Reading On Rainy Days

Slobo glared out the window and growled for the fourth time in as many minutes.

Anita, interrupted in mid-sentence once again, turned to the last Czarnian. "What's wrong, mon?" she asked, purposely letting her frustration show. Slobo had no patience for niceties; getting angry with him always got him to do things faster than trying to be polite.

He slid her a glance, then hunched in on himself. "It's raining." He grunted and continued to glare out the window.

"Yeah, so?"

Letting out a deep sigh, Slobo toed the ground and admitted, "I'm bored."

"Then do something." Fed up with his reticence – since when did Slobo care about what he said? – Anita shoved the Mexican food coupon she was using as bookmark into her romance novel/werewolf adventure novel and turned to face him. "Read a book." She brandished her own, wishing she was still reading it. "Play a video game, work out in the gym, or bug someone else." She gave the last suggestion more emphasis and sent a glare of her own his way.

Slobo snorted, looking like he was trying not to smile. He did that a lot when she was angry with him, like he thought it was cute or something. "I've done alla that – 'cept the last one. Ain't no one else here but me and you. And I'm still bored."

"Go outside and catch yourself a rabbit to eat, or something," Anita told him, and then turned back to her book, determined not to let him continue bothering her.

"But it's raining!" Slobo sounded positively whining, which alerted Anita to the fact that something weird was going on.

Had Harm come back and taken over Slobo? No, not unless his stay in Hell had turned him into emo wuss. "Since when do you care about getting wet or dirty?"

Slobo sent her a scathing glance. "I don't. But what's the point of getting wet if there ain't no one to bug with it?" Slobo demanded.

"What, you wanted someone to throw mud balls at?" Anita asked, incredulous.

"Yeah!" Slobo agreed, grinning madly. "If I can't frag people, then I'll just have to drive 'em nuts."

"You're already driving me nuts," Anita complained. "Either leave and find some bad guys to mud wrestle with or I'll lock you outside without your clothes."

"Ooooh, kinky." Slobo wiggled his eyebrows at her. "Sounds like fun. How's about it, babe: you, me, and some mud wrestling with clothing very much optional?"

Anita's answer was silent and succinct. She gave him the finger with one hand – and with the other she transported him outside, halfway up the mountain, with nothing but his socks and boots. He'd make his way down in an hour or so.

The soft, constant patter of the rain on the window lulled her irritation, and the peace Anita had been striving for all afternoon finally settled on her. Opening up her book once more, Anita continued reading about the traveling mage, and her quest for cure for her lycanthrope curse, and the barbarian werewolf that kept getting in her way.

The one nice thing about books was that if she didn't like the way the story was going, she could always stop reading. Though using her powers on Slobo did have its charms, reading a book on a rainy day was an easier way to achieve a peaceful feeling.