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Lee's POV and NONYOAI!


"Help! Please help us, my friends are dying!"

I look around the hospital frantically. Many of the personnel are looking at me very strangely. I hear a soft moan from the being in my arms and my vigor is rekindled and becomes stronger than before.

"Please help. My friend, he's lost a lot of blood." The crowd still just looks at me. Gaara, Kankuro, Kiba, Chouji, and Akamaru come into the hospital, the last three being supported by the two Sand nin.

Gaara's presence seems to wake the people in the hospital up.

"It's the monster from Sand!" This is the final straw for me. These people who are supposed to be trained to help people not only freeze at our sudden appearance, but insult my new, er, friend.

"What's wrong with all of you? These people need help! Stop gawking in fear, help them!"

Finally a nurse comes over to us. "Come, follow me." She leads us to a side room with four beds. "Lay them down." As we do so, the nurse does a quick summary of my friends' wounds. Her face pales, and she reaches for a small microphone in her pocket. "We need all hands on deck. We have two fatally wounded children in here! Call Hokage-sama and the best medics that we have!"

Now that we are finally here, time seems to be going at double speed. All at once, 5 medics burst into the room, and what feels to me only a moment, the Hokage comes in as well. She, too sums up their injuries, and speaks to the medics behind her.

"Alright this boy is poisoned; I will take care of him. Please move him to a private room and have him hooked up with the usual poison wards. Keep him monitored at all times. Shizune, take the Hyuuga, he needs intense chakra treatment. Use his hair as a mediator. You four, take the last one and his dog, he is not fatally injured but bind his wounds and see to the animal as well."

The healers all nod and once again the room is filled with commotion. Tsundame is the last one out and she turns to us. "Where is Naruto? Shikamaru arrived no more than ten minutes ago."

I shake my head "I don't know, he went ahead of us to get Sasuke."

The Hokage nods and quickly leaves the room. I turn to leave as well. "I'm going to go check on Neji."

"They won't let you anywhere near any of them for a while." Kankuro is leaning on the wall opposite me. "You should get a change of clothes, you look terrible."

For the first time in hours I take a look at my appearance. My green stretch suit is tattered from my battle with Kimamaro, and it is covered in blood, Neji's blood. I suddenly feel sick. I didn't notice it before but the red liquid soaked through my clothes and I feel cold, as my best friend's blood covers my entire front.

I nod and head home at top speed, I want to be there when Neji is better. He has to recover, he just has to.

As I am nearly at my home, a pink kunoichi cuts me off.

"Lee! Are you alright! You idiot you can't just go off like that right after your surgery! You could've been killed!" Just then she takes in my appearance. "Oh my god! Lee you're hurt badly! We have to get you to the hospital now!"

I shake my head. "The blood isn't mine, Tenten. I was just heading home to get out of these clothes." Please don't ask me whose it is, please.

"Then who's blood is it Lee? Is everyone alright?" Something in her mind clicks as I refuse to meet her gaze. "Is—is it Neji's?"

I don't look up again, guilt eating at my heart.

"Is he okay? What's wrong with him Lee? Tell me!"

"H-he lost a lot of blood and used up almost all of his chakra. He fought one of Orichimaru's best shinobi and won, but was injured. He—he's at the hospital under intensive care." I wait for the konoichi's response.



"I have to go."

I nod and she's off in the direction of the hospital. I stand still for a moment, lost in thought. I don't even notice that quite a few people are staring at me, mostly due to the large blood stain that covers my front. I don't move for several more minutes until, out of nowhere a hand appears on my shoulder.

"Come on Lee, I'll take you home."

The voice of my mentor, Maito Gai, wakes me from my reverie. I nod and we head towards my house. We arrive five minutes later. Numbly I search for a new green outfit from my closet. I get a new pair of orange leg warmers and arm socks as well. I walk out of my room to see Gai-sensei leaning against the wall, looking at me worriedly.

Just looking at my sensei for a moment and I break down. "This is all my fault. If only I had not been so injured, I could have gone with them and then Neji would not be hurt. If he dies it is my fault entirely."


I barely notice Gai-sensei as I continue. "Then, when Neji needs me the most I can't help him because I'm too worthless to know how to mold chakra."


"And I couldn't even beat Kimimaro, Gaara had to come help me with that too—"


"Lee! Stop this pity party! There is nothing you could've done. Now, stop blaming yourself, and we are going to go see Neji at the hospital. I don't think he would want to see his friend breaking down on his account."

I look down at my feet. Gaara had told me the exact same thing. "I'm sorry Gai-sensei."

The energetic look reappears on my teacher's face.

"There is no problem, for together we shall go to Neji's side and return to him the spark of youth!"

I smile, good old Gai-sensei. "Of course sensei! Youth must be returned to him! Let us depart!" We flash our signature smile, and then are off again, in the direction of the Konoha hospital.


