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Endara's Fire


Summary: When life takes a course that fate had not planned, a new destiny is formed. But when two entire worlds, separate and self-preserving, take more than one of their own courses, intervention is needed. But who shall intervene?

Many characters may be out of character in select portions.


Chapter One - The Spiran Princess

Rikku sat on the soft bed, her mind reeling from the events of the seven months prior. It was a journey enough to have helped Yuna save Spira from Sin, but to save it a second time from Vegnagun? The second journey wasn't the fun she wanted it to be. It was too heavily reminiscent of the first one. And at the end of the first one she lost the one person who meant more to her than anything. The second time around, she had not lost anyone... but she hadn't gotten anyone either.

"Rikku?" Lulu's voice softly echoed through the cabin. Rikku chucked a soft, decorative pillow over the edge of the platform. Lulu's startled gasp made Rikku giggle. The black mage walked up the steps and stared at Rikku in stern, motherly way.

"Sorry, Lulu..." Rikku said softly, falling backwards on her bed.

"What's wrong, Rikku?" Lulu asked, concern showing on her face. Rikku sighed.

"Lulu... I miss him..." Rikku whispered, sitting back up.

"Who do you mean? Tidus?" Lulu asked, a bit confused.

"No... I don't mean I don't miss Tidus... but..." Rikku trailed off, staring at her hands.

"You fell in love with Auron, didn't you?" Lulu asked, realization coming to her.

"Lulu... It wasn't supposed to happen the way it did. Auron was supposed to be alive, Tidus wasn't supposed to disappear, Endara wasn't supposed to-!" Rikku said, before she realized what she said and bit back tears.

"Endara?" Lulu asked, obviously confused. Rikku looked extremely saddened.

"Oh, Lulu!" Rikku cried into Lulu's arms. Lulu just held her until Rikku calmed down.

"Rikku... Who is Endara?" Lulu asked softly, curiousity getting the better of her.

"Promise me you won't tell anyone... Not one..." Rikku said, staring at her hands again.

"I promise, Rikku." Lulu said softly, looking at Rikku in a loving, sisterly manner.

"Endara... was... or is... my daughter... She'd be almost three now..." Rikku said in a whisper, clasping her hands together. Lulu looked surprised.

"Is she Auron's?" Lulu asked after a moment. Rikku nodded. Lulu hugged the girl tightly, never wanting to let her feel heartbreak again.


Paine sat on the deck of the Celsius, watching the sun set on the horizon. Her hair was longer than it had been when they'd defeated Vegnagun, and occasionally a breeze picked it up and blew it across her face.

Sometimes, Paine wondered if it all had to happen the way it did. Sometimes, she hoped it didn't.

As the colors slowly turned from pinks and reds and oranges to blues and purples, Paine watched in silence, her mind blank and calm.

Something felt off, Paine noticed as the last sliver of pink faded from the horizon. She stood up and glanced around, before brushing it off as paranoia and heading inside.

A few mintues later, she walked onto the bridge and glanced at Lulu who was talking with Brother.

An hour later, the Celsius arrived in Besaid and stayed in Besaid for the night, Lulu parting for her home with Wakka and Vidina.


Next Morning

Paine woke early, heading out for a run before the Celsius departed for Djose. When she reached the beach in Besaid, the sun was starting to rise. Paine watched it for a few mintues before she saw something that wasn't there.

A figure was forming in front of her eyes. It was a young woman, dark brown hair and lighter brown eyes. Her skin was dirty, and in some cases bloody, and her clothes were worn and ragged.

Paine couldn't move, she stood erect and still. After a moment, the girl fully formed and Paine thought she seemed familiar.

"Did I make it to Spira?" the woman rasped, collasping into Paine's arms.

"Who are you? Where did you come from?" Paine couldn't help asking. The woman fainted.

Paine struggled, but managed to walk halfway back to the village with the woman when she encountered Yuna.

"Yuna! Help me!" Paine exclaimed, lifting the girl back up. Yuna smiled slightly and the two put the girl's arms over their shoulders and carried her back into the village.

The villagers were about and awake when Paine and Yuna walked in with the young woman. The quietly brought her onto the Celsius and laid her down in Paine's bed.

"Where did she come from?" Yuna asked, as Lulu and Wakka came into the cabin with Vidina.

"She just appeared. It actually scared me. The only thing she said was 'Did I make it to Spira?'. " Paine told them, opening a potion bottle to give to the girl. The girl stirred and her eyes widened when she saw everyone.

"It's all right... We're not going to hurt you... I found you on the beach... Do you know how you got there?" Paine started off, her hand grasped around the bottle.

"Spira? Did I make it to Spira?" was all the woman said.

"What would give you the impression you weren't in Spira?" Wakka asked, cradling Vidina.

"The last time I was in Spira I was a newborn..." she rasped, wincing when her arm hit her side.

"Take this." Paine told her, handing over the potion. She inspected it before she downed it.

"How did you get off Spira? Machina that could have gotten you off Spira haven't existed in around two thousand years." Lulu asked, confused. The girl flushed before answering.

"Magic..." the girl answered, her eyes bloodshot.

"Hey, Wakka! Gatta said you-" Rikku started before she noticed the girl.

"Ahtyuy..." the girl rasped, looking at Rikku, tears in her eyes. Lulu and Rikku stared at the girl, in quiet realization.

"Ahtyuy?" Paine repeated, confused.

"I needed to find my way home. My real home." the girl said, crying.

"Endara... What did they name you?" Lulu asked, shooing Paine and Wakka away. Paine hid under the balcony.

"Hermione. Hermione Granger." she said softly, not looking at Rikku. Rikku was teary eyed.

"Did they treat you right...?" Rikku asked, her voice quiet and subdued.

"Until the day they died... they were so proud of me." she said quietly, tears slowly dripping from her chin.

"They... died?" Lulu asked, casting a somber look at Hermione.

"When... they came for me." Hermione said, not revealing anything more. Rikku and Lulu looked at each other, Rikku with tears in her eyes.

"I'm sorry I had to let you go, Endara. I... I had too... I couldn't let you get hurt." Rikku said softly, cautiously approching Hermione.

"I know... The only thing that's kept me going the past two years was the sphere. I tried to imagine what you were like... to remember a part of you. But I couldn't... I have three memories of Spira... I remember a desert and a tiny little hut... and... a man in a red coat." Hermione said, brushing her long, snarled hair out of her eyes.

"A... a man in a red coat?" Rikku asked, her breath catching in her throat.

"Yeah... I couldn't see him well... and I couldn't understand what he was saying... but I know him... " Hermione answered, looking at Rikku.

"Do... do you remember anything else about him?" Lulu asked, realizing who it might be.

"He... His arm... I think he was a gimp... or a warrior monk..." she answered, not taking her eyes off Rikku.

'Are they talking about Auron?' Paine thought.

"He knew... he knew! And still told me to let him go... Maybe... Maybe if..." Rikku trailed off.

"Rikku... it's all right... Maybe he did know. Maybe he knew when he saw her that he'd have to tell you to let him go. Maybe he knew it would make it harder for you to let him go if he told you he knew. And he knew you would have to seperate." Lulu comforted Rikku as the young woman's eyes kept on Rikku.

End of chapter one