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What if Edward changed into a human?

Edward, I have some news for you. A friend of mine has found a cure. Carlisle thought from his office. I immediately rushed up the stairs to hear more. Emmett looked puzzled because I had been talking to him, but Carlisle's thought couldn't be ignored.

"I'll be right back," I said over my shoulder to Emmett as I raced up the staircase.

When I entered the room, Carlisle was looking out the window. He didn't turn around, but thought, Yes. A cure has been found for you. You can now be human again.

"Why only me?"

Well… My friend asked me if I wanted to try it, and I said that I had come to terms with what I have become. It's not what I would have chosen, but it is God's Plan. My friend is a scientist who has searched for a cure for quite some time. She wants someone to be her success story. I told her about you and Bella, and she has agreed to let you have her first cure. She only made a few, but she does owe me… I have helped her get out of quite a few sticky situations, and I also was able to get her some chemicals and things from the hospital.

"What about Rosalie?"

You know better than I do that she only wants what she wants until it is hers. If she were to turn back into a human, she would miss Emmett, and she would also miss her shocking beauty.

"But I would have to leave the family behind…"

That is a choice only you can make. I can offer my opinion, but I can't decide your path for you.

Carlisle wanted me to be happy, I knew, but he knew I couldn't truly be happy as a vampire. I never had been happy before Bella came along. I still had not wanted to let her go. There was a part of me that knew we would never be, could never be, but another part wanted her love and everything else about her. I realized I was willing to give up my life, if it could be called that, for Bella. I would give up my family to be with her. It wouldn't be easy, but nothing has ever been truly easy for me.

Her house is a few hours south of here. Carlisle gave me directions to his friend's house, and then warned me that the procedure might last a few days.

"Thank you," I said quietly.

He finally turned around to face me, and then he spoke, "Our clan will always be here for you. You should probably go say goodbye to your brothers and sisters. They will all miss you terribly, but I think we all know that this is for the best. Goodbye, Edward."

I walked downstairs, and saw all of my family except Carlisle sitting in the living room. They were all huddled around Alice, and as they saw me come down the stairs, they hushed instantly.

Rosalie looked up at me. "Is it true? You're giving up everything for her? You're throwing away everything for a girl?"

I didn't need this. I wanted my last visit with my family as a vampire to be happy. I didn't want to fight about a decision I had already made. "Yes, and don't try to talk me out of it. I love her, and this is the only way for us to be together."

"It's not the only way," murmered Alice. Why doesn't he just change her? Why does he always have to be so stubborn?

"Please, Alice, don't start," I pleaded.

"Where are you going to live for your senior year?" asked Esme. Will he be able to live with us safely? I hope Alice has seen this, too.

"I plan on staying with you, if that is okay. After that, I'll be on my own."

Then Emmett asked, "But what about Jasper?"

"I'll deal with it," replied Jasper. "I'm getting stronger."

I saw this too, Edward. You'll be safe living with us. Jasper is stronger, plus his love for you will dull his thirst.

"Well, I guess this is goodbye for now," I said as I looked into the eyes of my family members "I need to go talk to Bella."

Alice rushed over, and hugged me with all the strength she had. "You're not leaving without a hug."


"Bella, I'm going to be gone for the next few days. I have some things that I must deal with," I told her as we lay in her room. The moonlight poured through her window, and it soaked her in it's beautiful light. Bella was safely wrapped up in my arms; her scent captivating me. My head was buried in her hair, and I could feel her body's warmth. The monster inside was thrashing against it's cage, trying so hard to get out. It would be so easy to take everything away… Her Blood, her scent, her life. Once again I was reminded why I was giving up this half-life. I wanted to truly be with her.

I wanted to be with her, but I wanted her to be human. I didn't want to be even more of a monster, which is what I would be if I turned her. She repeatedly told me this was what she wanted, to be a monster, but I would not believe it. How could an angel truly want to be a demon? Demons are tricksters, and not to be trusted. Maybe I wasn't meant to be trusted. Of course I wasn't meant to be trusted. I wasn't supposed to be here, with a human. It defied everything. But if felt so right.

I was torn between telling her what I would be doing, or leaving it as a surprise. If I told her, she might argue with me, and tell me that it would be better with us both being vampires. I would never let that happen to her, though. But if I didn't tell her, would she be worried? Of course she would be, and I realized she would probably be even more worried if I told her what I would be doing.

