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Q & A

It was a hot sunny day and a pink-haired girl is lazily listening to what her sensei was teaching. It was totally boring for her and doesn't feel like paying attention but it's for the sake of her grade. Her name is Haruno Sakura. She is not intelligent nor stupid but good enough to pass her classes. Sakura is a popular girl—have many friends around the school and she was glad about that. She was one kind of a prefect young lady—have a beautiful face and sexy body that most guys admired and drooling about. Her features are so perfect but her life is so not in some ways.

Sure she has a great family that supports her in everything. A mother who understood her feelings, a father who gives her so much allowance, a brother who makes her happy every time she's sad, and a cat who doesn't give her much responsibility.

Her family is just one third of her story. Second one is her friends. Sure she has a lot of them and will gladly have more. There's Ino who cheers her up, there's Hinata who makes her comfortable, there's Tenten who treats her like a younger sister, there's Temari who idolized her, there's Naruto who makes her laugh, there's Shikamaru who taught her laziness, there's Neji who taught her quietness, there's Gaara who cares for her more than a friend, there's Lee who likes her more than a friend, there's Shino who introduces her to his bug pets, there's Choji who make her eat a lot of food, there's Kankuro who always give her dolls every week, there's Kiba who gives her make ups every time her birthday comes, and last but not least, there's Sasuke who gives her sadness. But Sasuke is a different story though. He was the third part of her life.

Sakura always liked Sasuke ever since her freshman year. He never noticed her differently though. He's always so cold and barely show emotions to people. Arrogant jerk or egoistical jerk is what Sakura always call him. They sometimes argue because of random things and Sakura somewhat feels happiness deep inside her every time she argues with him cuz she rather fight him than be with him in awkwardness. No offense but she's the only girl Sasuke shows respect since most girls adored him because of his looks. He's one kind of a heartthrob that doesn't like to be a heartthrob. It's true; he doesn't like girls following him around. They're annoying—that's how Sasuke defines them. Anyway, About Sakura's feeling towards Sasuke, he knows doesn't know about it.

Sakura is pretty good at hiding her feelings but sometimes, it gets in the way every time she talks to him. She can't do anything about it though. She just likes him so much. Only, it makes her sad because she doesn't see Sasuke having different feelings about her other than friendship. She just wished she could make him like her but that's just wrong and not very fair.

Snapping back to reality, Sakura noticed that her classmates were already copying what their sensei wrote on the board. She just sighed and looked at her notebook. She doesn't want to write that boring stuff her sensei was telling them to write. It's just so dreary. Looking at her sensei, who's checking their past test, she took a fast glance at Sasuke who caught her. Oh my god! He saw me. Okay, I'll just smile at him. Sakura thought to herself. As what she planned, she smiled at him but Sasuke didn't smiled back. He only gave her a smirk. What a jerk. I want a smile back not a smirk. She then turned her head back to her note book and started writing but not what was on the board. She's listing questions involving Sasuke. Okay… let's think… what should we title this? Oh I know. Sakura then started writing what's on her not so smart mind.

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Q & A

1. If Sasuke choose a girlfriend, what qualities he would like?

2. If Sasuke dreams about something, what would be his worst nightmare?

3. If Sasuke dates someone, would he respect her?

4. If Sasuke had one wish, what would it be?

5. If Sasuke meets someone who is so beautiful, would he fall for her?

6. If Sasuke doesn't have fan girls, what would he feel?

7. If Sasuke knows I like him, what would he do? What's he gonna think?

8. If Sasuke likes me too, what would he feel?

9. If I like Sasuke to embrace me, would he do it?

10. If I like Sasuke to kiss me, would he do it?

11. If … wait why am I even writing this? It's not like Sasuke like me right?

12. Wait, does Sasuke like someone?

13. Does he love someone?

14. Does he even like me?

15. Does he love me?

16. Why am I so bored that I have nothing to do except writing this?

17. Anyway, would Sasuke even share his dreams to someone? Who?

18. If I confess my feelings to Sasuke, would he even react?

19. If I ask Sasuke out, would he say yes?

20. If ever Sasuke cries, who would he cry for and why?

21. If Sasuke….

Uhhh… never mind this. I'll throw it away later… man… it took me so long just to think of these and for some reason, I think
I just wasted my time.
Sakura thought folding the piece of paper and putting it inside her book.

Ring….. Time passed by quickly and Sakura started putting her books away but she didn't notice the folded paper slipped and fell on the floor. As she stood up, she ran out of the room and headed to her locker to put her things away and meet her friends at the cafeteria.

On the other hand, Sasuke who was the calm one, not wanting to hurry since he knew his fan girls would be waiting for him outside, stood up and for some reason, he noticed a piece of folded paper on the floor in front of Sakura's desk. He went to pick it up and unfold it. There he saw most of his name and smirked.

The next thing he did is that he put his things down, got a pen in his bag and sat down on Sakura's desk to answer it since all the questions are for him.

Interesting… That's all he could think of.



"Hey guys! Did you see Sasuke around? He said he'll meet us here…" Naruto asked and only got a "No. We didn't see him around."

"Fine... whatever… that bastard, ditching us again." Naruto said.

"Naruto, maybe he just went somewhere." Sakura said defending Sasuke

"Whatever…" Naruto mumbled.

They all sighed.



Back to the room…

Sasuke looked at the paper first and got excited seeing his name on it. He then started answering each and every question on it. It took a lot of time for him though. It made him think but it's all worth it he thought.



"Another boring day at school." Sakura lazily said, walking toward her classroom. As she reached her desk, she saw the piece of paper that contains the questions she wrote yesterday and quickly panicked. Oh my god! Oh my god! What if someone saw it or read it or whatever… She thought and quickly placed her bag on the floor. She then sat and leaned her back on her chair and gulped. She was getting nervous. As she stared at the paper, she didn't notice that her hand is trying to reach it or more like reaching it, slowly.

Two more inches. She thought. And there, she touched the paper. Sasuke who's watching her smirked. She looked cute at her situation. He thought.

I hope no one saw it. Sakura thought. She then grabbed the paper and looked at it for a while. Meaning, looked at it not read it. She then saw the answers written on it and started reading it from top to bottom. Who would thought that someone would be interested in that piece of paper, well, to tell you the truth, her love sake depends on it since she's really wishing Sasuke would like her.

And the answers she got were….

To be continued….

Noooo…. A cliffhanger!

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