The Tomorrow



Metal pressed to her back, a thin white material kept the chill from her skin. She held her breath as she listened to their words. She had heard more than she liked, more than she thought they understood. Zag pushed away from the metal and moved quickly down the hall. She reached her room and made sure to lock the door tight. Clapping her hands the lights turned off. She moved across the soft sheets of her bed and to the edge of her window. Her crimson eyes searched the dark sky and she knew. Raising her finger she pointed to the Northeast and she knew.

'Irk is that way,' Zag firmly thought.

Zag gazed up at the night sky and wondered where this Resisty lay. She had heard Dib and Zootch speak of it, but she had never heard them speak much of Gaz. So her father and mother had meet on Earth. She had found out through Gir that Zim had been an Invader. Her history lessons with Red had taught her about Invaders. She felt her eyebrows furrow and knew she didn't understand it all. Zag growled and wondered why an Invader would be drawn close to the species it had vowed to conquer. Zag frowned and closed her eyes. Her parents had been hidden from her, their history slowly pieced together. She had nothing to remember them by, nothing but a few memories of what she had learned.

'I'm sick of being in the dark,' Zag thought as she opened her eyes.

Zag sat back down on her bed and stared at the vent in the wall. She heard a clicking and Gir pushed the cover off and ran to her. The dust was scattered across the room and she covered her mouth and nose before she could choke. He jumped on her lap and she waited until the dust has thinned to reached down and pat him.

"What was Zim like?" Zag softly questioned as her eyes softened.

Gir raised his cyan eyes to her and smiled. She knew that it was smile that stated that he didn't know what she was saying. Zag sighed and patted his head again. The compartment popped open and her eyes widened. Gir laughed like it had tickled him. She looked inside his head and noticed something out of place. Zag reached inside and pulled out a small disk the size of her thumb. His head quickly shut and he chuckled.

"I've got chips in my head!" Gir shouted as he jumped off her and onto the bed where he began to bounce.

Zag stood up so the disk wouldn't be lost to Gir's bouncing. Her eyes narrowed in thought as she thought about what this was. It was oblivious not apart of Gir's design, though Red and Purple had admitted of making him out of junk. Zag reached to her dresser and picked up a small metal box. She placed the disk inside and than stuck it in her pocket. Her eyes looked to Gir one last time before she left her room. Zag walked down the hallway with new determination. She would find out what was on this disk, but she knew she couldn't tell Red or the others.

"I don't trust that cyborg," she heard Red say.

"You don't have to trust it," Purple replied.

"What if it comes here and goes after…"

"Lard Nar didn't assure anything about her," Tak sighed.

Zag halted by the door before she glanced at it again. She shook her head and walked on. She quickly ran down the stairs and skidded to halt at the front door. Zag took a step forward and the door slid open. She glanced back before ran out into the night. Zag kept running until she was sure she had a good distance between her and the others. She slowed down and inhaled the air.

'They want me to be a ruler and yet they keep me in the dark,' Zag reasoned.

She sighed and looked for anything familiar. Zag knew that Red had a project going on. The ship was as old as her, but she knew he had been trying to fix it. Zag noticed a plane where the grass was taller than normal. She walked toward that figuring it was better than nothing.


Her antennae stood up and froze. She slowly blinked and turned around. Zag let out a sigh or relief when she only saw Mini-Moose floating towards her. The purple moose floated closer to her with another squeak.


"Mini-Moose, who I've understood all along" Zag whispered, "Why are you following me?"


"You didn't tell Purple or Red…did you?" Zag suspiciously asked.


Zag's left antennae lowered in confusion and Mini-Moose floated towards her and passed her. Zag turned and walked after him. She followed him as he moved through the tall grass.

"Where are you going?" Zag questioned.

She didn't receive a squeak. He kept floating through the grass leading her through various areas. Mini-Moose stopped floating forward and Zag kept walking. She raised an eyebrow and Mini-Moose squeaked again. Zag stopped and held a hand out and frowned. There was something flat against the palm of her hand. Zag folded her fingers forward and found the grass being pushed aside. Her crimson eyes widened at the sight of blackof metal. She began to rip the grass away with more enthusiasm. Zag squeaked when she found a door. She pressed where the keypad would be and found the buttons worn off. Zag frowned.


"Of course," Zag muttered.

She reached into her pocket and pulled out a small metal box. Zag clicked it open and pulled out the disk that she had taken from Gir's head. Zag pushed it into the small slot and watched as the door slid open. Zag and Mini-Moose stepped inside the ship and her eyes widened. She could see what she assumed was the cockpit. Zag ran ahead and jumped into the first seat.


"No…I can't fly…but I can try!" Zag excitedly said.

Her crimson eyes gazed at the control panel and she began to grin. She cracked her fingers and her tongue stuck out of the corner of her mouth. Zag quickly and randomly began to push the buttons. Mini-Moose floated upside beside her in shock. Beeping filled the ship and she chuckled.

Red glared at them all within the room. Tak had been the only one to make sense. She saw the cyborg as something not to be trusted. Red shivered as he remembered the cryborg's reactions and body movements. There was something familiar about it that bothered him. He shivered again and glared across the room at Dib.

"Were going to get dragged into this war," Red sighed as he reached up and pinched his left antenna.

"Zeta's safe, we only have to worry about here," Purple explained.

"You know that's bull," Tak spat. "It's only a matter of time before the Irkens come here."

"They don't know this planet exists," Purple argued.

"Zim died on Irk…his PAK would have all knowledge of Zeta's location," Red stated.

"What would they do with his PAK?" Dib questioned.

"All PAKs are downloaded into the Master Control Brain," Tak answered.

"But we destroyed the Control Brains," Dib reminded.

"Then there's a chance they won't know where Zeta is," Purple sighed as he leaned against the wall.

