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John carried Sammy through the doors of the hospital, both Jim and Joshua holding the door, and making sure that all of the equipment attached to the little boy got through unhindered. Caleb stood back, holding a traumatized Dean back so that he didn't interfere with his brother. They were all shell-shocked, not sure what to do, and panicking, because it had been over a minute since the toddler stopped breathing. He was limp in his father's arms, unable to fight off the infection that was raging in his body anymore. The receptionist took one glance at the scene that met her, and stood completely frozen.

Joshua clenched his jaw in frustration and yelled "Go get the doctor, now!" This stirred her into action, and she ran to go find someone, stammering out a "yes sir" before disappearing.

The father started rocking Sammy, not feeling him breathing, wishing and hoping that he would have gotten him there just a little earlier. "Please, Sammy. Please don't leave us. Dean and I...we wouldn't..." He kissed the top of his baby's head, the soft curls moving as the child was shuffled. John looked up again, ready to yell for help again, when a team of doctor's came through the automatic doors that led back to the emergency room. He was moved aside as they tried to take Sammy, and he held on tighter, not wanting to relinquish the hold. Both Joshua and Jim were right there. Jim held John back as Joshua grabbed Sammy and moved him to the waiting stretcher. The second Sam's body was set down, the medical team, including Joshua were moving. Joshua called out vital medical history for the other doctors, and they acted. John ran behind the stretcher, not wanting to let his baby out of his sight, and knowing that Jim and Caleb had Dean. He would be okay, but he wasn't entirely certain that Sam would.

The doctors put a mask over Sam's tiny face, pumping air into him, trying to get him to breathe again. 'Please, Sammy.' John begged. They did CPR for a couple more tense minutes, everyone waiting for this little one to be okay. Suddenly, there was a sharp intake of breath from Sammy as he started breathing again, and they all took a deep breath. John sank against the wall behind him, tilting his head back and thanking whatever had been listening to his silent prayers.

"Let's get this kid on some amoxicillin and test him to see what kind of pneumonia this is." The doctor ordered, laying a hand on Sammy's shoulder before stepping away from him. Joshua turned around, shooting a glance at John when the man said "pneumonia" and John looked away, guilty. Joshua was right all along. He kept his head down, waiting for the other shoe to drop, for Sammy to stop breathing again or for the doctor to tell him that he couldn't see Sam and that they were calling Child Protective Services.

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