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What if Edward hadn't resisted Bella on their first meeting?

After Gym, I walked to the office to turn in my signed slip. I opened the door to the small building, and was suddenly engulfed by the warm, dry air. Inside, the secretary was talking to none other than Edward Cullen. Edward was apparently trying to trade his sixth-period Bio class for some other time. How could he hate me so thoroughly that he would go through the effort to change class times?

Before I could come up with an answer, a girl came in a put a note in the basket. She then left the office as quickly as she came in. Her actions gave me an idea: maybe I should just drop my slip in the basket and retreat to my car. Before I could move to put my slip away, Edward turned around to glare at me, with the same chilling glare he had used in Biology. His onyx-colored eyes were so captivating, and so hate-filled; I simply stared into his eyes until he broke eye contact. I couldn't believe all this fuss was caused by me! Infuriated, I stepped forward to put my slip on the desk, and as I did so, I accidentally bumped into Edward. He glared at me once more, and made a strange growling noise before resuming his argument with the secretary. I froze for a brief moment, and then bolted for the door. And of course, I tripped on my way out.

Outside, I collected my books, and my thoughts. I was tired of always running from problems; maybe now was the time to face them. Edward would soon finish arguing with the poor secretary, and I could challenge him. I could ask him why he suddenly had a problem with me.

The door flew open, and out stepped an enraged Edward Cullen. No, enraged wasn't the right word… He looked murderous.

"Oh, it's you," he said in a tone that probably could have chilled molten lava. He walked right passed me on his way to his car.

"Now wait a minute! Can you at least explain to me why you hate me so thoroughly? You don't even know my name!" I almost cried, and I'm sure my voice cracked with frustration. I walked fast to catch up with him.

"I do know your name, Bella Swan. Now leave me alone." His pace increased.

I was stunned. "How- How do you know my name?"

"Everyone knows your name, Bella," he said as he turned to face me. "It's hard to have secrets in a school this size." He seemed to find something funny, because his mouth twitched into a smile, but was gone soon enough that I wondered if I had imagined it. Edward once again turned his back on me and continued to walk – no, it was more of a run – to his car.

"But you still didn't answer my first question. Why do you hate me?"

He paused for a moment, and mumbled something too fast for my ears. All I caught were the words Secrets, vampires, blood, death, and my name.

I gasped. "You can't be a vampire." It made no sense. Vampires can't come out during daylight; Vampires feed off of humans, so they wouldn't try to avoid us, they would try to eat us.

"Oh really? I can't be a vampire?" His tone was taunting, and as he finished, he smiled the most horrible smile. His teeth were razor sharp, and gleamed with an unnatural colorlessness. "Want to bet?"

It was too late for me to realize he had lured me into the woods behind the parking lot. It was too late for me to run back to get away from him, because I knew I would trip and fall. Besides, vampires can probably teleport or run fast or something. It was too late because I knew no one would hear my feeble scream.

It was too late because he had his right hand over my mouth, and his left arm was under my right arm to keep me from running off. It was a wasted effort on his part, because I knew I wouldn't have been able to run; my legs had turned into jelly, and I collapsed in his arms. He then bent his head to the crick in my neck. His cold, hard lips brushed my ear, and he whispered, "Are you still sure I'm not a vampire?" His mouth then quickly moved to my throat, and I felt razor-sharp teeth sink into my skin. I whimpered as the blood flowed out of my neck and into his mouth. The thought made me queasy, because anything to do with blood makes me sick in the stomach. Grow up Bella, I scolded myself. Here you are, dying, and you are worried about fainting. Ha.

