Title: Refections
Author: kaly
Category: Gen; drabble(s)
Rating: K
Spoilers: none
Summary: Dean remembers the first time they saw fireworks.

Disclaimer: Not mine. The pretty, snarky, angsty brothers belong to the WB & CW.



Dean remembers the first time he saw fireworks. In fact, it's one of his few memories of his mother. They'd taken a blanket and a picnic to the park for the holiday. He remembers eating cotton candy and watching clowns and jugglers, though Sammy mostly slept.

As the sky grew dark, Dean curled up in his dad's lap. Then his dad whispered, "Wake up, bucko, the show's starting." Suddenly the sky lit up, crackling and alive in every color of the rainbow. He remembers his parents laughing as he clapped, jumping up and down.

He wished it would never end.


Dean remembers the first time Sam saw fireworks. Dean had seen signs at the park for the holiday and he couldn't help thinking about the day with their mother. But he knew better than to ask if they could go. He was surprised, then, when their dad asked if they wanted to. Sam had nodded eagerly, bouncing with excitement. Dean had laughed, ruffling his hair affectionately.

It was just like he remembered. Only instead of just watching the sky Dean couldn't help but watch Sam as he stared skyward, amazed, eyes and mouth agape, the colors reflected on his cheeks.