Harry Potter, The True Heir of Slytherin


It's a post OOTP fic, in answer to hamster's challenge.


Harry intercepts a letter that inadvertently sheds light on his current situation. Friendships are shattered, truths are realized, and Harry undergoes changes of his own, with the help of one of his ansesters.

Vampire Harry! Harry/Fem/Blaze


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Chapter #1: Realizations, and transformations.

Harry was angry. No, that was an understatement, he was beyond that, if the things shaking in his bedroom were anything to go by. Now, most people would be alarmed if things start to rattle and break when a person got angry. However, Harry wasn't a normal person; he was a wizard, and an extremely powerful one at that.

He was sitting in his dingy little bedroom, at Number four, Privet Drive, or, as he liked to call it, his personal slice of Hell. In his hands was the reason he was so angry. It was a crumpled piece of parchment that his owl Hedwig had flown in with about ten minutes ago. Harry had been startled; he had received no letters from his, 'friends', since he had returned from his fifth year at Hogwarts.

The letter had not been in an envelope and was clutched tightly in Hedwig's talons. Harry had got up of his bed, where he had spent most of the summer laying, his mind drifting back to the battle at the Department of Mysteries, reliving his god father's Death.

What he had read in the note had made his blood boil, made him see red, made him want to kill everything that was near him. His hands shaking from barely suppressed anger, he reread the letter for what seemed like the millionth time.

Dear Ron,

I agree with you, it feels good that we're starting to get recognition for looking after that spoiled brat Potter. I mean, it was hard to be near the ignorant fool this year, and, he is getting too reckless, he could have got us killed along with Sirius, if we hadn't gotten training from the Order.

I'm also glad that Dumbledore has given us a pay rise, It's not like Potter was using that money anyway. It's disgusting really, with all the money that he has, I would at least have thought that he would have bought some decent clothes, not that the ones that he wears now don't suit him. I suppose that he still wears them to get more attention.

I know what your saying, and I'm happy that I'm going out with you as well. I think that we should put a Love Potion in potters drink, if Ginny wants him as her payment, like she told me. I don't know why she wants him though, but I suppose your theory is correct, being the wife of The Boy Who Lived would make you famous.

Hope I'll see you soon,



Harry crunched the letter in his fist, his magic swelling about him. he couldn't believe it! Hermione and Ron, his best friends since the start of his time at Hogwarts, betraying him! That raised some questions in Harry's mind.


how long have they been spying on him for Dumbledore?

Were they ever his friends?

Harry didn't think so, now that he thought about it, everything seemed a little too convenient. The Weasley's going through the gateway to Platform 9 ¾ at the same time as him, talking loudly about, 'Muggles', that, could be put down to pure chance, but then Hermione, coming into his compartment, sprouting off about her knowing all about him from books, a bit convenient again,

seeing as all the books that he was in, had nothing at all to do with Hogwarts.

And even before then, Hagrid telling him about how almost every witch and wizard in Slytherin went bad. Closing his mind, even to the possibility of him being sorted into Slytherin.

It was then that Harry realised that Dumbledore was behind everything, that he had been playing Harry from the second that he dropped him off at the Dursley's all those years ago. That everything he had done, his very personality, had been moulded by Dumbledore's manipulations. He wanted out, and he wanted out now!

The thought of just up and leaving came to his mind, but it was quickly forgotten, when their was a blinding flash of light from outside his window. Harry jumped up, and ran over to the window, carefully peering outside. He didn't like what he saw.

People in black robes were stood in a circle, just outside the wards that protected Number Four. For some reason, the sight of them felt strangely familiar to Harry, he didn't think that they were Death Eaters, from the lack of white masks that they usually wore, even though they looked fierce, Harry wasn't afraid. He barely had time to ponder this as one of the figure stepped forwards, and placed a hand on the wards, they became visible when they touched them. The newly visible wards blocked Harry's view of the dark figures, but that was short lived, as Harry saw the wards starting to crack, then with a sonic boom, broke completely. The figures suddenly disappeared, only to reappear in Harry's bedroom.

Harry was on his feet, his wand out and a curse on the tip of his tongue, before he heard a familiar sibilant hissing sound.

"Calm yourssself child, it would not be in your bessst intressst to curssse me jussst yet, there isss muchhh I need to ssshow and tell you and yet, ssso little time."

Harry had only heard that hissing a few times before but he knew instantly what it was.

"I wasss of the belief that only myssself and Voldemort were the only sssnake ssspeakersss."

"No child, I am the only other, alssso referred to asss the firssst ssspeaker." The voice hissed back. Harry was floored, he could not quite believe it. Salazar Slytherin himself? In his own room?

