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Summary: One mission gone wrong leads to an encounter with Sasuke and Sakura's life is thrown for a spin. Like the guy hadn't already messed up her life enough.




I am going to die never kissed, at the age of 19, thought Haruno Sakura as she lay on the wet, soggy grass, the forest canopy shading her, somewhat, from the pouring rain. She was soaked to the bone, in blood and rain. The mission she and three others were on was simple.

Spy on some S-class criminals…key word being SPY. Gather information and have Shino place one of his bugs on them, then leave. Let the bug do the hard work of staying on the bad guys and report back to Shino.

It sounded simple enough.

Of course with her rotten luck, nothing went according to plan. She was sure Shino got a bug on them.

Oh he had better! Raged inner Sakura. She was NOT going to die with a totally failed mission.

Over her dead body!

Oh she was going to kill Lee. She was going to hang him by his balls and use him during target practice! She was going to then drown him until he was near death, heal him, then repeat the process. Stupid chivalrous man! Did he forget that she was a ninja?

Did he not know what the hell UNDERCOVER meant?

WHO in there right mind would not be suspicious if an old man started doing kick ass ninja moves on a drunk pervert?


The Spandex loving, Gai worshipping, green beast! She was going to murder him, no kill Gai first, in front of him, THEN kill Lee!

Sakura closed her eyes and opened her senses, doing both at the same time took to much energy, which she was low on at the moment.

They were in a quiet village near the mist country, that was where the tracking had lead them. Sakura , Shino, Lee and Hinata were undercover, their jounin attire hidden beneath peasant robes. Sakura had even tied a scarf to cover her unique rosette hued hair.

She was carrying a wicker basket going about town with her, "old senile father" Rock Lee. Simply inquiring the people, she was a supposedly traveling to a near by village to visit her "fathers" ailing sister. When they had finally gotten a lead of a few "vicious looking men" who were now drinking in a near by bar.

Sakura had quickly informed Hinata and Shino and promptly helped her hobbling father to their desired location.

She had to admit, Lee could act, he had hobbled and stuttered all through out the market place like a perfect 70 year old man. Shaking his cane at the young men who flirted with his pretty daughter.

The "few" men ended up being seven beefy, tattooed, sharp painful looking weapons tied about their person, dirty, loud Godzilla's! Sakura had murmured into her communication device to Shino and Hinata as she and Lee took a seat good distance from the Godzilla's.

She ordered tea and rice balls, simple cheap fare. As she studied the men with sharp eyes. Their leader seemed to be the blue haired …man? Were they humans, she had to wonder.

He had a demonic look about him. But since …. "Hello their pretty lady!"

Did some man just grab her breast in greeting?

Inner Sakura's eyebrow started ticking

Sakura was so absorbed in taking in the enemy leader she didn't notice one of is lackey's come up behind her. He wasn't as big as the head Godzilla. He was a mini Godzilla, still she should have noticed him stumbling towards her!

"EEEEKKK!" She jumped up from her seat knocking her chair over. Playing the part of an enraged peasant girl wasn't so hard. Now normally she would have punched the guy through he roof with her, as Naruto put it 'freakish', strength.

But she was undercover! Quickly composing her act Sakura spoke up.

"P-please I…" She stuttered

"L-leave my d-daughter alone you hoodlum!" Said Lee as he waved his stick in front of mini Godzillia, he hobbled his way to stand in front of his "daughter."

Crouched over Lee, was still taller then mini Godzilla at 5"11, Sakura tried not to laugh.

The commotion had turned every head in the room except for, except for head Godzilla's.

Mini Godzilla laughed and cracked his knuckles.

"Move aside old man," he promptly shoved Lee aside, sending him crashing into the table, making food fly and the table cracking neatly in half.

Sakura winched. Ouch.

"I'm only interested in your little girl. Were going to have some fun aren't we?" He leered down as Sakura, licking his lips.

Who had the urge to retch because Mini Godzilla needed, not a tick or tack, but the WHOLE DAMN PACK!

With a sigh, "now sir, I don't want to cause trouble, my father and I will be on our way." Sakura stated calmly and turned to help poor Lee up.

Mini Godzillla grabbed her breast again.

Now she was getting annoyed.

"Please sir, take your hand off my person!" Her face had turned red, in rage. The other Godzilla's began to cheer for Mini Godzilla.

Oh YOU bastard I'm going to rip you up and feed you to the pigs! Inner Sakura raged.

"NO I'd rather not" he Persisted by stepping up and placing another hand on her derrière. Mini Godzilla was about 5"6 but big and, to slender Sakura at 5"3 he was Mini Godzilla.

Sakura's eye brow twitched once, twice, thrice.

"I will not ask again sir take your hands off me at once!" She said under her breath.

"Ohh what will do if I don't little lady?"

He squeezed her ass.

And in the next second went flying through the wall and into the road.

Clouds rumbled as they gathered, the sunny sky darkened.

Lightning cracked.

Rain poured in sheets.

Shino looked down at the figure at his feet, then through the whole, and into the bar where Lee stood in all his green suit glory next to Sakura.

"Oh no." Hinata murmured.

Oh no indeed, thought Shino, their cover was blown.

Sakura sweat dropped.

Great there goes the cover. Did he have take off the robe? She looked from underneath her lashes around the room. The Godzilla's stood up.

