Sitting at a table at the very edge of the ballroom, Jennifer nursed a Shirley Temple while watching the dancers twirling and swaying with the music. Their parents and Quinn were all out there, having fun. It was only Jennifer and Daria sitting out. Daria had said she didn't like dancing, and Jennifer just didn't feel like it.

Turning back to the table she noticed Daria watching her with a trace of a smile. Leaning towards the other girl, Jennifer gave out a small laugh. "Makes me almost wish I could dance," Jennifer admitted with a nod towards Jake and Helen looking lost in each other's eyes. It was something she wished for, but it was more that she wanted to be holding Daria in her arms.

"Makes me think about a herd of ponies running across the hills," Daria commented dryly, making Jennifer giggle softly.

"I suppose it does at that Daria..." Jennifer answered after finishing her laughing spell. It wasn't perfect but this was nice, just spending time with the real Daria. Maybe being friends with Daria wouldn't be that hard, not if Daria's wit held out.

Turning to look at Quinn dancing with a slender, young man Jennifer couldn't help but notice how girly he looked. Her thoughts were interrupted by Daria's voice softly whispering, "I'm waiting to tell Quinn that she spent most of the night dancing with a girl. I think when we get back to the rooms will be fine."

Jennifer's eyes widened as she fought back laughter, he did look rather feminine, but she wouldn't call him a girl. Would she? Turning back to the table she noticed Daria had moved her chair closer to her, making it easier for them to talk under the music. "It's not that bad, Jane was pretty good at dancing from what I remember."

"Still is, she helped teach me for my cousin's wedding so I wouldn't completely embarrass myself," Daria answered. That one sentence caused Jennifer to blush deeply as she thought of Daria and Jane dancing around Jane's perpetually messy room, Daria in a flowing gown, Jane in a tuxedo. The amazing thought was interrupted by Daria's voice speaking again, "Though at the time she tried to get me to ask her brother. I've seen him dance, and I'd rather keep my toes."

Jennifer let out a small laugh, relieving some of the tension she had felt building inside. This was going wonderfully, almost like a real date with Daria. Closing her eyes, she quietly took a drink from her Shirley Temple before noticing the parents coming over. "I think it's time to go."

Sure enough, five minutes later found the three teens in the suite while the parents went out for some drinks. Jennifer smiled as she let her feet slide out on the floor, sitting her down in front of the door in her room. It had been a wonderful night, and she could almost swear she was falling more in love with Daria. She had to tell someone about what had happened so far, looking up she saw her phone sitting on her nightstand. Rushing over from the floor she scooped up the phone and started dialing Andrea's number. There was so much to tell her, and so little time.

Little did she know, in the next room, Daria was having an internal debate. On one hand it was fun hanging out with Jennifer and making her laugh, almost as natural as being with Jane. However, the blushing, the daydreaming, and the knowledge both of those could be traced back to her was odd. It was driving her nuts trying to figure out if she liked Jennifer as a friend or as possibly more, especially when she didn't even know if Jennifer still wanted to be friend.

If this wasn't such a personal matter, she would have asked Jane for advice. Even if it wasn't, it was still Daria's mess to clean up, and she didn't shove jobs like this onto others. First, there was a tiny matter to attend to. Walking over to Quinn's room she knocked and entered with a slight smirk on her face.

Five seconds later Quinn's voice was heard throughout the spa. "EWWW! THAT WAS A GIRL?! BUT HE WAS HOT!"