"But how iss thisss possssible? There are many legendsss that ssspeak of your death, brought about by Gryffindor himssself. Obviousssly, rumoursss of your death are greatly exxxagerated, or, if magic herssself iss telling me what I think ssshe isss, you are of the lamia, and were turned about the time of your reported death." Harry knew this to be true, how he knew it, he couldn't say, but he knew it and it shocked him that he could know such things.

"Ah. Your blood is calling out to me. It is of course how you knew who I was and why you were able to readily believe it. Unfortunately, for me to show you and teach you all you need, I must turn you. It is the only way I can make you a day walker. You will gain my knowledge, and my abilities in full, along with my power and status as Head of Slytherin clan. Do you accept this child?" Slytherin asked a tinge of hope in his voice.

"You mean the others didn't abandon you?" Harry asked in astonishment, still getting use to all this.

"Publically they had to, Vampires were just as frowned upon then as they are today. Oh yes there's ministry regulations for us allright, but if you want to be classified as a 'dark creature', no, the current regulations are meaningless. We, like our lycanthropic brothers, are stuck between a rock and a hard place." Harry somehow realized he only had a few precious minutes to make his decision, as the life, what little of it there was left, was fast leaving Slytherin's eyes.

"What must I do my lord?" Harry asked hating to use the honorific, due to reminders of his nemesis.

"I see it took courage borne of Gryffindor to ask that child. I must ask you to draw upon that bravery once again and allow me to turn you. To do this, I must first feed off your blood, and you must offer it willingly. To not do so would result in both our deaths." Slytherin explained patiently.

Harry just walked over to Slytherin, knowing that there was precious little time and,he figured he needed a way to circumvent both the Ministry's and the Order's tracking, and just tilted his head, offering his neck to Slytherin.

"Just relax child, you'll feel a little disorientated after it's all over, but it must be done. I'm sorry son." Slytherin gently turned Harry's face so that two pairs of emerald eyes were staring into each other. Slytherin kissed the place where Harry's scar is, and then lowered his mouth to Harry's neck and bit down. Harry felt and saw, every memory he ever had, as they all flashed by in a mailstrum of colour and sound. Soon there was nothing but darkness.

Slytherin experienced every single one of Harry's memories and wept for the boy that had forgotten what love is. He licked Harry's neck in order to close up the wound and pearsed his wrist with a fang and dripped the blood into Harry's mouth. Before too long, Harry had latched on and started drinking hungrily. Slytherin knew this boy would be the one. He would reunite the magical world, he alone would bring lasting peace to the magical world! Slytherin knew, as the last drops of blood left his body, his work here was done, it was all up to Harry to reorientate himself, and get aquainted with his new family. Slytherin knew now he could rest, he had given all he had left to the boy, he had given Harry his greatest gift, the gift of sacrifice, and with that last act, Slytherin layed Harry gently on his bed, and promptly turned to dust, and was carried out on the wind.

Harry woke hours later to someone shaking him gently.

"Harry, c'mon, as much as I don't want them wizards here, I'll have to send for one if you don't wake up." To his surprise, it was Uncle Vernon who had roused him and with the thought of the 'Old Croud', finding out about his turning, sprung up out of bed with an unnatural grace.

"I'm up, I'm," he then sat heavily on a chair, realizing he could see without his glasses, and, could see better too! He looked out the window, only to find that night had fallen and the moon was full.

"I, that is we need to talk to you boy." Uncle Vernon said less gruffly than usual. Harry's mind raced, what could the Dursley's want? His questions were soon answered as they went down to the living room. Bags were packed, suitcases were stacked by the door, and Aunt Petunia and Dudley were waiting at the door, with another suit case each.

"We're moving out. We saw them vampires come in and saw what they did to you. We decided you might as well have this house and do what ya like with it. I know there's no love lost between any of us but, them spells that bearded bloke, 'Bumble Snore', was it? Put on the house died when them walking dead come in. Just do us one favour would ya?" Uncle Vernon managed to get out without turning purple once.

"What's that Uncle?" Harry asked, a hint of curiosity in his voice.

"Off that damnable freak would ya?"

"Which one?" Harry asked.

"Bumble Snore or Voldithing. I don't care really, hell! Why not off the pair of old farts! Been nothin' but trouble anyway, the both of 'em!" Uncle Vernon exclaimed.

Harry couldn't believe this, His relatives were moving out, they knew of the blood wards, and of the vampires. They knew too, of his turning! That could only mean:

"You invited Slytherin and his family in didn't you?" He asked his Aunt.