All of a sudden, Edward pulled his face away from my neck. "Oh my God, What have I done!" He sounded repulsed, horrified, and sad at the same time. He held his breath, and tore off a piece of cloth from his shirt; he wrapped the cloth around my neck in an effort to make the bleeding stop. As if that would help. He then picked me up and threw him over his shoulder as if I weighed less than a pillow. Air was suddenly whipping me in the face, and as I looked down, I saw the ground move. Not what I really wanted to see while I was trying so hard to remain conscious. Strangely enough, his running movements were fluid and graceful, and he still didn't seem to be breathing at all. After what seemed like an eternity, we arrived at what I assumed was Edward's house. He ran up the stairs, and brought me into what must have been his room; he then placed me gently on the sofa in his room. After he saw that I was comfortable, he left the room. I stopped struggling against unconsciousness, and I let it take over.

I came out of a haze, although I wasn't sure how much later. I was barely able to open my eyes; my eyelids, and every appendage, for that matter, seemed to be made of lead. I couldn't have moved if I wanted to. A man was hovering over me with a stethoscope and a clipboard. He wrote down something, and then turned to face Edward.

"Well, Edward, she's lost a lot of blood. Her pulse is weakening. I don't think she's going to make it… Unless we -"

"There isn't really another option, is there?" Edward cut in. "Just do it, Carlisle."

For the second time that day, I felt teeth pierce my neck. This time, however, no blood was drawn; instead, I felt some liquid enter my body. He bit me again on the other side of my neck, and on both wrists.

"What are you doing!" I wanted to shriek. I couldn't move my mouth, though, and I don't think any sound escaped. I knew I was delusional because of the blood loss, but I also knew that this pain was real. Not only did the bit-marks hurt, but a burning sensation was spreading through my body, starting from the bites. The pain took over, and once again, I was out.

I woke up again, but now I was alone. Sort of. This time, a girl was standing in the doorway, watching me. She was the same pixie-like girl that I saw in the cafeteria yesterday. Well, it probably wasn't yesterday… I had no idea how long I had been passed out.

"Oh good, you're up. C'mon, time for you to meet the family." She said in an overly perky voice.

"How long have I been unconscious?" I asked her as I picked my hand up to feel my head. I was slightly dizzy, but the thought of drinking water was repulsive. I wasn't thirsty for water…

I then quickly ran my hand over my neck to feel for the bite marks. Somehow, they had managed to heal, for the skin was smooth and weirdly firm. I thought that maybe I had dreamed everything… but the pain was real; I could remember that for sure. A dream also wouldn't end with me waking up in a house that wasn't my own. So I guess it must have been true. My Imagination wasn't that creative or creepy, either.

"Three days. Long enough for the change. You're lucky, too; the change is pretty painful. But now you're one of us. It's all okay."

"One of you?"

"Yep. I'll explain later," she said as she winked at me, and pulled me by the hand. She led me downstairs, and into a large room. Light poured in the windows that covered the whole backside of the house. In the middle were a bunch of couches, and there sat the whole family. The girl who escorted me out of the room went to join the rest of her family as they all stood up to great me. I had already met the teens, and I saw Carlisle, but there was also a woman with them. I assumed this must be their mother, Mrs. Cullen. She walked to me with her arms open.

She hugged me and said, "Welcome to our family. I'm Esme, and this is Carlisle, Emmett, Rosalie, Jasper, Alice, and Edward." She said this all as she pointed to each family member.

Carlisle then stepped forward and stated in a kind tone, "We'll all help you get used to this, as it will probably be a struggle for you in the beginning. The transition is never easy."

"So… I'm now a vampire?" I said with disbelief.

"Yes, that about sums it up," said Edward. He was staring at his feet as if he found them truly amazing. Or maybe he just didn't want to make eye contact with me. "Now, since I'm the one who – who – made it so that you had to become one of us, I'm to watch over you and help you get used to our way of life. I won't lie to you; it will be hard at first, but with us to guide you, you should get used to it pretty fast." He lifted his head, and his eyes searched mine as if he was looking for answers. Like I knew anything, anyway.

I was still angry with them all for taking my life away, but sometimes you just have to let the past go. Like Edward said, it wasn't going to be easy. I knew that; nothing ever seemed easy for me. But Immortality can't be that awful, right?

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