Chapter One

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Rated: R for mature scenes later on in the story.
Timeline is set pre-War of the Jewels and continues on into the time of the War of the Ring

There was Eru, the One, who in Arda is called Ilúvatar; and he made first the Ainur, the Holy Ones, that were the offspring of his thought, and they were with him before aught else is made. And he spoke to them, propounding themes of music; and they sang before him, and he was glad.
- Silmarillion: Ainulindale, "The Music of the Ainur"

Longer than all the ages of the world, I have sat and kept watch. Watched as the ages of men and elves passed me by, no more than a whisper past my ear. What care have I for this little world? I am not of the circles of the earth.

I am of the Ainur.

Eru has spoken and it shall be. Eä! The world that is. I watched as my brothers and sisters bound themselves to that little world in the darkness of the void, shining in the deeps of time. But I do not belong there. My place was and always has been, beside the throne of Eru. I was the youngest of the Ainur, the last to be born from the thought of Ilúvatar. And ever I have been the one most beloved by him. Seldom am I parted from the side of his mighty throne, where I keep vigil with him and watch the history of the little kingdom unfold before us.

"Little one," he says always, "sing for me." And I would sing before him, in the halls of Ilúvatar, while all else hearkened to my quiet voice, which seems to increase a hundredfold in the echoing emptiness of the dwellings of the Ainur until it seem to fill every crease and crevice in its walls.

And some days when the halls were emptied of the Ainur – which are rare – I would be left alone with my mighty father. It was those times when he would speak most to me, though I did not understand most of his words.

"There will come a time, little one," he would say, almost a little sorrowfully, "when you will leave my halls and enter the little kingdom below."
"Surely not my lord!" I would protest, "I will not leave your side."
"Aye, you will my little singer," He continued, "And you will be parted from me until the breaking of the world."
"I will not, father." I replied firmly.

But Eru said nothing.

The mighty one said nothing of this again and it was left forgotten, though truly I never did forget those few ominous words he spoke. Instead, I kept watch with him as war was waged within the circles of Eä and the traitor Melkor wrought ruin to the fair lands of the Children of Ilúvatar. It was then that my brother Tulkas, always the fair and just, decided to give aid to his friend Manwë and descend to the little kingdom of Eru. He sought me out after he was given leave from Eru - one of the few times I left the side of Eru's throne.

"I am leaving you little sister." He said to me, his voice was as quiet as the gurgling of the fountains in the dwellings of the Ainur. I felt his presence wrap around me and surround me in the warm security of his embrace.
"Go do what you must do, brother." I told him forlornly. I moved away from him so he could not feel my sadness, but he did anyways, as he always did. He was the one that knew me best besides the Father.
"You will see me again, little sister." He said, his gaze on me filled with love.
"It may be a hundred ages of the world before that meeting." I told him.

"Perhaps, little sister, perhaps."

And with that he was away.

As of old I sat beside the throne of the One and watched the ages of the world unfold. But it was with a strange emptiness I had never felt before in the presence of Ilúvatar. I missed my dear brother horridly. There was no one to seek out in the dark watches of the void, when all seem to be lost in the appalling screams of war that seem to give victory to the traitorous enemy Melkor. There was no one to seek quiet solace and comfort with when I tired of the vigils. And there was no one waiting for me when I chanced to leave the side of the Father and wander the fair dwellings of the Ainur. My only brother in the thought of Eru was gone, and we shall not meet again until the breaking of the world.

I was alone as I have never been before.

And soon, my songs turned into laments before I even noticed, and the halls of the Ainur were filled with the song of my ever-increasing sorrow when I sang before Ilúvatar's throne as always I did.

"You have become most unhappy, my little singer." He said one day, after I ended my song of more heartrending sorrow than ever before. I could say nothing. There was nothing that I could hide from Eru's thoughts.
"I think it is time that you left me and follow the footsteps of your cherished brother." He said finally, as I stood in ponderous silence before him. At this I looked searchingly at the gentle face of my beloved Father as he proclaimed my fate.
"I would not have you so unhappy, singer of my heart." He said softly as I silently protested. "I would have you have happiness again….and love."

Eru rose from his throne and lead me by the hand into the deeps of time, wherein housed the little world of the Children of Ilúvatar, and the brother whom I loved.

"I think you will come to love it very much, little one." He said, as we stop before the shining sphere, resplendent in green and blue.

"Never as much as I love you, honoured Father." I said, "You know I would not leave you." Ilúvatar smiled kindly at me.

"I do not worry that you do not, dear heart." He replied. And I felt his mighty presence surrounding me comfortingly.

"I do not wish to leave you, my lord." I said quietly when it came time for me to descend into the swirling cerulean and emerald sphere before me.
"I know, little one." He said and then gave me a gentle push forwards.

Suddenly I was falling. Falling through light and time and space of the surrounding void. And even then, I heard his voice speaking to me.

Go my gentle daughter, go and seek out your heart's happiness and joy. You may find that one day, one will claim your heart that even I will have to relinquish my hold on. But for now, I bid you farewell, my little singer, my Merlassë.

Notes: Merlassë - meaning 'Singer' in the languages of the Ainur. There is no record of the language of the Valar,so I took my creative license.

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