, she had looked around to find everyone staring at her. She grinned, and waved, leaving the newly sorted first years were thoroughly confused, but everyone else just shook their head, and went back to eating.

"Was that really necessary?!" Rayne whispered harshly at Stephanie.

"Yes it was, I wanted you to feel how strongly I was about me talking like I am from Brittan."

"Well what's wrong with being from Brittan?"

"Nothing, absolutely nothing. I am sure that it's wonderful to be British."

"Well then why are you freaking out?"

"I ain't from Brittan." Stephanie said this with a country accent and Rayne rolled her eyes.

"One day the whole eye rolling thing is going to get you in trouble." Rayne rolled her eyes again and Stephanie flicked a piece of food at her for it. The piece of food, which happened to be potato salad (Stephanie hated potato salad), landed right between Rayne's eyes.



"Why did you do that?!"

"Well I thought you liked potato salad."

"Yes I do, but not when it's on my face!"

"Now Rayne, I distinctly remember you saying that you liked potato salad on you face, especially when it's right between you eyes." Stephanie snickered at the last part.

Rayne groaned in frustration, "I swear Stephanie sometime you act like a child!"

"Why thank you Rayne I don't think any one has ever said anything so sweet to me."

Rayne groaned again then set about trying to get the potato salad off of her head. To her dismay, she found it wouldn't come off, and it covered about ¾ of her forehead. She looked around and saw Stephanie grinning at her.

"What did you do?" Rayne's voice was low and deadly.

"Nothing," replied Stephanie her grin becoming even wider.

"Stephanie, tell me now before I hex you until next week!"

"Well if you must know I put a sticking charm that doesn't wear off for another four hours."

Rayne stared at her. She didn't say anything, but Stephanie could tell she was fuming.

"Let's just try to get through the feast without me murdering you," she hissed under her breath.

"Ok." She Stephanie then proceeded to devour her food as if someone was going to try and take it from her. Much to Stephanie's disappointment Rayne had remembered to put the shield charm on.

The rest feast was actually quite boring….as usual. The only exciting things that happened was Stephanie managing to crack Rayne's shield charm momentarily and Alastor sitting at the Slytherin table, chugging down Tabasco sauce for money. He managed to entirely drain three eight ounce bottles before he almost got a detention from one of the more strict teachers, although the majority of the faculty thought that the performance as quite amusing.

Later that night, once the feast had ended and everyone left the Great Hall, Stephanie and Rayne found Alastor in front of the entrance hall moaning and groaning. He was a green color which made Stephanie go off into fits of laughter rolling around on the floor, but Rayne on the other hand who was more paranoid then Stephanie (and much more mature), started giving him a lecture about how he shouldn't gamble, he needed to see the nurse, and that he should be more health conscience. Of course Alastor didn't hear a word she said because of Stephanie screaming "I… I can't breathe!" which was probably true. Then Alastor pointed out to Rayne that there was something on her head. She responded through gritted teeth with:

"Don't remind me."

Stephanie suddenly stopped laughing when she felt two hands pull her up. For a second, she didn't know what was going on, mainly because she was stunned from the laughing and because the hands were bigger than Alastor's, which confused her. When she was standing up on her feet, she saw that Professor Quinn Grindelwald was the one holding her up. A few fifth year Ravenclaw girls passed them giggling and muttering about how the Charms professor was "fine" as Stephanie had heard them put it. In fact, Professor Quinn Grindelwald wasn't bad in the looks department, actually he was very handsome, but Stephanie and Rayne had never really paid any attention to his looks. He was tall, about 5'11 with dark blonde hair, and dark green eyes that some of Stephanie's and Rayne's fellow Gryffindors could get "lost" in; he was the charms instructor, deputy headmaster, and head of Slytherin house. He was rather muscular, and he claimed that he used to play in minor Quidditch league, and apparently he had kept his figure.

"What's going on?" asked Professor Grindelwald with a bemused smirk. Stephanie cleared her throat to reply but Alastor stepped in front of her, cutting her off.

"I just told her a really funny joke, sir," he said trying to look innocent, but not doing very well seeing as he was on the verge of tossing his cookies.

"Well it couldn't be that funny," he said, raising his eye at Stephanie and Alastor, but Stephanie took one look at Alastor's sickly face and burst out laughing again.

"Okay, maybe it was that funny" he said, letting his grin become even wider, "just try to be quieter about it, I'm sure the people in China want some sleep, as well as the rest of us."

"Yes, sir" they replied with smirks on their faces, as they made their way back to their common rooms.

"Oh and Miss LaBorde."

"Yes Professor?"

"You've got something on your forehead."

Rayne blushed like mad then said, "Yes sir, I know." The Professor didn't respond to this, he only gave Rayne a confused look. Alastor now knew about the potato salad and the charm, so he and Stephanie proceeded to bust out laughing.

That night in the Gryffindor common room everyone had their miniature reunions. Friends saw each other for the first time in months and even some old enemies shot the breeze with each other- like Stephanie and Minerva McGonagall, a tall, black-haired, green-eyed witch in Rayne and Stephanie's year. While Stephanie and Minerva were always competing, she and Rayne got on quite well.

They stayed up for about an hour more, hearing snitches of other people's conversations- trips to the beach, new boyfriends, and, in one boy's case, finding out that his boggart was his best friend's mum.

Stephanie, Rayne, and Minerva finally went up to their dormitory, where their warm beds awaited, and Rayne proceeded to look herself in the bathroom trying multiple counter charms until the potato salad came off about forty-five minutes later while Stephanie set up her rather "unique" bed. Every year when she arrived, she immediately began unpacking her trunk until her bed was so laden with pillows and blankets that when she sat on it; she sunk until you could only see the top of her head.

"I don't know how you put up with all of those pillows and blankets," said Rayne smiling.

"Yes it is absolutely ridiculous, pointless, and stupid," said Minerva in a smug tone.

"Damn right, but look who you're talking to. I am ridiculous, pointless and stupid," responded Stephanie in a loud voice.

Minerva responded to this by rolling her eyes.

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Translations: j'espère que vous n'obtient rien a logé dans votre nez comme la dernière fois nous étions à une fête, vous paraissez surtout beau ce soir vous sont comment faisant je vous ai manqué si beaucoup de je pense que la fête va être grande mais - how are you doing I missed you so much I think the feast is going to be great but

I hope that you do not get anything lodged in your nose as the last time we were at a party, you look especially handsome tonight

Hola senior, cómo sean usted, son usted emocionó acerca del año escolar Nuevo - Hello sir, how are you, are you excited about the new school year