The two man tent

"Why can't we just sleep in the car?" Sam's lower lip stuck out in defiance.

"Sammy, would you just shut up? I know it's cold out here, but we have to sleep in the tent" pleaded Dean in a hushed voice. "Do you want to make Dad mad?"

"I wanna sleep in the car where it's warm." This time, Sam's voice was soft, pleading.

"Sammy, the car is only warm because the heater is on." reasoned Dean. "We can't have the car on all night."

"Why not?" asked Sam.

Rolling his eyes, Dean said: "Because if we leave the car running all night we'll run out of gas, and the money that's going to pay for your new clothes for school next month will have to go into the car. Not you."

That shut Sam up.

Thankfully Dean had already gotten the tent up and the fire started, and John had not yet finished patrolling the perimeter. As Dean poured the cold contents of the Spaghetti-O's can into the pot on the fire, Sam started again.

"Why do we have to eat that? I hate 'Gheti-O's."

"Because we need to save money for other things, like gas and Sammy-clothes."

"What about toys?" Sam looked away, knowing that this was a sore subject for Dean.

"Toy's wont help us find the thing that hurt Mom." Deans voice was empty and void of any emotion, lacking the urgency that their father had when he said the same thing.

Sam let the subject drop and stared at the pot cooking on the fire. The pot was boiling and soon he would be able to fill his empty tummy.

John returned from his security check to find both his boys scarfing down their bowls of whatever Dean picked for the night. He guessed it was Spaghetti-O's since they were Dean's favorite.

Dinner was soon finished, John grimacing at the taste of his poor imitation of Italian food that remained on his tongue. "You boy's wash your hands and brush your teeth, we have to be out of here by 5am, before the park ranger comes and makes us pay for tonight."

Dean and Sam did as they were told and crawled into their two-man tent, falling asleep before their heads hit their pillow.

John stayed up a few more minutes wondering when they were going to have to get another tent after he and his son's would no longer fit in this one, and when Sammy and Dean would be too big to share a sleeping bag. The later would come sooner he supposed.

John checked the perimeter of salt before entering, careful not to disturb it. He quickly reached for his camera at the sight of his two boys crammed into their bright yellow sleeping bag, Dean wrapped so completely around Sammy that the only way he knew Sam was in there was the messy brown hair under Dean's chin.