Nana: Okay, some of you may have heard of an LJ comm called Fanfic100. For those of you who haven't, it's this challenge where you have to write 100 short fanfics using the same fandom, character, or pairing. I picked Akito/Hatori, because there just aren't enough of those out there. So I'll be putting them all up on and also on LJ. I should be updating pretty frequently. Each will be 100 words, so it's short and sweet and easy to read! Whoo!

Okay, now before my authors notes get longer than my story, here it is!

Aki In The Bath

Title: Night Watch In The Hallway
Prompt: 037 - Sound
Rating: PG

There's rooftop mayhem in the dead of night, the splash of rain on the grain of the ground. This is the time in the night when the night's so dead that insomniacs are sleeping. The time in the night when you're repeating the word night over and over again because your brain's near broken and you should be sleeping too, not camped out in the hall with ears against the door.

Through the door are small sounds sickening your sleep, it's the hissing headache of your lord. Listen at the door and worry, because the night makes you feel love.