"I did, I knew you'd have to go up against that monster soon so I took the liberty of tracking him down and seeing you had all you needed to do the deed. Despite what I said to you the night Hagrid came, I loved my sister, and I won't see her son die because of some damned fool blood wards. Oh I knew all about the wards allright, but I also know that the only true practitioners of blood magic are Vampires. These half baked things Dumbledore put up here were love based and would have failed had you not made friends in your first year. As it was, I see you found out about their betrayal as well and that's why the flash of light before the Vampires showed up. Now these stupid wards are down, and neither of us is obligated to care about one another. Just get rid of the two old freaks and have yourself a nice life. Find a girl, Have kids, do as you please. God knows you should be allowed to." His Aunt said rather forcefully. Harry was gobsmacked, he didn't know what to make of all this, he just shook his head and bade his relatives a farewell as they filed out of the house for what would be the last time.

Two days later, Harry was just meditating and attempting to sort through a thousand years of memories and experiences when for no apparent reason, his faithful owl, Hedwig, Burst into flame. He knew, there was little he could do about it, and he would morne her later, but something was nagging at him. He finally broke from his meditations and looked in the direction of his owl, only to find a pile of ashes and a chick in amongst them. For the second time that week, Harry was shocked, he now had a baby phoenix to look after.

"Hedwig?" Harry asked.

"Indeed child. I can finally reveal my true form. I am here to help you. Will you allow me to bond with you child?" A soft motherly voice spoke in Harry's head.

"Y-y-yes." Stammered Harry.

"So mote it be." A flash of light later and the bond was half formed.

"There is but one thing left to do child." Hedwig's motherly voice spoke to Harry again.

"As you are now of the lamia, you must drink of my blood, and I of yours." She soothed. Harry knew there was no choice but to do so. He extended his fangs and instinctually knew how not to allow the bite to turn his beautiful phoenix, not that her magic would allow such a thing, and bit down taking a small mouth full of her blood. It was like nothing else he'd ever experienced, the magic in the blood ran through his veins, reviving him. And the blood revitalising him far beyond the capabilities of any foods he ever ate as a living being. He allowed Hedwig to sink her beak into his wrist drawing blood before crying a thick pearly tear over the wound, healing it immediately. There was another brilliant flash of light and the bond was now firmly in place.

"My bonded, there is another side effect to your becoming a lamia and my bonding with you." Hedwig chirped out loud this time.

"I no longer feel connected to Voldemort. It's as if the connection has been permanent," Harry broke off, his eyes going impossibly wide.

"I'm free of Riddle! No more visions, no more scar pain, no more feeling sick after watching violence!" Harry exclaimed happily.

"Indeed my bonded, that is why I wanted to bond with you. I did not wish for my chick to suffer anymore than he already has." Hedwig crooned softly.

Harry had tears in his eyes, he had always felt a sense of affection from his owl, turned phoenix, but to have it confirmed like this, it was more than he had ever hoped to dream of.

Several days later, Harry had finished sorting and organizing his mind and had finally introduced himself to Slytherin's family, Leaving Seth to watch over the clan until his current obligations were fulfilled. This did not mean that Harry was idle however, he had re-examined Hermione's note and found traces of unusual magic on it. He had used his newly aquired mage sight to look over the parchment, and was shocked at what he had found. There were traces of an imperious curse along with some kind of binding spell and the residue of a potion, all of which he could identify, thanks to Slytherin's knowledge. He proceeded to write Hermione another letter and had enchanted it as a portkey that would bring her to him upon receipt. He sent the letter off with the newly fully grown Hedwig, and awaited Hermione's entrance.

Hermione Granger was thought to be the smartest witch of her age. She knew, however, this was not the case. If she was the smartest witch of her age, she would have never gone against Harry. She would have told him everything right from the outset, but, Professor Dumbledore, had impressed upon her that this was of the utmost secrecy, and Harry must never know lest he lose his temper, and harm either her or Ron or worse, 'kill' them. She had thought this last statement somewhat idiotic but Professor Dumbledore had told her all about Harry's home life, the abuse, the neglect, and how it made for unstable children, and of another boy who grew up to become the current Dark Lord, because of a similar upbringing. Hermione, however, would not believe it, so Dumbledore was forced to control her by way of the imperious curse and a small dose of amertenture with the hair of Ron Weezly, and a binding spell to ensure they started dating when he commanded it. Her musings were cut short when a snowey white phoenix appeared in a burst of flame and dropped a letter in front of her. She picked it up, and just as she broke the seal, she felt a jerk behind her navel, and soon enough found herself standing in front of a very different Harry Potter.


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