Don't Question The Rules

The Official Rules Of Calvinball: www. solitaryway. com/ calvin/ cb(underscore)rules. htm

The lawn out back of the Young Justice Resort looked as if Myxpitlyk had come to play, and had forgotten to take his toys home with him. There were balls of every shape and size scattered around haphazardly, a croquet set minus the wooden balls, a pile of tennis rackets next to a volleyball net, two kites stuck in a tree, over a dozen cans of silly string in varying colors, and the Supercycle, despite its love of games of all kinds, was suspiciously absent.

Superboy and Impulse were in the center of what Robin was privately calling the Third Ring of Chaos. Both of them were out of costume, each wearing plain jeans and T-shirts…

…and one of Robin's spare masks.

The game they were playing did not appear to have any clearly defined rules. As Robin had been watching them for over twenty minutes – after discovering the masks missing from his room – he felt sure that he would have noticed anything to the contrary, and he hadn't. Superboy and Impulse just seemed to be performing random acts of weirdness in the same place, though they seemed to center around the croquet set, and…

Oh. Random. Unspecified. Deity. Robin knew what his two teammates were up to. And the state of events did not bode well for anyone's continuing sanity.

Robin watched as Superboy tapped Impulse on the head – more like swatted him over the head – with a yellow flag, and then said something which made Impulse slump. The speedster then proceeded to walk, and walk slowly, towards a nearby croquet fence.

"What's going on?" Secret asked in a whisper, hovering behind Robin, who in turn, was hiding behind a tree, far out of sight of their frolicking teammates.

"Impulse has discovered Calvinball," Robin told her, intonation as full of dread as the situation warranted, which was very.

Secret blinked, horror etched across her smoky features. "Oh…fudgesicle."