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Chapter one: the plan.

It was another fine day at the Alice Academy, until...



Yes, you know what it is. It's like... a daily routine. Mikan trying to hug Hotaru and Hotaru just happily shooting Mikan with her Baka gun.

"Itai... Ne Hotaru! Can't you stop that?" yelled Mikan.

"I'll stop it if you would stop trying to molest me." Replied Hotaru, who was reading a book.

"You are noisy, Polka dots. Shut up." Said Natsume from behind.

"Don't tell me to shut up you... you..."

"I what? Ah, Strawberries."

"YOU PERVERT!" Mikan ran to Hotaru "Hotaru"

"Get away from me."


"Stop that!" Mikan rubbed her head. "Oh yea, Hotaru, do you have plans for the two days holidays tomorrow? You know... I really don't know where to go... Central Town is so boring now... And you know I can't possibly stay in my room during such rare occasion... What do you suggest?"

"I'll be in my lab."

"But... but..."

"Hey Mikan, you know what? At the end of the Northern forest is actually a beach! I saw that yesterday when I was checking around the Northern Forest with my new invention. It's a chemical that can teleport me to wherever I want" Said Nonoko. "Maybe we can spend the holidays there! Nobody knows about the beach yet."

"AH! Great idea! Let's go there tomorrow!" said Mikan "Err... AH! We could go there for a camp!"

"Great idea! Count us in!" yelled Nonoko and Anna.

"Me too!" said Yuu.

"Yay! Hotaru! You want to come too?"

"...no." An expected answer from Hotaru.

"come on... Hotaru! PLEASE?" Mikan said with puppy eyes.

"tsk. Fine."

"YAY! Ah yes, Ruka-Pyon, you should come too!" Mikan asked Ruka, who is sitting beside Nastume.

He stroked his rabbit. "If only Natsume go..."

"Urgh, why must that pervert go too?" muttered Mikan. Nobody heard her. She do not want Natsume to come... But she wants Ruka to go... so...

"Natsume, do you want to come?" asked Mikan in a nice tone.

Ruka turned his head to face Natsume. Natsume saw Ruka giving a PLEASE GO look.

"urgh. Whatever."

Ruka's face brightened up.

"ok! Let's meet tomorrow at the entrance of the Northern Woods! People! Remember to bring your tents and other stuffs! Tomorrow 9am!" yelled Mikan, smiling brighter than ever.

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