Harry Potter, The True Heir of Slytherin


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I know Ginny was disowned and cast out from the Weasley family; however, not all is as it seems. Continue to follow this fic dear reader and ye shall be enlightened.

Chapter #5: The Elder Wand.

The eleventh of august was a day like any other. It must be noted however, that it was also the birthday of the youngest Dumbledore. Ginny, alone in her room was able to ponder on all that had happened over the last month or so, and come to some startling conclusions. She had known for a good while that her current father was not quite right in the head. She had known her brother was unrepentant regarding his actions toward his former best friends. She had also known that today, her Birthday, she'd come into her magical inheritance. What she was completely unaware of however, were the plans of her current father to steel her magic and keep it for his plans against the only friend she thought she had left. She did however, realise before she was disowned and cast from her former family that what she had done to him was completely wrong, so to that end, went to him and swore a blood oath to do all in her power to bring her current father down.


"Harry? Can I talk to you?" Harry looked up from his transfiguration homework, a look of suspicion in his eyes.

"What is it? I've no time for gold diggers. He snapped.

"Please, I need to talk to you." She pleaded with him, a look of fear in her eyes. They left the common room and headed for the room of requirement. Once there, Ginny began.

"Harry, Dumbledore's been manipulating you. He's played you like a fiddle your whole life. He means to use all your friends against you. I don't want any part in it!" Harry was shocked, he'd realised some of this on his own before the department of mysteries jaunt, but to have it confirmed, he took a couple of deep breaths to calm down. He turned to Ginny and the look in his eyes promised retribution to those who would do him harm. What happened next however drove all thoughts of retribution far from Harry's thoughts, as Ginny took out a silver dagger and slit both her wrists with it.

"Ginny, what are you," he was cut off as she spoke, power never before seen or heard, laced in her voice.

"I, Ginevra Molly Weasley swear by my blood and magic to do all within my power to assist and protect Harry James Potter From those that would do him harm." Power swirled about the two of them, waiting to see if Harry would accept the oath. Harry looked deep into her eyes and using his newly perfected skills in legillimency, was able to determine the truth of her thoughts and actions.

"So mote it be!" he boomed, power the like Ginny had never before heard in his voice. With that, there was a rushing sound and the cuts on Ginny's wrists and the spilled blood was cleaned up as if it had never been. Harry looked hard at Ginny for a moment then in his gentle voice said.

"I need for you to continue on as if nothing has happened. Before you protest, I need a spy in Dumbledore's ranks. This will end up in you being cast from your family but, I will help you fix that when we get to that part. For now, do what you must to keep up the act." With that, Ginny threw her arms around Harry and sobbed into his chest.

"I don't deserve this, I-I-I s-s-should b-be s-s-sent to Azkaban for betraying you in the f-f-f-first p-p-place!" Gently rubbing her back and shushing her, Harry told her in no uncertain terms that she has a chance now to redeem herself. The two of them left for the common room, self satisfied looks on their faces. And to make things more interesting, both of them had their hair mussed up and their clothes rumpled. Both smirking internally.

'Let people think what they will.' Ginny thought viciously.


Ginny smiled at that, she remembered well the reactions of her brother and her father at what they thought they'd seen. She was just wondering as to how she'd get word to Harry that things were about to come to a head when a burst of white hot flame above her head startled her and before her stood the object of her thoughts. He look deep into her eyes and said only two words. These two words however, were enough to reassure her that all would be well.

"It's time." And with that, the two of them vanished back to the Burrow.

Back at the Burrow, there was sheer silence. Harry's revelation of having Ginny on his side the whole time had sent the Weasleys into a state of shock. Molly was the first to break it.

"The sneaky little,,," But, whatever she was about to say was cut off as a ball of fire burst into being in the middle of the room and there stood Harry with Ginny. At this, Molly and Arthur were the first two to respond and fell on their daughter crying and thanking her for her assisting Harry through his trials. After many explanations and tears, the two elder Weasleys felt a cool hand on their shoulders. Turning around, they came face to face with their son, in all but blood.