She then interrupted my thoughts. "I'll miss you," she said as turned her head to look at me. Her scent once again washed over me. My mouth began to water, and my throat felt so dry… This was yet another reminder of why I must go through with this. I don't want to be afraid of her safety every time we are near.

"I'll miss you too," I murmured back as I stared into her chocolate-colored eyes. Her eyes were so full of love and pain. There was no doubt she would miss me. I hated to cause her such pain, but if I could change into a human, I would never leave her side. I would never have to hunt again, or go anywhere without my Bella. I could be human again, and I could stop pretending to be something that I wasn't. Everything would be so much easier. I would be able to kiss her… Sure, I could kiss her now, but so much had to be held back. It was torture for Bella to not be able to fully love me. At least I owed her one last kiss before I left. I quickly leaned in to kiss her, and she wrapped her arms around my neck. I could feel and hear her pulse. My throat became even drier, a dryness that could only be quenched one way. My resolve hardened; I was going to change for Bella. I pulled away from my angel before I could do anything to physically harm her, and I leapt out her window and on to her front lawn.

"Edward!" Bella whimpered, and couldn't help but laugh. She already missed me. I saw her face appear at her window. "When will you be back?"

"Friday at twilight." I then turned around and left, before I could climb back up the wall and be with her again.

I heard a faint, "I'll be waiting," as I rushed back to my house.

I hopped into my Volvo, and sped off to meet my fate. I arrived at around midnight. The building was a large grey house that looked like a haunted mansion that teens dare their peers to enter. It was on the top of a hill, and it was in such a state of ill-repair that it looked like it might cave at any minute. But if I had learned anything about surviving in a human world as a vampire, it was that looks can be deceiving. I drove my Volvo around back, and walked to the back door.

"Hello Edward, I'm glad you could come," said a male vampire as he opened the door. He was rather short and portly, and looked like he had been turned while he was in his 60's. He had golden eyes, the same shade as mine. Vegetarians, at least. They wouldn't be at my throat when I was once again human. "The doctor is downstairs; she's been waiting a while. Just follow me." He led me inside and to a staircase that led to the basement. With each step downward, the scent of chemicals grew stronger. When we reached the bottom, I looked around at a cavernous room that was way larger than the first floor. It was filled with all sorts of contraptions. In the corner sat the doctor, who rivaled Rosalie in beauty.

"Welcome, Edward. I am Elainne, and this is my assistant William. Has Carlisle told you much about this procedure?" said the woman named Elainne. She had a soft, musical voice.

"No. I don't really need to know, either. As long as it works," I said. I wanted this over with, because I wanted to be back in Forks as soon as possible.

Elainne looked annoyed. "Very well. As you wish." Her voice lost it's softness, and seemed harsh and cold. So very typical. He doesn't care how much work and thought went into this; he only cares if it works, she thought. She then turned to William. "Hook up the venom-catheter, and set up the Blood packets so it will be able to re-enter the body as the venom is pulled out." William stood there for a few seconds, and then busied himself as instructed. She once again turned to face me. "Edward, would you mind lying down on the bed here? We'll want you to be as comfortable as possible." I climbed onto it, and the next thing I knew, teeth tore away flesh on my wrist and neck. William quickly hooked up what I assumed was the venom-catheter to my wrist, and Elainne poured a thick syrup-like substance on my neck wound. The chemicals entered my veins, and it felt like fire was spreading through my body. I had only experienced pain like this once before, and now I was trying to reverse that process. I felt like I would finally die, a death that was now eighty-seven years late. I barely was able to control myself, but reminded myself that this was for Bella's sake. I would do anything for her. William hooked up a heart monitor to me, and then he and Elainne walked to the stairs.

"We'll be back when your heart starts beating. Good luck," said William.

I was now all alone. The pain had spread throughout my upper arms, my torso, and my head. I felt like I would shatter into a million tiny pieces. As the pain spread and intensified, and I slowly started to lose my sanity, I heard a small sound that brought everything back together. A heartbeat. Faint, but still there. I had no idea what time it was, or how long I had been in agony, but the pain slowly started to fade. William entered the room again, and he wheeled the blood cart over, and pierced the needle in my skin. His hands were cold, and I was amazed at how easily the needle entered my flesh.

"Phase one is complete," William said. "You are halfway done. We just need to reintroduce human blood to your system, and then you will be free to go. Don't try to move yet, though; you are still too weak to do anything. Wait for me or Elainne to come down and check on you." Once he was done fiddling with the machines, he left again. I then shut my eyes, and let the sound of my heartbeat lull me to sleep. Yes, sleep. The first nap I had had in a very long while. Oh, how glorious it felt!

