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Chapter 5

What is this place? I've never seen this castle before, Danny thought.

"You've never sought me out, till now." An evil cackle echoed in the wind. "What do you want, Danny Phantom?"

"Please, undo my nightmare! Change reality so no one remembers my secret, please!"

"What makes you think I'll help you?" Nightmare knew she'd never help Danny Phantom, not for anything.

"I have a note from Clockwork." Nightmare grabbed the note and read it. The note read: If you don't grant Danny his request, I'll strip you of your power. Signed, Clockwork. Nightmare sighed; looks like I'm granting his request.

"Fine, I'll do it. I'll replace your DNA with a real ghost's DNA. That way, they'll think you're all ghost." Sighing, Nightmare grabbed her scepter and flew to a mirror-like portal. Her scepter reminded Danny of Freakshow's staff, except the energy was purple.

In the mirror, Danny saw the Guys in White analyzing DNA, namely, his DNA. Using her scepter, she froze the scene, flew into the mirror, and replaced Danny's DNA with Technus' DNA. Danny sighed in relief.

"There, now your secret is secure. No one except your friends and sister will know." Danny flew off, yelling his thanks.

At the Nasty Burger...

"Dude, are you sure you're okay? Cause I can tell you, that never happened." Tucker was worried about his friend's sanity.

"Tuck, that's my point. Nightmare changed reality so that none of it happened."

"Don't worry, Danny. I believe you, even if Tucker doesn't." Tucker gave Sam a pointed look.

"Thanks, Sam."

In Nightmare's castle...

"Be happy while you can, ghost boy. I shall have my revenge!" Nightmare cackled an evil laugh.