"Mum, dad, we need to reverse the blood adoption and we need to do it now, or Ginny will become a muggle for the rest of her life." At this revelation, Molly Weasley burst into tears and Arthur had all he could do to keep from doing the same.

"H-h-h-how do we do this?" Molly sobbed,

"I know just the thing." Harry said as he waved his hand, making a silver challis and a silver dagger appear.

"All three of you, come over here." Harry commanded pointing to a pentagram he'd carved in the middle of the living room floor. After directing them into the middle of the pentagram, being careful not to disturb it, he bade them slit both their wrists. All three complied, allowing the blood to drip into the challis. Once the challis was full, Harry began to hiss in Parseltongue. The rhythmic hissing of the chant caused the blood in the challis to pulse in time and the two elder Weasleys began to chant.

"Blood of our blood, fruit of our loins, back to thy family, thou art rejoined!" This chant was spoken twice more and on the third reiteration, a flash of power was seen for a moment and to everyone's surprise, the most amazing thing happened! The dust on the floor rose up and reformed itself into the hand that Read Ginevra Molly Weasley and rejoined itself with it's fellows on the old family clock. Molly threw her arms around Harry and held him to her. Thanking him profusely.

"um… mum? I-i-I need to feed. Too, much, magic…" Harry rasped out, before collapsing. With that, Molly sat down on the arm chair behind her and Nursing Harry as if he were a new borne, offered up her wrist. Ginny, knowing what was about to happen, could see that Harry would not be able to drink of his own free will so used the dagger to cut her mother's wrist and allow Harry to latch on and drink his fill. After a time, it became apparent that Harry would need more than molly could give so after gently detaching herself, offered up the chair to Ginny who deftly cut her wrist and allowed the vampire to feed. Once he'd drunk his fill, Harry got up and hugged them both, his eyes suspiciously bright. Just then, Hermione came in and carted her new brother off to bed.

"bloody idiot boys and their over use of magic. I swear, Lord Slytherin, I feel more like your mother than your sister! Honestly!" Harry couldn't' help but chuckle at this and was given a gentle slap up side the head for his effort.

Albus Dumbledore was, not to put too fine a point on it, furious! His forcibly acquired daughter had returned to the abominations and the blood traitor Weasleys. Moreover, That whelp Lord Slytherin had reversed the blood adoption, thus rendering his plans null and void. Stomping angrily around his office he began to plot the down fall of this new threat. Little did he know, this would be his undoing, for he did not notice the beetle sat on his window ledge listening to every word.

Rita Skeeter having heard enough, flew off in search of her new lord, to tell of all she'd heard when a black robed figure appeared in front of her in mid air. Before she could transform back and scream for help, the figure spoke.

"Ms. Skeeter, come with me. I shall bring you to Lord Slytherin." Spoke the voice of Severus Snape. After Rita landed in a pocket, they flew off in search of Harry Potter.

Harry, after hearing the explanations of Rita Skeeter, Finius Nigellus and Ginny, had decided enough was enough and that Dumbledore had to be stopped at all costs. He did not know yet that this endeavour would grant him his true power. He after much research had found the Gaunt family ring and extracted the soul fragment housed within, without destroying the ring or the artefact itself. Harry was well aware of the story of the deathly hallos and knew that he had only to find one more artefact in order to be granted his true power, as he was the last true descendent of the Peverell line. What he didn't know however, was that Albus Dumbledore and Gellert Grindelwald, had both possessed and been seduced by the power that was promised by holding the Elder wand. He did not know that by disarming Dumbledore and taking his wand by force, he'd be united with his true wand. Not knowing this, Harry and the rest of the Weasley family, along with Rita Skeeter and Severus Snape, plotted and planned and set events in motion that would forever change the wizarding world.

Traveling by phoenix to Hogwarts, the group weren't surprised to see Dumbledore already waiting for them.