A few minutes later


We walk into the hospital and ask the nurse at the front desk for Neji's room. She gives it to us and we head up to the third floor. The entire way there, my mind is numb with worry for my companion. I hope with all of my heart that he recovers along with the others. We stop walking when we finally see a familiar face.

"Shikamaru!" The shadow-stretching shinobi looks up, and cracks a weak smile. "Are you injured?" He shakes his head.

"Naruto has just been checked in, he'll be alright though. Just though you'd want to know." I look across the room to see yet another Sand nin, I believe her name was Temari.

"How is everyone else?" I look to Shikamaru, but he doesn't seem able to talk, so Temari speaks again.

"Kiba will recover, though he is wounded deeply, Chouji and Neji however were fatally wounded and might not make it." There is no feeling in her voice, and I stare at her. "I don't know why you are so upset. People die on missions, it happens all the time. That's what emotion training is for."

I shake my head. She doesn't understand. These people are my close friends; they are like this because I couldn't help them.

Gai-sensei and I sit down. He has his hand on my shoulder. I know I should thank him for the support, but I can't seem to find my voice. We all sit silently for what seems like hours. Temari and Shikamaru have a short argument, which the Sand nin wins easily, and Shikamaru walks off. He is stopped by what appears to be his father.

As they are talking, Hokage-sama comes out of a side room, obviously drained. "Akimichi Chouji," she pauses to catch her breath, and we all tense, "is going to pull through. I was able to come up with an antidote to the pills that he took." We all sigh a breath of relief.

"What about Neji?" The one called Shizune comes out of another room.

"Hyuuga Neji has stabilized. However he is in a deep coma, if he does not wake up soon, I fear he will not wake up at all.

My heart stops.

"What are his chances?" Gai-sensei speaks for the first time in ages.

"Less than fifty percent."

My blood turns to ice. This can't be happening, it cannot!

"Can we see him?"

Hokage-sama looks at us sadly. "Yes, there is already someone in there." That must be Tenten.

Gai-sensei and I walk into the room. The kunoichi looks up and runs over to us. "Oh Lee, what if he doesn't wake up!" She starts sobbing on my shoulder and I pat her back. I take this moment to look at my pale-eyed friend.

He looks like he's sleeping, very peaceful. His long hair is splayed around him haphazardly, and the white hospital sheet covers up the worst of his wounds. I know what lays beneath the fabric, and my heart clenches again.

After a few minutes Tenten regains her strength and sits back down in her chair. Gai-sensei and I copy her, sitting in the other unoccupied seats. We sit in silence for hours, not taking our eyes off of the still figure in the bed before us. The only noise comes later, as Hokage-sama has a mission for Gai-sensei.

He nods, and with a quick, "I'll be back as soon as I can," he's off. Tenten and I sit for a few more hours, with the pink-clad kunoichi holding Neji's hand.

Over the next few hours, Naruto wakes up and pays us a visit. Shikamaru and some of the Hyuuga clan show up for a while. Sakura-san stops in for a few minutes, as does Ino just to say, 'get better.'

It is three in the morning now and Tenten has fallen asleep. I wake her and send her home, and she promises to be back in the morning. I know that I should probably go home too, but I figure that Neji would not want to wake up to an empty room.

I replace Tenten and hold the Hyuuga's hand. At first I feel unsure about myself, but after a while I relax and start to talk; half to myself, half to Neji.

"Please wake up Neji. I need someone to tell me to shut up or to beat me back into place. This is entirely my fault, you have been right about me all along, I can't beat fate. Just wake up and yell at me for being stupid already!"

But the Hyuuga's eyes remain firmly shut.

"What was I thinking? That you would wake up just because I wanted you too? I am a fool, that's why Sakura-san doesn't like me.

I close my eyes and lower my head in defeat. I stay like that for what seems like another hour, lost in self-doubt.

That is, until I get a rude awakening in the form of a light whack on the head. I look up incredulously to see Neji awake with a small smile on his face.

"What did I say about blaming yourself?" His voice is weak, but steady. I smile.

"It took you long enough to wake up!"

"You try getting up with two holes through you!"

My smile fades. "Neji, I'm sorry I didn't come in time. I should have been there."

The Hyuuga shakes his head. "You'd have been in the bed right next to me; do you think I want that?" I sigh and shake my head."I suppose the saying is true. 'The stars shine brightest when the night is at its darkest.'" Neji's right, his true character had come out in the worst situation, and I'm proud of him.

"I suppose you're right my friend, my best friend."

"Of course I am. I'm a genius remember?"

After that we are silent for a long time, enjoying one another's company and watching the stars fade into the morning light.

"Hey Neji."


"Do you wanna spar tomorrow?"

A pillow thrown at my face is the only reply I get. "I'll take that as a yes!" Another pillow in the face.

"I guess that's a no then."

"That's right. Now go get my pillows, those were my only two."

I retrieve said pillows and smile at the first non-condescending joke he's made, well, ever. I continue to smile and hope that our friendship grows stronger. Neji's brush with death has shown me that you don't get too many second chances in life; we just got lucky, and we will make the most of it.


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