Author's Notes: Today's chapter includes a special appearance by a very familiar person (For those who play other games by the same creator as Phantom Brave)

"But Ash, I still don't know why we're here." Marona informed, tilting her blond head. "Did we get a job?"

"Uh…ya." He told her such just so she wouldn't be upset or worried about the fact that it wasn't really a job more or less then him trying to clear her name. "Ya, we're supposed to hunt down the source of a disease." He said lowly.

"What kind of a disease, ash?" She looked at him a little interested and completely oblivious.

"We'll I'm not sure. They just told me it was a horrible disease that has already claimed many lives." Ash stopped in the forest they had been searching in off of the coast of the island the town was on. He looked around and raised an eyebrow. "Marona…"

"Yes Ash?"

"I sense another Phantom nearby…but this one isn't like me or any other I've met so far." He stated matter-of-factly.

"Maybe he could come live on the island with us. Oh! Or is it a she?" Marona pondered the phantom's gender a little while longer as Ash searched the area.

"Nothing…" He finally said, scratching his head. He took a small breath, even though he knew fully he wasn't actually breathing in any way.

Marona stood silent then looked up at Ash questionably. "Ash…?" her voice was soft and concerning, "Why do you stay with me?"

Ash turned and looked at her with a serious expression. His dark eyes intensified as he tried to decide whether to tell her or not. "Marona, I stay with you because you're a good person. And you're a good friend. Don't forget that or ever think less of yourself, alright?" He poked her shoulder and she smiled brightly at his reply.

"I'm glad you're with me Ash."

"WAAAHA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HAA!" Suddenly a loud and very obnoxious voice boomed through the trees. Ash jolted into the fighting position and turned. Marona looked a little confused wondering who was laughing and what about.

"It a boy Ash." She blurted without thinking much.

"Come out Phantom!" He called.

"What? How dare you pathetic fools order me around! Aaaah-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-haaa! Peasants!" The voice came again only not as loud. The voice was powerful but still young and Ash could tell the boy was only around the age thirteen or fifteen.

"Errr! I said come out!" Ash ordered again.

"Maybe we should ask nicely Ash." Marona interjected.

"Asking a moron nicely isn't going to do anything Marona." Ash informed.

"Moron? I'm a freakin' Overlord! Fine! You wish to see me then I shall show you my power!" Suddenly a young boy appeared wearing shorts and a big red scarf. His blue hair slicked back and a few bangs hung randomly around his devilish eyes and pointy ears.

"What the hell are you?" Ash said repulsed.

"Aww! It's a cute elf!" Marona said happily.

"A-Wha?" The boy was appalled by Marona's statement. "No! Dumb Girl! I am Laharl! The best freakin' overlord in all the cosmos." Laharl placed his hands on his hips and grinned cynically at them.

"Uh…you're dead." Marona told him as if he hadn't realized.

"…That's beside the point!" He snarled then pointed his sword at them. "I'll make you die too for insulting the great Laharl!"

"You shall go no further, for her sake, I will not fail!" Ash pulled out a sword that matched Laharl's and pointed it at him.

Marona lifted her hands to her mouth and hesitated. "Uh…uh…" She fidgeted and shifted her weight back and forth on her feet then finally stepped up. "I'll help Ash! Maybe after he isn't delusional he'll come live with us!"

"Delusional? That's it! I will not take such insults any longer! Prepare your weak selves!"

As small and short as the battle was Ash had won with the help of Marona. Unfortunately for Laharl, he could not attack Marona for she was too innocent and something deep down made him stop.

Upon his losing a long and vain string of curses and swears escaped his young mouth.

"Wow." Ash muttered surprised at his potty mouth.

"Ash what is Whore?" She questioned.

Ash slapped his palm to his forehead and sighed. Marona was just too innocent. "It's a bad word…so don't say it." He told her.

"I can't believe this. So what do you want from me? My soul?" Laharl complained.

"No." Marona replied.

"Then what?" he demanded.

"Well…come live on Phantom Island…You can be overlord of it. Okay?" Marona suggested.

"Is this Island…huge?" He questioned.

Ash shook his head. "Big enough! Either come with us or rein over this small and unpopulated forest for eternity for all I care. Let's go Marona."


It had become night with in no time at all and Ash and Marona had been roasting marshmallows outside of their cabin on Phantom Island. They decided to explore more the next day until they could find the cause of the disease.

"Pass me some marshmallows…slave." Laharl ordered some random Phantom. The Phantom grunted and threw the bag at him, hitting him in the side of the head.

"Fool!" Laharl glared and clenched his fist "I'll-"

"Marona giggled and cut him off. "Laharl…You don't even need to eat."

Laharl snorted and turned away. "Whatever!" He crossed his arms, "Humph!"