"So: Snivellus. You've decided to betray me? Did you think you could play me for a fool and get away with it? I! the great Albus Dumbledore! Leader of the Wizarding world and Lord of light! Did you think I'd not know of your pitiful attempts to undermine me and the power I hold over you all? No matter, I see you've brought those abominations with you. They shall be destroyed!" At this proclamation, he whipped out his wand and cast a sunlight charm. All three vampires smirked and sneered at Dumbledore.

"you fool. Sunlight does not work against us. Know you not, the legend of the day walkers?" At this, Dumbledore pailed. He didn't know that Harry and Hermione were day walkers. He did know about snape. Then it clicked.

"Snape!" Dumbledore roared.

"You, you, you! It! I! AAARRRGGGHHH!" The enraged headmaster flicked his wand again, causing three stakes to fly at the three vampires hearts. All three side stepped the stakes and Harry, with a casual wave of his hand, had disarmed Dumbledore. Dumbledore, realising his wand had been taken from him, screamed out in misery.

"NNNNOOOO! You fool! You've no idea what you've brought upon yourself! Idiot boy! That wand is cursed! Cursed never to remain in the hands of one owner! Fated to pass through history seeking power hungry wizards to destroy!"

"Just as well for me then isn't it? I do not desire power, yet, I have it. What you do not know mortal, is that because of this, the elder wand holds no sway over me, thus it's curse is broken. I! am the true master of death! I hold all three Deathly Hallos!" As Harry spoke this, power flooded his body and caused him to lift up off the ground. A voice, motherly yet firm, reverberated around the castle.

"Child of death, borne of light, touched by darkness, Master of grey! You are indeed master of death. Let it be known that no harm shall befall my child, lest the one responsible lose the gift of magic." At this, everyone save Dumbledore, felt alittle uneasy.

"Relax my children. You have not harmed my child. The one you call Albus Dumbledore, has, and will pay with his magic." At this, Dumbledore pailed and seemed to age as thin silver whisps escaped his body and was fed into the vortex of power holding Harry up. Watching this, was the former Ron Weasley. When he saw his meal ticket about to lose all his power, he charged at Harry, intent on killing him. Five feet in front of Harry however, Ron found himself immobilised and stripped of his wand.

"You, child, shall be dealt with also. My child will feast upon your blood claiming his place in your former family. A place you forfeited through acts of betrayal. Your place is now his." Ron could only stare in horror, as Harry and Hermione advanced on him.

"My daughter, you too shall feast upon this blood traitor. Your place in house Weasley will be assured. Come, children, drink of his blood so that you may be part of house Weasley. This has been written in the stars long before you were given life. Mourne for the loss of a boy whom you once called friend, grieve for his fall from grace. Cry, my children for his family's loss, yet, rejoice, for you have found your place in the world. At the end of this proclamation by the voice whom everyone now realised was magic herself, Harry and Hermione sunk their fangs into Ron's neck, and drained him of all his blood. Leaving the whithered husk of their former friend. Unfortunately, or fortunately for them, blood lust took over, and they drained Dumbledore also.

"Stop!" Snape's voice thundered. Harry and Hermione left the now deceased Head master and ran to their newly acquired parents, sobbing all the way. Their soul renching sobs tore from them as if with each cry a piece of their hearts had gone with it.

"I'm sorry my lord, but I needed to stop you lest you kill all here." Snape's voice was gentle and soothing as he helped the elder Weasleys comfort the young lord and his sister.

"Severus, it's because they've had to kill today. They need to come to terms with it. And they think we won't love them because of it. We don't like that it had to be done and by two children that before now were as good as our own, yet, they've had to do this thing and we still love them. Despite the fact they're vampires and need to feed on blood." Molly Weasley said, choking back tears of her own.

"And now?" Severus asked.

"Now, Magic herself has declared them our children. We will do everything within our power to help them through this." Arthur spoke quietly but firmly. At that proclamation, the group travelled by phoenix back to the burrow where the two young vampires were put to bed and tucked in by their parents. Molly Weasley kissed both their foreheads and whispered.

"Sleep, my babies, We'll do all in our power to help you through this. We love you." With that, Molly closed the door. Had she held it open a few seconds longer, she would have heard the two children reply.

"Love you mum."


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