Disclaimer: Nothing you recognize is mine but belongs to the goddess JKR

Disclaimer: Nothing you recognize is mine but belongs to the goddess JKR. It's cold and it's raining and it is an utterly depressing day…which gave me the idea for this story. Let me know what you think. Constructive reviews are always welcome. Flames will be used to start up the fireplace.

Waiting For You

She sleeps fitfully, the bedcovers covering her thin body like a cocoon. She is dreaming tonight. I can tell. I never thought I would know her habits so well. I know her better than I know myself. She tosses and turns. Her long brown hair is like a halo on her pillow and I long to run my fingers through its silky strands. I reach out, almost out of habit, but stop myself. I don't want to wake her…not when she is smiling so peacefully in her sleep.

Even in her sleep, she searches me out, a hand lazily caressing my pillow as it tries to come closer to me. She is not awake…not yet.

As her smile vanishes and a frown appears on her brow, I know what she is dreaming of. It is the same dream every night. The night that we defeated Voldemort and saved the world from a horrible fate. There were sacrifices made but they had been for the greater good. So many of our friends had perished in that final battle.

She is moaning now, trying to wake up before…

"No!!!" she screams.

She wakes up suddenly and without a second glance throws on a robe and races out of the house. I follow her. I know where she is going.

The rain is falling heavily and I can see that her robe is soaked through. Her hair is like a brown cascade tumbling down her back in thick rivulets. She forgot to put her shoes on. Every once in a while she stumbles but she eventually reaches her destination. I know she wants her privacy. I can at least give her that.

She opens the gate and rushes inside…heading straight for a smooth white tombstone. I cannot bear to see her agony as she hugs the polished stone and wails her grief into the pitiless night.

"Why did you leave me?" she screams.

I cannot take any more of this. I quietly walk over to her and embrace her quietly, almost willing her heart to calm itself. She is still crying but the wild look is gone from her eyes. She sits down on the soaking ground. I sit next to her.

She does not look at me…her grief is still so fresh…so deep. I lean over and kiss her lips softly. I try to reach her soul so that it might begin to heal.

"I love you," I whisper.

She gets up and, kisses the tombstone one more time.

"I love you, Harry and I miss you…so much. Goodbye, Harry. I know I can't be with you for now but please wait for me so that you can show me the way when my time comes," she murmured quietly.

She walks away, still sobbing quietly but more at peace with herself. I watch her go. I wish there were more I could do. I think of the baby that she has only recently found out about. The baby who will have my eyes and her hair…a daughter…Lilliana. This is where she will draw her strength from. I know she will make it.

Standing up, I look down at the inscription on the tombstone…my tombstone:

Here Lies

Harry James Potter

Beloved husband of Hermione

Adored son of James and Lily

Friend to many

The boy who died so that we all might live.

Rest well.

"Goodbye my love, my wife, my Hermione…" I thought as I slowly drifted skyward to that sacred place for all the fallen warriors, "I will be waiting for you."