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Constant Vigilance

Chapter 7

Pushing and Shoving

It was around 10:30 in the great hall that was jammed with students. The sun was shining (even though it was freezing), the birds were chirping, everyone was in a just delightful mood (except Stephanie she wasn't a morning person), it was just a few hours before the big match that had lots of interesting bets riding on it….and Stephanie was shoveling down food like there was no tomorrow.

"Stephanie I don't know how you can eat right now," mumbled Rayne as Stephanie shoveled down another plateful of food.

"Eating always makes me feel better. It wakes me up. I hate the morning. The sun gets annoying. Too bright too early. If it were up to me everything would be done at night and people would sleep during the day."

"If everything was up to you everything would be chaotic," Stephanie grinned at this statement, "but aren't you in the least bit nervous about the match? I mean if we loose you have to SNOG Tom," Rayne waved her arms in the air for emphasis.

"No I won't. We won't loose. I don't loose, maybe you've forgotten."

"There's a first time for everything Steph," mumbled Rayne as she stood up to go take a shower and start getting ready for the match at 11:00.

About 20 minutes later in the Gryffindor locker room, Stephanie was giving her pre-match pep talk.

"All right people! This is a big match! Lots of bets are riding on this match!"

"Yeah," started Gregory, "I put twenty galleons on us to win."

"Also you know what's going to happen to me if we don't win!" said Stephanie. By now the entire school knew the bet between her and Tom.

"Although it would serve you right if we did loose," mumbled Minerva, "maybe you would learn from your mistakes although I doubt it."

"That comment is enough to get you the bench for the match," snarled Stephanie rather viciously.

"Oh I'm not going to throw the match or anything like that."

"You'd better not," growled Stephanie. "Anyway, WHO'S GONNA WIN?!"

"WE ARE!" chanted the team.


"GRYFFINDOR!" the all started whooping and screaming the grabbed their brooms and flew out into the stadium.

"Are you ready, Quidditch fans?!" exclaimed an excited Anthony Jordan, an African American boy who had dreadlocks and was in his sixth year from the announcer's podium. In response to Anthony's question, there was a loud combination of whoops and cheers from all of the students in the stands.

"I think they are," said an equally excited Brandon Lee, and oriental boy who was also in his sixth year and helped Anthony commentate each game.

"And here come the teams, making their way onto the field," announced Brandon.

It was a cold winter day, and an icy breeze went through even the thickest jacket. As Stephanie flew out onto the Quidditch pitch, her ears were ringing from the screaming of the crowd. She watched from her spot above everyone as red, gold, silver, and green mixed as the teams took their places, and spotted Tom on the other side of the field, scowling.

"Hey, dickless, what's up?" yelled Stephanie over to Tom "Uh- oh, looks like the trash talk has already started," said Anthony Jordan excitedly into the microphone.

"Yeah, and I think that Tom has a crush on Stephanie, because I could have sworn that he said..." started Brandon, but he was cut off when Quinn shot him a nasty look.

"Thank you for stating the obvious, Brandon," mumbled Anthony.

"Shut up, you have no room to talk," yelled Tom angrily.

"Your right there," yelled Stephanie, grinning. It took Tom a minute to figure out what she had said, and then yelled back:

"Whatever... Slytherin is still gonna win, and you remember our bet, don't you?" he yelled with a smirk.

"Yeah, and I'm looking forward to seeing what kind of boxer shorts you wear... unless you wear briefs. I sure hope you don't."

There was a loud chorus of giggles from the audience and Stephanie noticed Alastor wince and the Weasley twins give each other a high five.

"Take your places!" yelled the Quidditch official, Angelica Donaldson, "I want a good clean match!" she said eyeing Tom and Stephanie. Stephanie grinned. It wasn't the kind of grin that you really wanted to see. It was the kind of grin that made you want to run away. Angelica did a double take when she saw the maniacal look on Stephanie's face, then she let loose the snitch and the bludgers.

"Ready… Set…" she threw the quaffle in the air. Rayne sped towards it, caught it, and then passed to Minerva, who passed to Campbell, who took a shot, and... made it.

Yes! Thought Stephanie. She flew up to where the teachers sat (where you could always get the best view of the field). When she got there, Quinn and Armando smiled and waved at her. Quinn mouthed that Slytherin was going to win (he didn't know about the bet, none of the teachers did), and Stephanie shook her head. Quinn always joked with her like that and he and Armando always waved at her whenever she came near the teacher's stand during a match. She moved a little lower so that she was next to the checkered pattern of the curtain that hung down the tower, and she saw the last thing she wanted.

"You enjoying the match?" asked Tom as he flew towards her.

"Go away, you never come over here."

"So, I can't talk to you then?"

"No. You will break my concentration."

"Oh, I suppose you were concentrating by talking with the teachers," said Tom grinning.

Stephanie turned and glared at him but said nothing.

"Well, I'm really looking forward to snogging you."

"No, I'm really looking forward to seeing you in your boxer shorts."

"We aren't taking it that far, Steph." She glared at him again.

"Ha! You wish. No, I mean when you loose and you have to go through the entire day in your underwear." Suddenly her head snapped in one direction, but she didn't move. Apparently Tom didn't notice.

"So... Tom," she said putting an arm around his neck and putting her head on his shoulder as best she could while still staying on her broom.

He looked down at her, with a smug and surprised expression, "Finally realized your feelings for me eh?"

