Me: Waaa! I feel so bad!

Kiba: What's wrong with her?

Kayla: She gets like this sometimes...

Me: I should never have posted this story! It's so bad! It's crappy and boring and useless and no one likes it!

Hinata: It's not like you got flamed Heather-san

Kiba: It's not crappy at all! Is she really crying?

Kayla: Oh yeah! We came to the computer, and the next thing I know, she's flat out sobbing all over the keyboard.

Me: Waaaaaaa!

Kiba: Make her shut it! She's hurting my ears!

Me: Waaaaaa! I'm such a disgrace! I shamed myself as a writer! I should go jump off a cliff!

Kayla: Now, aren't you getting a bit overdramatic? It's not that bad. I don't know why you're like this all of a sudden.

Coke: Hey guys!

Kiba: Whoa, where'd you come from?

Coke: The front door. Duh!

Me: Kayla! See? I told you it wasn't ready! I told you!

Kayla: Yes, yes, you're right. I wouldn't have made you if I knew you were going to be like this.

Coke: You made her?

Hinata:Yes, she held her hamster hostage.

Coke: So how are you typing all this now if she's crying?

Kayla: I left her bawling on the desk, and dragged the keyboard and computer to the far corner.

Coke: Cool. So why don't you just delete the story Heather?

Me: -sob- I'm too lazy!

Kiba: ...Unbelievable...

Kayla: No, she made this promise that once she posts a story, she never deletes it, no matter how much she wants to.

Me: The heck with the promise! -tries to grab computer from Kayla-

Kayla: Eeeeeek! Help me! Don't let her delete it until we make her see common sense!

-Kiba and Coke rush over to help-

Hinata: Er...-crashing in the background- it may take a while to calm Heather-san down. So, no new chapters for a bit now. Goodbye everyone.