"If Dok has Zig…than he'll want Zag…he won't simply stop at Irk," Red softly said.

"Who is Dok?" Purple questioned. "I've never met him."

"Dok worked in the Box of Doom," Red answered. "He dissected the defects that were up for trial to find what made them defective."

"How come I've never heard of him?" Tak questioned as her violet eyes narrowed.

"He's been kept under locks…until Zim let him out," Red replied.

"Much like your experiments," Tak associated with a dark scowl.

Red glared at Tak and his antennae twitched a bit. Dib opened his mouth to say something, but Purple beat him to it.

"Zag has to know."

Tak raised an antenna in his direction. She had always known him to be the stupid one, but he seemed more aware of others than normal.

"If we can deal with this…she won't have to know," Dib sighed as he pinched the bridge of his nose.

"I've only hidden as much because of your requests," Red snapped at the human. Dib glared at him.

"Are you ready to come out and tell her that you're a xenocidal maniac that tried to kill her parents…not to mention half of what she is?" Dib gritted out.

Red scowled and replied, "I'm not ashamed of what I was, but it's not right to hold back so much information from her."

"What if you tell her…what will you do if she hates you?" Tak questioned.

Purple's antennae perked up at that one. That hadn't crossed either of their minds. Red scowled and looked away briefly.

"She'll hate me if I keep hiding so much…especially since she's suspicious," Red reasoned.

Red's PAK beeped and everyone glanced at him. His lips twitched before his a leg stretched out and dropped a small remote in his hand. He glared at the remote before his eyes widened in shock. His legs stretched out from his PAK and the tips of the legs charged. He fired and Dib fell to the ground. The wall was blown away and he jumped through it.

"He's snapped again!" Dib shouted.

"No, follow him!" Purple shouted as his own legs extended.

Dib and Tak ran through the house as Purple followed Red through the hole. They didn't know what was going on, but they had a bad feeling.

Red cursed as his mechanical legs worked to gain speed. He could still hear the sound of beeping and knew that this wasn't going to work well. Red gritted his teeth as his legs crouched and sprung him out of the tall grass and toward the ship. He didn't know how she found it, but the engines started to glow. He came to halt before he lunged at the ship. Red's legs retracted and he ran for the door. His fingers ran over the worn keypad and he cursed.

'Damn lock,' Red thought.

"What's going on?" Purple shouted as he continued running forward.

Red didn't bother to turn around and look. They weren't important. His PAK clicked open and small disk shape attached to one of the legs inserted itself. The door clicked and he smirked.

"What were you planning to do with this?" Dib questioned as he reached Red.

The door slid open and he jumped inside as the engines ignited. Dib lunged for the door and it slammed shut. He cursed and slammed his fists against the door as the ship rose and shot into the sky. Purple groaned and shook his head as watched the ship vanish.

"How about we get some nachos?" Purples suddenly asked.

Dib glared at him.

Zag slammed against the seat as the engines started. Her crimson eyes widened when she heard the door open. A clawed hand grasped her seat and turned her around. She weakly grinned at the angry face of Red.

"What do you think you're doing?" Red growled.

She had never seen him angry so she chuckled hoping to lighten the mood. His scowl deepened and the ship jerked as it shot off. Zag watched Red and Mini-Moose fly back and slam against the door with a thunk. Her eyes looked toward the windshield and that's when she heard the computer.

"Destination…Planet Irk…"

"Irk," Zag and Red both whispered.

The ship steadied once it reached space. Zag sighed and heard Red drop back to the floor. She closed her eyes out of fear knowing that he was angry, but wouldn't harm her. His footsteps came closer to her and she opened her eyes. Zag looked over her shoulder and saw Red gazing into space. His eyes were unblinking with a look of longing; she blinked and looked back out the windshield. The planets and blinking stars awed her, but she could live without it. Zag looked back to Red and sighed.

"You missed it?" Zag softly questioned.

Red blinked and looked to Zag. He raised an antenna and frowned at her. Zag rolled her eyes and turned her gaze back to space.

"Explain," Red flatly said.

"What do you want me to explain?" Zag questioned.

"Why we're flying through space," Red picked to start with.

"Oh that!" Zag sighed. "You see…I pressed these buttons randomly and well…you know the rest."

Red growled and sat on one of the side seats as he stared at her.

"I know you've been listening to us, but why didn't you come to us first?" Red questioned.

Zag instantly darkened and looked away. The look of anger on her face made her look like she had ate something sour. Her eyes squinted to the point of being shut and she crossed her arms. Her antennae flattened and vanished into her violet hair. Red blinked at the movement and shook his head. She looked just like her mother.

"I'm sick of not knowing anything. You keep everything hidden like you expect me not to ask. Yet, you train me like an Invader," Zag growled.

"Zag, I would have told you about your parents…but I can't because I'm only on parole…I'm not a guardian by choice," Red explained.

Zag frowned and replied, "If you cared you wouldn't hide things from me."

Red scowled and said, "There are things that you shouldn't know, that I don't want you to know."

"I'm a big girl…I deserve to know!" Zag shouted.

"I'll tell you this then," Red darkly said. "Were heading to a planet that is ruled by an insane scientist. He's the one that killed your parents and separated you from your twin. I didn't get along with your parents…but this Irken…Dok…he's going to try and kill us before we even land."

"What? Why?" Zag softly asked.

"You're a big girl and you deserve to know. Irk is a planet of Irkens that wish to rule everything…there's one like you and he'll be raised that way," Red finished. "There are many things that you don't know and shouldn't have to know."

Zag remained silent and Red pulled her from the seat and sat her on the floor. He took the controls and began to bring up the system. It seemed that they had only enough fuel for one trip. He growled and slammed his head into the controls with a grunt. Life was funny.

Author's Note:

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