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Chapter seven: The Sun's up (Ruka and Hotaru)

"Waa? Why do I feel so warm? I'm sure I was shivering from the cold yesterday..." Hotaru thought. She opened her eyes to find Ruka's arm wrapped around her body.

"So it's you." She whispered and smiled. "Arigato, Ruka."

Ruka, as if heard her, opened his eyes slowly. He felt warm too. Not because of the sun, but...

"Ohayo, Ruka." Said Hotaru, still being embraced by Ruka.

Ruka realized what he was doing. He retracted his hands back immediately, his cheeks turning bright red.

"Sorry..." he murmured.

"It's ok. I want to thank you instead." She replied. Hotaru then leaned closer to Ruka and kissed his left cheek. Ruka blushed deeper.

"Can you walk now?" asked Hotaru

"err. I guess." He stood up and immediately fell back on his butt.

Hotaru smiled and took out a remote control from her pocket. She pressed a button. Soon, a flying duck machine is seen. Yes, it's Hotaru's favourite transport.

Ruka sweat dropped. "You should have used it earlier!"

"..." "I forgot."

They got on and returned to the campsite.

Mikan and Natsume were still fighting. Mikan saw Hotaru... and yes, she ran towards Hotaru with her arms flunked wide opened.

... What? Shouldn't there be a series of "baka"?

"I left it back at the dorm."