Next on Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Note: This is to a "webisode" I am not actually planning on writing. This is included just for fun.

We see Giles, his right forearm in a cast that allows motion at the elbow. He is standing before the desk in his office. Standing in front of him is Roger Wyndam-Pryce.

"Good heavens, Rupert!" Roger says. "What happened to your arm?"

"It was broken during an assassination attempt on my grandmother," Giles says.

"Good lord!" Roger says. "So it was thwarted then?"

"Indeed," Giles says. "Although at no small cost to people I hold dear."

"Why…are …you…doing …this?" Roger Wyndam-Pryce gasps under the pressure of Giles' left forearm pressing under his chin. Giles has Roger pinned against the bookcase behind his desk.

"Because my grandmother's location was kept a secret, but it was a secret you were privy to," Giles says. "On the other hand, you're the only one who knew my grandmother's location but didn't know that Caitlyn McGrath, like her mother and her older sister, is a slayer. Coincidentally, that's the oversight that prevented the assassination attempt from succeeding."

"And that's why you think I have something to do with these attacks?" Roger asks. "Really, Rupert, such flimsy evidence!"

"Perhaps," Giles says. "But we also think that the attacks were launched by the original Council, and specifically Quentin Travers."

"Quentin Travers is dead," Roger says with as much derision as he can manage. "And, assuming for a moment that he is alive and indeed behind the attacks on your grandmother and your beloved, why do you think that I would have any knowledge of Travers' activities?"

A voice comes from behind Giles.

"Perhaps because before talking to you, Giles consulted an expert witness," Wesley Wyndam-Pryce says to his father. Giles steps back, and Roger collapses to his knees. Wesley steps between Giles and Roger and squats down, cupping his hand under his father's chin.

"So tell me, father, what exactly was 'Project Failsafe'?" Wesley asks.

Buffy, Faith, and Giles are fighting a pair of black clad cyber-ninjas in what looks to be a man made tunnel. Buffy cuts one of the cyber-ninjas literally in half with the samurai sword she is wielding. Sparks fly out of both halves as they fall to the ground. Giles kicks the other cyber-ninja down low, grimacing slightly at the clank his foot makes on impact. Faith, wearing the black outfit of the Initiative, steps in and immediately breaks its neck, then continues to twist until the head comes off in another shower of sparks.

"Someone help Wesley before he gets himself hurt," Giles says. Buffy and Faith turn and simply look behind them.

"Uh, G-man," Faith says. "I really don't think that's a worry."

Giles turns to look, and his eyebrows rise in an expression of surprise.

Then we cut to what they are looking at. Wesley standing over the body of a third cyber-ninja, sparks sputtering out of its body. The cyber-ninja's body has been impaled on its own sword.

"So," Wesley says. "What are we waiting for? I'm ready to talk old times with our old employer, Dr. Travers."

Faith turns to Buffy, who is clearly surprised herself.

"Never underestimate the fury of the recently terminated," Faith says.

Willow is asleep in bed when a figure steps out of the shadows. As light hits its face, we recognize the features as belonging to Warren Mears.

"Warren" touches Willow's face. Her eyes fly open and she turns around.

"Hey, sweetie," "Warren" says gently. "Miss me?"