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Timeline of the story takes place after Advent Children though holds no actual background among the true storyline. Bare with me until I am comfortable writing this. This is my first FF7 based fic.


"Awright! Who was watching Marlene outside!" Barret hollered as he pointed towards his child's scraped knee. "I ask 'cause I sure as hell ain't likin' the sight of this! Not one bit!"

"Papa! I'm okay! It's nothing serious…"

Denzel tucked himself well behind a pillar and wall within the rebuilt 7th Heaven, afraid of the results of being found while Barret was still fuming. Tifa chuckled at the sight of the terrified boy, washing the glasses left on the counter by hurried customers…or scared away by Barret. Either way.

"Barret, you haven't reacted like this in a long while," Tifa noted, setting glasses within a cupboard. "Calm down. It's just a small scratch. Marlene is fine."

This silences Barret, a heavy sulk curving his shoulders as he took a seat roughly.

"Oh…fine. It's just a scratch."

Denzel sighed in relief, walking over to sit on a stool to drink orange juice from a glass Tifa had set for him earlier. Marlene took a seat beside him and giggled.

Tifa smiled as she wiped the counter. It was nice to see that Barret still cared for his adopted child greatly despite his work gradually drifting him away from her. These thoughts were soon interrupted by a hand clasping her shoulder gently. Her head jerks softly to see who was there.

"May I have a drink?" A resonating voice asked, the man taking a seat beside the two children.

"Oh…Vincent, of course," Tifa nodded, turning to prepare bottles to mix a drink for him. "Is there anything in particular you want?"

There was a pause of silence before he responded, placing a cell phone on the counter before he slipped off his leather glove.

"Surprise me."

"Oh! You finally have a phone!" Marlene chirped.

Vincent gave no acknowledgement to the child's reaction. Not a visible response, at least. To tease a little, Tifa offers him a blue raspberry virgin margarita. He gave the glass a quizzical stare before he pulled his cape's collar down to taste the drink.

"Mmm..? No Tequila?"

Tifa's eyes widen softly as if in disbelief.

"You wanted alcohol? Do you want me to add some?"

There was no response. Vincent simply unbuckled the top belts to his cape then continued to drink as if he didn't hear her. This irritated Tifa a tad, but at least he was drinking it.

Pfft…Ex-Turk…he probably drank all the time during his days off over thirty-three years ago, Tifa thought to herself, her lips pushing into a soft pout.

Other than the soft buzz emitting from the conversations of customers in the bar, there was an unnerving silence soon after. Marlene and Denzel had ran off to play outside with Barret not too far in a distance to make sure that nothing happens.

To Tifa's eyes, Vincent looked like a mere bump on a log. A silent, drinking, bump on a log. No words. No eye-contact. Only quiet sipping. Nevertheless, she couldn't help but notice his entire face now that it was fully exposed for clear sight. His red eyes were narrow beneath his bandanna; both inviting and fierce at the same time to look at. Soft, almost heart-like lips adorned his pale, blemishless face. His jawline and chin delicately curved and complimented the soft, wide bridge of his nose. There was no other explanation to such facial features. Soft. If one were to observe enough, he was no such monster he came to believe he was. In fact, he was quite beautiful, yet still masculine at the same time.


Snapping out of her trance, she looks at him and subconsciously bat her eyes.

"Yes, Vincent?"

"Where is Cloud as of this moment?"


She looked upward for a second to think then looked at him as he began to resume drinking. She tried her best to hide her inner amusement to see that his lips were temporarily stained in a blue, almost an indigo shade due to the virgin margarita. It added to his nearly undead complexion, yet seemed to add appeal as well.

"Last I spoke to him, he left to check if there were any people left contaminated with geo stigma," she answered, "That was early this morning. He most likely wandered outside of Midgar by now. As usual."

"Ah. Very well."

Soon after, his attention fell to stare at the counter once more.

Sip. Sip. Sip. Silence.

Silence welcomed Tifa's ears yet again. However, she couldn't help but wonder. Why did he ask?


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