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Endara's Fire


Summary: When life takes a course that fate had not planned, a new destiny is formed. But when two entire worlds, separate and self-preserving, take more than one of their own courses, intervention is needed. But who shall intervene?

Many characters may be out of character in select portions.


Prologue - Endara, The Girl in the Crystal Mirror

She watched the simple glass hourglass as it ticked time away. She'd turned it every hour; hoping, in some small part of her, that the sand from the top would never stop falling.

Her entire life had been based on a lie, she had found out, and she herself did not belong here. Even here, she remembered thinking, she would be deserted and cast aside. Somehow, she knew, that had happened to her before. Memories rarely surfaced from the time she'd lived in that far away place, but the few that did weren't of abandonment.

She was different even there. Her only three memories of her birthplace were scattered. One was of a hut-like home, one of a great expansive desert, and one faded memory of a man in a red coat.

Vividly, she could remember the day that her past became clear. It was on the day of her sixteenth birthday. Her adoptive parents had been uneasy lately, and gave her the gift on Christmas break when she returned home.

The gift had been a sphere. At first she'd thought it a glass ball; simple, elegant, and beautiful. But when she realized the true nature of it, she realized sphere was a better name for it.

The sphere had cast a video-image, with a narration when she held it in her hands.

A woman stood, her head cast down in what seemed like shame. The light from the candles on the wall above cast shadows across the walls, making only the woman's face visable at first glance.

"My name is Rikku. And I... am your mother." the woman said, glancing up at the 'camera' as if looking directly at the viewer.

"I fear I am not the type that raises children. I am, in nature, a careless free-spirit, you might say. I was raised in theft and repair. To fight and be brave. I grew up in a world of war. And my 'race' of people were shunned and hated because we did not believe in Yevon. Yevon was the supreme religion, and those who did not follow Yevon were heathens.

"I was born in Home, a place in a vast desert hidden away from the world of Spira. Home was for just us Al Bhed, my race. Most of our race could be told apart from 'Yevonites' because of our swirling eyes, a trait I do not believe you have. We lived in peace, and in fear. When the time came, I joined with a strange band of people.

"You must understand this. Spira, our world, was in danger every few years from a monster called Sin. Sin had existed for a thousand years, and the only way to destroy it was to summon creatures called aeons. Aeons were from something called the Fayth, and were first and foremost, created and summoned to defeat Sin. But Sin could never truly be defeated.

"For when a summoner (the one person capable of summoning the aeons) summoned the Final Aeon, the sacrifice of one of their guardians (the people, usually one or two at the most, who protected the summoner with their lives) was needed, and that person would become the Final Aeon. The Final Aeon would destroy Sin, but at the cost of the summoner's life. And then, unknown to all the believers of Yevon, the guardian who became the Final Aeon... became a new Sin. And each was stronger than the last.

"But the guardian often took years to fully become Sin. And so, the world of Spira was at peace during those years. They called that time The Calm... and everyone waited for the one day when the calm would be eternal. The Eternal Calm.

"Spira had been living on a false hope for a thousand years. A false hope that should never been allowed to be created. Yevon... was fake. But, I had not known, and neither had anyone else, that Yevon was fake at that time. So I joined up with my cousin, a half- Al Bhed daughter of the last high summoner, and her guardians. I made the sixth of her six guardians.

"I do not wish to dwell on the fact that Yuna, my cousin, may not make it out alive facing Sin without the Final Aeon. Or that I may not. Or Yuna's guardians and our friends (Lulu, Wakka, Kimahri, Tidus, and Auron) may not. They have become as close as family in these past few months.

"I am sending you as far away as I can with what magicks I know. For your father does not know of you, and I fear if I do not make it, there will be no life for you to carry on. I do know that your father will never see your face, for reasons I will not disclose. Tomorrow we go off to face Sin... So today.. I must let you go. I only hope that the people who raise you in whatever world you reach will raise you as their own... and never stop loving you. I know, that I never will.

"I'm sorry my daughter. You will never know how much. I wish I could go with you... but I can't let Yuna down. In some way, I believe it would be letting you down. For the three days you've lived so far, I've called you Endara, or Ahtyuy in Al Bhed... but I hope your new parents find a name for you. I do love you, my sweet little Ahtyuy... And I hope your parents show you this sphere on your fifteenth birthday... Why fifteen, you may ask... because I'm just fifteen now.

"Good bye, my Endara... I hope you never forget me... somehow." The woman ended. She reached out and shut the picture off, and her face, tanned, with light freckles over the bridge of her noise, her eyes, light green swirled with dark green, with blonde hair falling across her face, was covered in tears."

At that final moment... she had cried. But that time had been long ago... before she'd been kidnapped and brought here. Her sixteenth birthday had been nearly two years before. She'd been kidnapped in the July after her seventeenth birthday... and she still hadn't been found.

"Spira..." she rasped suddenly, and the air around her distorted and the dark dungeon became enveloped in a bright white light.

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