Title: Cold
Disclaimer: Not mine.
Summary: He dies ...
Word count: 476


He dies at 28.

Suddenly dies at 28 while his brother stands a few yards away with his mouth open in a scream and his eyes wide open in horror. His blood is an arc of red across the walls, warmth sinking into the walls of this house and leaving him cold on the floor in pain that rides on waves and waves and waves through him.

At 28 he thinks to himself that all he ever had in life was pain. Pain and bruises and scars and words that covered up everything he was and everything he wasn't. In the end, he thinks, what did he really have? Nothing really. Just himself and his body and his car and no dreams to hold on to or let go of.

He is shallow breaths panting on the floor of a house that isn't his and he knows that it's a good thing he never had dreams or goals or plans or anything of the sort because he hates to leave something unfinished.

His brother, Sam Sammy Sam, is on the edge of his everything just standing there. It's shock maybe. Surprise. Denial. It's everything but truth.

In the end he doesn't go like he came. He remembers how she told him that he just slid out into the world with his eyes wide open and charmed every one in the room even covered in blood and what have you. He thinks maybe she lied a little. He still has the picture of what he was in the back of his mind, and yes, he was a goofy looking kid. They all are though if you think about it.

It's too bad, maybe that he never had plans or goals. Maybe if he did he might have held on tighter. Maybe. Or not. He can't be sure at the moment because moments change and so do the choices you make. This is the choice he's making right now and he won't be sorry for it.

So. His brother is on the edge of his awareness and the shock must have faded or not been that strong because now there are two places where the warmth from the living is seeping into him and that warmth is what makes him realize just how cold he was.

And Sammy. Sam Sammy Sam of the 'I'm so much older now and wiser and college and I never needed you' is holding him in his lap and maybe those are tears falling on his face from above. He can smell salt and copper and the faint faint smell of everything he is inside. It's dark and cold so he can't be sure but he thinks that Sam is right in this. But he'd never tell him that.

He dies at 28 held in his brother's lap and so cold cold cold.