When I woke up, William was changing the empty bag of blood for a fresh one.

Elainne was studying the monitors, and writing things down on a clipboard. When she realized I was awake, she turned around and said, "Congratulations. The experiment has been a success. If everything else goes as I hypothesized, you should keep your keen sight, and hearing, and you will have super-human strength as well. Your sense of smell and taste will change, and of course, you will no longer thirst for blood. Your skin will also return to normal; you will age like every other human. You will die like every other human." She paused, and stared off into space for a moment. "Now I just need to document a few more things, and then you'll be able to leave." She resumed her study of the contraptions, and I lay there and stared at the ceiling. After what seemed like an hour, she turned around. "Everything seems to be in order. Good luck with your newly-restored life." William then pulled out the needle in my arm; my catheter must have been removed a while ago, because it was no longer attached.

"Thank you for everything," I said, and then I walked upstairs and out the door. I hopped in my car, and sped back to Forks. The sun was already setting. I glanced down at my skin; instead of sparkling, it looked like regular, human skin. I arrived in her driveway as the sun's light started to fade. I had made it back by twilight, as promised. Since I had driven here, I knew I would have to knock so that Charlie didn't hunt me down. It would be awkward to have him find me in Bella's room, knowing that I hadn't entered through the front door.

I walked up to the door and knocked. Charlie answered the door, and told me that Bella was in her room. I walked up the stairs, and pushed Bella's door open. Her window was open, and the breeze was playing with her hair. She looked more than beautiful as she lay on her bed, listening to music. She must have turned the music up loud, because she didn't seem to hear me enter.

"Bella?" I asked. I didn't want to disturb her peace, but I also desperately needed to talk to her. I wanted to show her how much I had changed. I wanted to finally be able to show her how deeply I loved her. I couldn't resist it any longer; I rushed over to her as she stood up, and I finally gave her the perfect kiss. Oh, how sweet it was to not have to quench my thirst for blood, but instead be able to quench my thirst for her love. However, something about that kiss wasn't right. Bella pulled away, and her face was full of confusion.

"What happened?" she inquired as she searched my eyes for an answer. A gasp escaped from her lips as she noticed the new color of my eyes. Words couldn't explain it well enough; instead, I pulled her head to my chest. She pressed her ear against my body, and she heard my heartbeat. "Your heart! It's beating!" Of course, Bella was surprised. I couldn't read her thoughts, but I knew she was also confused. I had told her this couldn't happen. And she thought I was infallible.

To make sure she understood, I replied, "I'm human." Well, now she knew. Her reaction, as always, surprised me. She didn't look joyful, instead, she looked even more confused.

"How?" At least she had her curiosity, and I hoped I could wipe away her confusion. She looked so lost. It was a shame that I hadn't learned as much as I could about the vampire reversal process.

"I don't know all the details, only that there is a procedure that can be undertook that will undo the vampire bite. It isn't a complete reversal, because the result is a strange blend of vampire and human. I will no longer thirst for blood or stay up all night, but I will keep my strength, speed, and mind-reading ability. I can now be that super-human that you first thought I was." The thought was amusing, and Bella blushed. She didn't seem to like being reminded of her first misled guess at what I was.

"But will you still live with your family?"

I thought back to the conversation I had had with my family before I left. "I will for the next year, but then I will move on," I paused for a moment, and remembered what I was giving up to be with my angel. "I'll miss them all terribly, and they will miss me, I'm sure, but I've come to peace with my decision. Do you realize what this means, Bella?"

She hesitated, but it didn't seem like she was editing her answer. It seemed like she was trying to grasp the situation. "You are leaving it all- for – for –"

"For you," I finished for her. "I love you more than anything, Bella, but I did not want you to lose your humanity for me." I gazed into her eyes; I wanted her to truly understand why I did this. "The whole family understands why I am leaving; they may not understand why I chose humanity over being a vampire, but they are happy for me. They want me to be happy, and you make me happier than anything."

I then kissed her again, and this time I was left breathless. It was a weird feeling, and I started to feel dizzy. I looked up, and saw Bella trying to catch her breath as well. Ah, This was how love was supposed to be. Truly equal. I smiled at the thought and then stared into Bella's eyes. The chocolate-pools captivated me.

"Thank you." Bella muttered. Why was she thanking me? I should be the one thanking her for everything she did, and for everything she still does.

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If I could die, I would die for her. So it made sense that if I could live, I would live for her.