"Come on... it's not like we're really family," he said, advancing on her. "We've seen each other what--? Once a year for the past 15 years? You are barely an acquaintance let alone family!"

"But, ah... uh..." She managed to say, backing up.

"It isn't going to hurt... Well, yeah, it probably will, but-" he said laughing, and once again closing the distance between the two.

Still, she backed up, but only found the walls behind her drawing nearer. She had nowhere to go.

"Just keep quiet, and it'll be over in no time." He grabbed her and forced up to the wall. He could feel her trying to pull away, but there was nowhere to go even if she did get away. This was her home now. She was merely a child in his eyes - clearly someone unable to make it on her own. Little did he know.

But make an escape was not something she could do. Not yet anyway. She whimpered as he led her out of the room and down the hall. Looking quite possibly like her best opportunity, she made one last effort to escape his grasp. She managed to pull away and make a run for it.

She didn't get far and ended up in a worse position than she was previously in. He had caught up to her from behind and with one hand he was squeezing the life out of her with a strong grip around her neck. The other hand found itself searching around under her skirt.

Then they heard the closing sound of the front door. Hadn't he locked that? He was sure he had. Either way, he knew he had to go deal with the problem before anything bad happened. He couldn't let a story like this get out. Not if he wanted that job at the police department.

"Say a word and I'll kill you," he hissed, spinning her around to face him. "No, better yet, say a word and I'll kill you both!" He hastily kissed her, and threw her away.

"I could have you arrested for trespassing!" He called out to the intruder.

"I'm looking for Honda-san... the door was open, so..."

"Well, she's not here, so get out!"

He probably would have left, had it not been for the faint sound of coughing coming from another room. He looked in the direction of the sound and then back to the man before him, deciding to see for himself if that was indeed his Honda Tohru.

He sped past the man, down a hall and then into the room where the coughing (now louder) could be heard. The sight before him would nearly break his heart.

"Honda-san!" He called out to the girl on the floor who was still coughing and holding her neck. It was plain to see that she was crying, but at the sound of his voice, she looked up.

"Sohma-kun!" She gasped as she saw her older cousin smash a large vase over the younger man's head.

He fell to the ground, unconscious, shards of crystal raining down around him. She ran over to him, cutting the bottoms of her feet as she stepped across the glass. She also had a fair size piece of the stuff piercing her just below the knee, where she knelt beside her friend.

Her cousin just looked upon the two and chuckled. "Now I warned you about this. He could die, and it would be your fault." He reached down and picked out a long piece of glass from the pile. The side that he held onto used to be the smooth rim from the top of the vase - the other side looked as sharp as a knife.

"Get up!" He demanded, pulling her up by the collar of her shirt. "I believe you and I have something to finish." He threatened her with the piece of glass and she stood the rest of the way up.

"Come on!" He said, this time dragging her along, rather than leading as he had before.

The pain in her leg had become almost unbearable. It gave out and she fell towards the ground, half held up by the man still clutching her arm.

He looked down at her realizing that the blood which had now covered much of her leg, was leaving stains along the floor behind them. "You know none of this would have happened if you just did as I said."

"And right now," he continued, "I'm going to need a way out of this. So far, the only options I can think of involve killing you both." He grabbed her leg, pushing the glass in farther.

She screamed out in pain. The tears again spilling down her face.

"See, what happened here..." he spoke in an almost storytelling way, "when I got home, I found this intruder assaulting you, so after a long and hard-fought battle, I finally over-threw him, but by then it was too late. He'd already killed my dear, darling little cousin. In a fit of rage, I hit him, and he fell down the stairs and broke his neck."

She sat there, crying, unable to move, to speak, or even think.

"Now, of course, if you think something is missing from that story, I'd be happy to add it in for you."

"You are missing the most important part," Yuki said, shocking the older man.

"And what would that be?" Tohru's cousin asked rudely.

"The part where we fight and you lose."

The older man just laughed. This boy didn't look much older than Tohru, and he'd still be weak from the blow to the head he'd received just minutes ago. Plus, he hadn't gone through the hand-to-hand training that the department had supplied for him.

The two advanced on one another, and the older man got in the first blow. It was Yuki, however, that sent the man flying through the air and into a wall with a single kick to the head.

Yuki rushed over to Tohru's side. "Are you okay? I'm going to go call the police and an ambulance for you. You really need those cuts looked at."

"No... no... I'm fine. But, your head... let me take a look at it." She tried to stand up, but the pain washed over her once more, and kept her on the ground.

"You're not okay, I'm calling an ambulance."

"Yuki?!" She called out confused and afraid. "I can't... see you..." He was standing right in front of her, but she passed out thinking she was all alone.

Yuki frantically searched the rooms for a phone. After finding one in the kitchen, he dialed out to an ambulance, but was told the wait would likely be about an hour.

"An hour! She could die!"

"Well, we are understaffed and overworked tonight, Sir, we will be there as soon as we can."

Dejected, he thanks the operator and quickly hung up the phone determined to get her the help she needs. He redialed out, this time to his cousin Hatori. He was scared though, that if he did come, he would see it as a chance to erase her memories of the Sohma family.

He briefly wondered what would be so bad about that. She'd be better off not having to live a cursed life with the rest of the Sohmas. Though things seemed to be going fine for the moment, he knew sooner or later, a time would come when she'd be better off without them.

What was he thinking? The full impact of his realization hit him like a tonne of bricks. She wasn't better off without him. Without him she had ended up in this house with her family, and look what had happened. Surely whatever life he could offer her had to be better than the one she would face staying with a family capable of such things.

His thoughts were cut short when Hatori answered the phone on the other end. "Yes?"

"Hatori... I need your help. Honda-san... she's been hurt."

"What? Where are you? I thought she went back to her family."

"She did, and I'm there. At her house."

"You shouldn't have gone back to her. Let her family deal with it. She's not your responsibility anymore." With that, Hatori hung up.

What?! Frustrated, Yuki dialed out again; Hatori once more picking up the phone.

"What is it?"

"I can't leave her to her family!" Yuki cried into the phone. "They're the ones that did this to her!"

"Then leave her to the police."

"Hatori, she could die!"

"Then call an ambulance."

"I did, they can't get here for another hour. Please, Hatori..."

The doctor knew she was an accident waiting to happen to the Sohma family, this could be the perfect way to get her out of the family once and for all. Even if he did save her - he couldn't just let the girl die - he could use this chance to erase the girl's memory, so that when she woke up, things would be back to normal.

"Fine, I'll be there. What's the address?"

Yuki told him the address and the two ended the conversation. A bit relieved, but still very worried, he went back to Tohru. He wrapped the worst of the wounds and kept her leg elevated to slow the bleeding, but she'd already lost a lot of blood.

He then took the chance to look at himself in a mirror. He had clearly fared better than Tohru – at least he had been wearing his shoes, since he had just arrived at the home, so he hadn't cut his feet on the glass. Mind you, he did have quite a nasty bump on the head from being struck with the vase, a growing bruise on the side of his face and most likely some degree of a concussion.