BEAVIS AND BUTTHEAD:D YAY! FUNNY NAME! Anywho, here is the oneshot I wrote about a show I know nothing about.

Disclaimer: I do not own Beavis and Butthead, I have never seen it.

Toasted Head.

"Hey," Beavis said. "Look at the TV, Butthead!"

Butthead ran into the room and jumped on the sofa that was full of holes. "What is it?" he asked.

"It's a TV, pickle head." Beavis said.

"I have chocolate on my arm." Butthead said.

"Hello Highland," said the man on the news. "Today it's going to be sunny and yeah…"

"Why did you want me to see that?" Butthead asked.

"Because our toaster is missing." Beavis said.

Butthead gasped. "Oh no! The toaster! However shall we make deliciously crunchy pieces of cooked bread?"

There was a knock at the door and Beavis went to answer it. A girl the age of 13 stood at the door, a toaster under her arm.

"I have your toaster," she said. "My name is Kirstyn and chase me if you want it back."

"BLIMEY!" said Butthead.

Beavis and Butthead ran out of the house and tried to run after Kirstyn but they couldn't catch up. Once, they got close when an ant jumped on them and pushed them over.

"Hey," it squeaked. "I'm Fungus. You can call my Steph." It said.


They shook the ant off and ran after Kirstyn. She jumped into a tree and the tree opened its eyes and stuck a leg out to trip Beavis and Butthead over. They started crying and rubbing their sore knees.

"Here's your toaster." Kirstyn dropped the toaster on Butthead's head and ran off.

"We chased you for NOTHING?" asked Beavis.

"I guess," she shrugged and continued to run. "COME ON FUNGUS!"

"Stupid little girl." Muttered Beavis.

"Ow." Moaned Butthead.

Beavis grabbed the toaster from Butthead's head and grabbed a rock. He threw it at Butthead and ran inside, screaming, "CATCH ME FI YOU CAN!"


Wow, my fourth oneshot about something I know nothing about tonight, this is fun! Hope you liked it, Read and Review!

Love Kirst…