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The persuit of shiney things





Kyllex of Darkness


THE voice

"..." victim

(...) author's note


Hiromi was walking down the sidewalk, when suddenly….Lili came storming out of a building that was nearby.

"Hey, Lili!" Hiromi tried calling to her, but she seemed so upset and furious.

Hiromi, gaining a sudden Curious George-like behavior, wanted to see what had made Lili so upset. So, he went into the building.

When he got inside, it was all dark except a chair in, what appeared to be, the center of the room with a spotlight shining down on it. Hiromi get made a guess to go sit down in it. And so he did.

Know your stars, know your stars, know your stars

"What the-?! Who's there?" Hiromi said, nearly falling off the chair.

Hiromi Oikawa…is the dumbest person in school…

Hiromi bolted out of the chair he'd just regained his balance on.

He had a HUUUUUUUGE vein pulsing on his forehead.

"HOW DARE YOU?! I'LL HAVE YOU KNOW THAT MY G.P.A. (a/n: grade point average for those who DON'T know) IS THE HIGHEST OUT OF EVERYONE'S IN MY SCHOOL!"

Mmmm hmmm…well that's not what your report card says…

"My report card?"

Yup…this here piece of paper CLEARLY says that you 'need to focus in class', 'need better study habits', and 'need to stop turning in homework twenty days late'. And you have F's in all classes…


Oh yeah…prove it…

Hiromi opened his backpack/suitcase and got out a slip of paper.

"This is my report card!"

Hiromi Oikawa…likes to read Icha-Icha Paradise when no one's looking…

At that moment, Jiraiya, Kakashi, and other guys who liked Icha-Icha Paradise came in the dark room.

"Welcome, brother, to the Icha-Icha Fan Club." Kakashi stated.

"We salute you, brother." The other fan guys saluted him and left. Jiraiya and Kakashi left after them.

"Ummm…Okaaaaay…" Hiromi just sweatdropped.

Moving right along. Hiromi Oikawa…Hates Lili…

"NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! NO! NO! NO! NO! That is NOT true!!!" Hiromi was just two seconds from killing 'the voice'. He was so red from anger, he looked like he was about to explode.

Anyways…Hiromi Oikawa…

"THAT'S IT!" Hiromi got up from the seat and, somehow, ran in the correct direction of 'the voice'. 'The voice' screamed, got up out of her seat, and ran like a madwoman towards the door.


"NO THEY DON'T!!" Hiromi yelled as he ran faster.


'The voice' made it out the door but Hiromi was still chasing her.

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