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During sunset, everyone was in the beach area since tourists were in other areas of Costa de Sol by then. Tifa was with Reno, infuriated and ready to throw him miles into the ocean. Vincent and Cloud, in the other hand, were sitting by the stone steps that entered the beach, both silent with their attention drawn downward to the sand. In one Vincent's hands, he held the garnet fenrir that Cloud abruptly bought.

"I can't believe you! Reno!"

"Tifa, babe! I'm sorry, girl! You got it all wrong! He came here on his own, yo!"

She didn't believe him or even gave him the time to explain the rest of the situation. She grabbed the collar of his jacket then forced him downward upon the sandy surface. Soon after, she placed a foot along his backside then proceeded to pull at his ponytail. Let the screaming ensue.

"So…did you come because of him?" Vincent's voice rasped as he brought one leg upon one step to rest his chin upon his knee.

"AAAH! TIFA! I ain't the reason he's here!"

"Well…you hear his screams, don't you?" Cloud answered, emotion robbed from his face; an expression even more blank than Vincent could ever accomplish.


"Back in Edge…I saw you two in the chapel talking. I had to see this for myself…"

Vincent's eyebrows arched slightly, saying nothing in response. There was nothing he could say.

"Seeing you out of your usual outfit merely confirms my assumptions. You two are-"

Vincent held his free hand up to stop him. He knew what he was going to say. He didn't need to hear it.

"Well then," he started as he watched Tifa continue to torture Reno. "What are you going to do now that you know?"

Cloud rose to his feet slowly then looked down upon his gun-slinging friend. His lips were curved in a frown at first, but he tried his best to smile soon after. He held a hand out towards him slowly. Vincent tilted his head to one side then reached to take his hand, getting up onto his feet. They held their hands together as if to shake hands, but instead, there was an awkward silence until the blue eyed blond spoke up.

"Take good care of her," Cloud said with surprisingly more ease than expected.

"Hm?" Vincent looked down at him in almost disbelief.

"Vincent, I just don't have the time or the heart to take care of her. I can't fulfill the needs she wanted from me years ago."


"No. Look at her. She clearly knows this fact and has moved on."

Cloud looked to one side then released Vincent's hand to point at him; his finger pressed again his chest.

"Just one thing, Vincent. Fictional memory or not, don't do what I did to her."

"What might that be?"

"Never leave her, Vincent…"

Vincent's lips quirked in a sympathetic smirk then nodded. Cloud stared at his face for several seconds. After, he glanced toward Tifa and Reno then turned his body to leave the beach.

"You have to promise me this. Even though she's carefree enough to hide her pain, I don't want her hurt again…"

"Alright…I promise."

As soon as Cloud made a step to leave, Vincent grasped his shoulder tightly to stop him.

"Heh. Where do you think you're going?"

"Hm? I'd think you and Tifa would be better off without me in your presence."

Before the conversation could go further, Reno rushed into them, nearly knocking them both over as he hid behind them.

"She's gone psycho!" Reno exclaimed. "Keep the chick away until she's calmed down!"

Tifa stomped towards the three and glared at Reno. After, she took a deep breath, exhaled, then looked up at Vincent's eyes then at Cloud's.

"Cloud," she started, her voice quivered and caught in her throat. "I'm s-"

"Tifa, no," Cloud interrupted as he grabbed hold of Reno. "It's alright. I understand."

Her expression twisted into confusion, surprised with how well he was taking the fact that she and Vincent were now together. Seeing her bewildered face, the blond let go of Reno then walked over to her. He held her arms and pulled her close. It was as if he was going to kiss her lips, but strayed his direction softly to kiss her cheek. After, he hugged her close; almost in a way that made it seem that he didn't want to let her go for the world.

"I'll always be around if you need me," he said tenderly then released her, guiding her into Vincent's arms.

Vincent was awestruck. He was never in a position such as this, yet memories rushed into his head like wildfire. Memories of Lucrecia and Hojo long ago. One thought after another shot into his mind in almost disgust with himself.

Am I…like Hojo in this relationship…?

He cringed at the thought then hugged his arms around Tifa slowly from behind, making sure that he held the crystal wolf carefully in his hand. Just as he did so, Cloud patted Reno's shoulder roughly to signal for them both to leave. As Reno left with Cloud, he was disappointed and stunned by the turn out. He was hoping to see Cloud and Vincent tear at each other, yet that was clearly not the case.

Vincent watched as they left. He wanted to stop Cloud to ask him to stay, but forced himself to go against these thoughts. He knew all too well that he was hurting inside, which was why he was leaving so hastily. He shook his head then looked down at Tifa and she looked up at him. There was an awkward silence then they pressed their lips together for a second in a short kiss then went their way back to the inn.

As they left the beach and down the path Vincent observed Tifa's movement. He noticed a distraught expression on her face and her feet slightly dragged upon the ground. He frowned at the sight then jerked his attention down another direction. Someone was calling them. Curious, Tifa held his arm and they both walked over to the one calling them. It appeared to be a scrawny man dressed in an apron, fidgeting with a hat in his hands.

"Say, you're Vincent Valentine and Tifa Lockhart, yes?" he asked as he placed his hat back on.

This perked Tifa's mood a little, nodding with Vincent in response.

"Yes," she replied. "Why do you ask?"

"Someone told me to look out for you two a several hours ago. You two hungry?"

Several hours ago? Vincent thought to himself in disbelief, Someone…Cloud? He planned ahead for us before he even found us in the crystal shop…!

"Quite hungry," Tifa replied as Vincent continued to ponder.

"Great, great!" the man exclaimed as he turned to leave. "Follow me. The restaurant's just down this way. It's on the house too!"

Tifa's face lit up to the sound of this. Vincent gave a soft smile in relief.

As they followed the man, the restaurant he worked for was surprisingly one of the better places of Costa de Sol. Thankfully not a forcefully formal place, since it was unlikely that many locals and tourists would bother to dress formally in such warm climates anyhow.

"Wow, the prices on this menu are pretty high for just something a person would eat," Tifa mused as she scanned through the menu on the wall by the entrance. "And we're getting our meal for free. Do you think Rufus did this to make up for Reno's drunken behavior last night?"

"Perhaps," Vincent answered, not daring to say his assumptions.

As the two were escorted to a seat, he placed the garnet wolf upon the tabletop then stared at it for a second as he sat down. A soft smirk ornamented his face. He was almost certain the Cloud was behind all this. He looked towards Tifa; she was marveling the sheer fact that they were eating in such a place for free. Cute. Looking back down at his crystal statuette, he placed a single fingertip along its muzzle idly.

Thanks…I'll keep my promise…