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Chapter one

At the Nasty Burger...

Sam and Danny smiled as they shared a soy-shake. Normally, Danny wouldn't eat any vegetarian food, but for his girlfriend, Sam Manson, he could make an acceptation.

It has been a month since Danny asked Sam to go steady, and they were enjoying every moment. I never realized till Sandra attacked how much Sam meant to me, Danny thought. For the moment, their world was happy.

Danny, looking up, saw that Guys in White entering. Danny cringed as he saw them pull out scanners. Probably looking for me as Danny Phantom, Danny thought.

"Danny, don't worry. They don't know your secret, plus, their scanners can't pick you up anyway." Right when Sam said that, the Guys in White picked up Danny's ecto-signature. Danny gasped as the agents started to walk toward him.

"Sam, I suggest we get out of here."

"Danny, here's 10 cents. Transform and let's get out of here." Danny ran to the bathroom, transformed in the bathroom, and flew out. He then grabbed Sam and flew up amid the screams of the onlookers.

"Phantom is escaping." Agent 1 said.

"Get him!" They ran out and came upon Danny Fenton running away with Sam Manson.

"We've lost him! Again!" Agent 2 was exasperated at the loss.

At Fenton works...

Danny, Sam, and Tucker were discussing the incident at the Nasty Burger. Tucker, as usual, was adding his fair share of talk.

"Seriously, Danny, you need to be careful. If those Guys in White find out who you really are, they'll never leave you alone."

"Tuck, I know. It's been a week since I destroyed the Reality Gauntlet and I'm wondering if I should've done that. If ANYONE finds out my secret NOW, I'm dead!" Danny's concern was etched in his face.

"Danny, relax. The Guys in White will never find out your secret."

"I hope you're right, Sam. If they ever found out, I'd be safe nowhere. I'd be an international fugitive."

"Danny! Can you come down here?" Jack Fenton, Danny's father and a ghost hunter, was calling. Danny groaned as he went downstairs.

"Danny, I know you're excited about your girlfriend, but could you please remember your chores?"

"But Dad..."

"But nothing! You promised me you'd remember your chores."

"But Dad, between being a kid and dating, I can't seem to find the time."

"If you can't find the time, you'll be forbidden to date Sam."

"But Dad..."

"But nothing! End of discussion."

At the Manson's...

"Sam, I just don't see why you enjoy dating that Danny Fenton." Mr. Manson wasn't happy that his daughter was dating Fenton's son. Why couldn't she have chosen Tucker? At least he was normal.

"Dad, who I date, it is none of your business!"

"It is as long as you live under my roof!"

"What are you talking about?" Mrs. Manson walked into the room, confused.

Mr. Manson jumped up, walked to his wife, and whispered in her ear what was going on. Mrs. Manson gasped.

"Sam, I can't believe a Manson would have such poor taste!"

"Mom! Like I said to Dad, it's none of your of your business! I'm going to my room." Sam marched off to her room, infuriated. How dare they judge her!

At the Safe Hotel...

Agent One reviews data on Danny Phantom. Agent Two looks at his DNA. Both see something strange.

"Hmmm... according to my research and the data from that ghost suit, Sam Manson and Tucker Foley are clearly friends with the ghost boy."

"What about Danny Fenton?"

"Oddly enough, he has never been seen with the ghost boy. For some reason, he disappears."

"Not to mention the fact that when Danny Fenton appears, Danny Phantom disappears." Suddenly, the DNA scanner blinked, indicating an abnormality in Phantom's DNA

At the movies...

Danny and Sam are watching a movie together, without Tucker. Danny wraps Sam in one arm while she leans into him. They are such a cute couple.

Suddenly, Danny's ghost sense goes off. He looks around but sees no ghost. Then his eye catches a glimpse of a green-skinned, Goth girl with black hair and glowing, red eyes.

"Do what you've got to do, Danny." Sam whispered this, as they were still in a theater.

Running off to the bathroom, Danny transformed into Danny Phantom, a teen hero in a black and white suit with a DP symbol on the front. Flying into the theater, he knocked the ghost into a different room.

"Who are you?" Danny's curiosity prompted him to ask.

"I am Nightmare, Mistress of your worst fears. Watch." Out of nowhere, spiders appeared.

"Ahhh!" Danny had never cared for spiders. Remembering a mind trick his sister Jazz had taught him, he pretended they were all chocolate.

"Why are my powers not affecting you? They affect everyone!" Angry, she grabbed Danny's suit and blasted him with a red, ectoplasmic energy beam. Danny flew back into the wall, and Nightmare escaped. Sighing, Danny Phantom walked into the bathroom, transformed, and walked out as Danny Fenton.