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Hearts Beating As One

Chapter 1: Feeling Heart

"Are you sure you do not need me to pick you up?" A boyish voice spoke into the mobile phone he was holding.

"I'll be absolutely fine Kira!" A female voice spoke. "And I'm not sure when I want to reach there too! I may want to go somewhere else! So there's no need for you to come and pick me up. I'll contact you when I reach PLANTs!"

"All right Cagalli, be sure to contact me!" Kira added worriedly.

"You're such a worrywart Kira!" Cagalli said. "I wonder how Lacus can put up with you!" she teased.

"Call me anything you want, but you're my only sister you know!" Kira replied. "And we haven't met in such a long time…"

"Thanks for caring Kira." Cagalli said quietly. "I miss you too…"

Silence prevailed between the twins. They truly cared for each other.

"All right then Kira!" Cagalli broke the silence. "I'll call you when I get there! Bye!"

"Bye Cagalli!" Kira said then hung up.

"Who was that?" A female voice called out.

"It was Cagalli." Kira answered.

"Cagalli-san? She's coming to PLANTs right? When is she arriving?" Lacus asked as she went and took a seat beside Kira, her long pink hair flowing gently as she did.

"She's unsure. She might want to go to some other places before coming here." Kira replied.

"How is she? I haven't seen her in a long time!" Lacus enquired.

"She sounds very bubbly and hyper, like how she used to be." Kira said, then gave a sigh.

"Isn't that good Kira?" Lacus asked.

"I wonder…if she had really got over that…" Kira turned his eyes to the ceiling and stared at it sadly.

"Kira! I have arrived at the airport! Are you guys here?" A man spoke into his mobile phone. He had midnight-blue hair and emerald eyes. He was very good-looking with a distinguished aura around him. This might explain why he caught the eyes of many women in the airport.

"Yes, Lacus and Meyrin are here too! Where are you?" Kira asked.

"I'll probably be out in another few minutes or so. I'll go find all of you." Athrun said. With that, he ended the call. He rolled his luggage as he walked towards the arrival gates.

"Cagalli, don't you at least want to call your brother?"

"There's no need Shinn. I can call him later." Cagalli answered her raven-haired, ruby-eyed friend. "I would like to explore PLANTs a little before I contact him." Then she said in a much softer voice. "I want to see how much it has changed."

"Cagalli…" Shinn got out.

"Come on Shinn! Hurry up! You're just like an old grandmother!" Cagalli complained. "I want to see the place before Kira finds me! He will have a fit if I did not call him immediately after arriving here!"

"That's why I told you to call him first!" Shinn slapped his forehead. He looked up and realised Cagalli had gone. "Hey wait up!" He called out and caught up with her.

"Man, there are so many people at the airport today!" Athrun thought as he tried to find his friends in the crowd. He walked along.

"We are staying at a nice place right?" Cagalli asked Shinn. "I can't wait to…" Cagalli began chatting happily with Shinn as they walked along.

"Where is Kira?" Athrun thought aloud. He pulled his luggage along.

"And then!" A blonde-haired girl was speaking to her black-haired counterpart. Athrun did not notice them, but just walked past them.

Suddenly Athrun's heart began to beat really fast. "Why is my heart beating so fast?" he thought. He turned around, but could find no one in particular.

"Did someone make my heart beat so fast?" Athrun thought, still searching for the person.

"Athrun!" A voice called out from behind him. Before he knew it, he was engulfed in a hug.

"Athrun! I missed you so much!" a red-haired girl clung on to Athrun.

"Meyrin! People are watching!" Athrun tried to get the happy girl away from him, embarrassed.

"How's your trip Athrun?"

"It was fine Kira." Athrun smiled before turning back.

"Are you looking for someone?" Lacus asked.

"Huh? Err…no… Let's go!" Athrun smiled at them and picked up his luggage.

"Let's go!" Meyrin clung on to Athrun's arm as Kira and Lacus walked in front, chatting to him.

"Athrun, let's go home immediately! Aunt misses you!" Meyrin said.

"She has even cooked your favourite dishes!" Lacus said from the front seat. "You must be home!"

"Is that right?" Athrun smiled. "I'm so glad to be home!" He then laid his head back, seeing the scenery flash pass him.

"What was that feeling just now?" he thought as he put a hand across his left chest.

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