"Not exactly," she said, elbowing him in the stomach, but they were in a secluded part of the stadium, so no one noticed that Tom almost fell off of his broom. Stephanie sped off, and Tom noticed that infamous glint of gold that is mentioned in nearly every Quidditch match ever written. Once Tom was able to breathe right again, he shot in the direction of Stephanie.

Three, two, one… thought Stephanie.

"And I think the seekers have spotted the snitch! There they go!" shouted Anthony into the microphone.

Right on time thought Stephanie with a smirk.

While Stephanie was flying after the snitch, she noticed that Rayne was fighting with Bruce McClellan, a burly Slytherin chaser, over the quaffle. Since the snitch was heading in their direction, Stephanie signaled to Rayne with a high pitched wolf whistle. Rayne gave Stephanie a curt nod, and pulled Bruce in Stephanie's way. Stephanie rammed herself into Bruce's hands making him let go of the quaffle. Rayne managed to score, but Tom but gotten ahead of Stephanie. Stephanie grunted with frustration but then sped off after Tom. She managed to get a bit closer to him after about a minute and he turned around to shout at her.

"You can try and catch me darling but it won't work!" his voice sounded faint but Stephanie managed to catch most of what he said and shouted back,

"Don't call me darling!"

When she had shouted this Riddle had already turned around but he heard her very clearly and grinned evilly. Now the snitch was moving in such radical zig zags, that if Tom and Stephanie didn't know any better they might have suspected it of trying to give them the feeling of riding a muggle roller coaster. After it was done zig zagging and going up and down, it started to weave in between the different towers. After almost skimming the first two towers, it made an incredibly sharp turn on the Slytherin tower on which Tom let up a bit. But he let up enough for Stephanie to catch up with him.

"MOVE OUT OF MY WAY, DEMATTOS!" yelled Tom, ramming Stephanie.

"NOT A CHANCE, RIDDLE!" Stephanie yelled back, ramming him even harder.

The snitch suddenly swooped down and around the tower where the Hufflepuffs sat, bringing Stephanie and Tom into a vertical race. The snitch kept going higher and higher until Stephanie thought the might break through the atmosphere. She was side-by-side with Tom and the both kept glancing at each other to see if one would let up. Neither did. They both might have actually lost the snitch but whenever one couldn't see it the other most likely could. So they kept speeding on, and soon they actually broke through the clouds. They both spotted the snitch to the left of them starting to dive downward. They gave each other a quick glance before Stephanie shoved Tom and raced after the snitch.

"That was dirty DeMattos!" yelled Tom as he caught up with her which left them side by side again.

"You're dirty Riddle," she shouted back. And before she knew what had happened he had grabbed her hair and gave it a good, hard tug.

"Maybe your right," he retorted before letting go of a struggling Stephanie.

Stephanie managed to get a good smack across his face before moving out of his arm's reach. They were now in an almost completely vertical race downward (It never fails, here comes the dive), and the whistling of the wind in Stephanie's ears was almost deafening. As she sped towards the ground at top speed, neck and neck with Tom, time seemed to stop, the noise from the crowd became as low as a whisper, and all she could hear was Tom's heavy breathing. Suddenly she started to remember the past few nights. She remembered pinning her down and kissing her, Rayne's new crush, how she had beat up Tom, and the bet.

This is a great time to be reminiscing, she thought. Well, if I don't make it out of this alive I will die with dignity and not have to snog Riddle, but if I do loose I guess he wasn't that bad of a kisser. As Stephanie flew after the snitch the ground was becoming closer and closer. Then, as suddenly as everything stopped, everything snapped back to normal- the crowd was there, and everything wasn't in slow motion anymore. She looked over at Tom, and by the expression on his face she could tell he had just experienced what she had. Now they were only 100 feet off of the ground. 75 feet. 50 feet. 35 feet. There was a silence from the crowd as they two were about twenty feet above the ground. They both pulled out just before they hit the ground. They were now flying so close to the ground that Stephanie could have reached out a hand and touched the grass.

"LET ME GO!" yelled Stephanie as Tom wrapped his foot around hers, throwing her off balance. She looked around for Angelica to see her yelling at a Slytherin chaser for punching a Gryffindor chaser, who had happened to be Rayne, who was no doubt trying to beat the shit out of whichever chaser punched her. She yelled at Tom to let go again then holding on her broom with one hand she reached out and grabbed a fistful of his hair. He screamed something that Stephanie didn't catch and pulled on her leg even more. The snitch was now literally two feet from them and Stephanie had a plan. She had decided that Tom wasn't letting go any time soon so she yanked him hair forward making him fly forward and a little bit to the right. He flew off of his broom and since his leg was wrapped around hers she went with him. But because she had thrown him off to the side he completely missed the snitch.

It took her a couple of seconds to realize what had happened and for everything to stop spinning. She managed to look up and realize she was lying on her back. She felt a fluttering against her butt and reached behind her slowly. Stephanie opened her hands to reveal a golden snitch, trapped like a butterfly. She looked up with a huge smile, and held the snitch up into the air. The silence was broken as everyone (except for the Slytherins) broke into mad cheering. She noticed that Tom had gotten up and was now standing in front of her. It looked like his chin was going to touch the ground, and his eyes were so wide that they looked like they were going to bulge out of his head. This only made Stephanie grin even more. Then she felt something hard hit her, and she realized that Rayne had tackled her. Then the whole team tackled her, which hurt, but she was too excited to notice the pain. Then the twins lifted her on their shoulders and carried her back to the locker rooms, chanting and yelling something about that Stephanie was the only seeker in the world who could catch the snitch with their butt.

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