Shorter Than Life


Disclaimer: I do not own this book.

A poem about how Ethan feels after him and Matt are no longer friends because Rochelle "fell in love" with Matt.
The sun is shining down,

Like it did last year,

The flowers have bloomed,

And so have you,

You're not the person,

That I thought you'd be,

You've changed secretly,

Leaving me alone,

Saying you don't have time,

How's your new girlfriend?

Heard she was real fine,

I know you don't remember,

How you were my friend,

I never thought our friendship would end,

Because you fell in love,

I always heard,

That the grass is greener on the other side,

But how do I jump a fence,

You won't let me cross?

So, I'm gonna lie here and take it,
And understand,

That life is short,

And so are friends...

The End

I know it was really bad, but I thought I would give it a please!