"I will not let Sakura-san be manhandled! I Rock Lee a great Shinobi of Konoha shall protect her honor!"

Sakura double sweat dropped.

Another crack of lightning.

Was that a battle cry Sakura heard?

And then all hell broke loose.

To say the least Mini Goddzilla wasn't about to wake up any time soon, thank kami-sama for little graces thought Sakura.

He was already drunk and the punch that Lee dealt seemed to have knocked him out.

She had signaled her team to take the fighting into the forest AWAY from civilians.

Where they promptly got their ass kicked.

Again and Again.

Sakura had long since taken off her disguise to revel her signature black spandex shorts. And revision of her old red dress. It was black with blood red lining, Instead of red with white lining. Her hair the same short length, maybe a inch or two longer.

Lucky Sakura, got head Godzilla tailing her.

Why couldn't he follow Lee?

Then again Lee, last time she saw was fighting one to twp. One Godzilla better then to two right?

Sakura didn't think so after two hours of non stop fighting. She was at her limit, chakra depleted, bloodied bruised and, who knew what else. In the end when she couldn't throw another punch, she ran.

Of course being the good boy head Godzilla he was, he pursued.

Relentless bastard.

Hence her current state of collapsing on the forest floor. Her com link long since lost, her pack that was concealed under the peasant robes, strangely still on her shoulder.

"Lee you ass! I am going to kill you." She whispered trying to get back up. It seemed that she had lost Head Godzilla for now. She leaned her arm on the large tree.

"Come out and play little knouchi! I know your here!"

Okay so maybe I didn't loose the little fucker. Sakura stumbled forward trying not to make too much noise. The rain still poured, she stumbled on careless of the branches and bushes scratching her.

She had to get away.

"I'll be nice! I'm sure you'll like my hands on you better then Ryuichi. I'll take it nice and slow."

"Eww you sick fucker." Sakura mumbled as she stumbled and swayed some more.

Oh no, was she seeing doubles? She was going to be unconscious soon. And head Godzilla's voice was getting louder.

Which means,"…he's getting closer."

She pushed aside some bushes and came upon a rushing river.

Now which is of the lesser evil? Drowning or getting raped and cut to pieces?


"Water it is." Sakura grabbed a small piece of log near the bank and holding it with all her might. With a few parting words.

"SEE you in hell BITCH!"

And she jumped, screaming as the cold water hit her many cuts and bruises, then Sakura felt no more.

Her last thought was… Lee you are a dead man I curse you to hell for making me die a virgin.

10 Minutes down the river


Sasuke heard the bells, he had tied to the fishing rod ring which, signaled to him that a fish had taken bait.
Sasuke stopped his training and ran over to the bank of the river.

"Must be a big catch." He muttered.
And indeed it was.

Is that a human?

He caught a glimpse of pink hair and jumped into the river. With three powerful strokes he wrapped his arm around the slim waist. He used his other hand to pry her hands off the death grip she had on the log, which had kept her from drowning.

Sasuke didn't bother watching the log make its way off the waterfall. He grabbed the female, unhooked the fishing line which caught her pack and swam for shore.

Once he deposited his burden on the ground he finally got a look at her.

"Fuck." were the first word out his mouth as he looked at a blueing Sakura. He quickly checked her pulse, finding a very slow one, he made up his mind and ran off with her into the forest


Sasuke watched Sakura dose while she mumbled, a frown plastered on his face as he intently watch her chest rise and fall.

She was alive.

He would leave as soon as she woke up.

He had already treated all that he could, except for the fractured ribs. The ankle would bother her, he didn't know how to heal sprained ankles. Her fever was slowly going down. Thanks to the many medical supplies he had found in her pack which had come in great use for her fever and cuts.

Sasuke wondered why she carried so much medical supplies. She never did before.

The white cloth on her forehead had to be changed every few minutes. Her forehead wasn't as wide as it used to be he noticed.

He was jarred out of his thoughts, when Sakura started mumbling. Sasuke stood up ready to leave when he stopped dead in her tracks.

"Lee… y-you son… of a b-bitch, I'm g-going to… m-m-murder you! Then I'm going to make out with Sai in front of your face…and break your heart to bits…y-yeah and I'm going to enjoy ripping your, youth ranting, sunshine loving heart into little bits of c-confetti…"

Sasuke remembered Sai from a few years ago. Is she going out with him? Of course it was non of his concern. Sakura continued her slumbering rant.

Uchiha Sasuke was irritated.

"..Then I'm going to pluck your fuzzy eyebrows shred your suit and shove it so high up your ass…" Sasuke raised an eyebrow. Was Sakura always this violent and vulgar? He unconsciously sat back down on the chair.

Sakura could be quite entertaining when she put her mind to it.



This continued for a total of two nights. Until her fever broke and she woke up on the third night.

By that time, she had graphically detailed how she was going to murder Lee in 50 different ways. Some were very creative. Especially the one where, she would tie him up to a bed and make him watch porn and show him how "spring time youth really worked!" Then get him a stripper and let her have he way with him. He would die from holding in his orgasm.

She thought Kakashi was a complete and utter pervert but still hero worshipped him. She thought Genma, Neji and Sai were hot. Along with a few other names he didn't bother to remember. There he had to grit his teeth. How many men could one women admire?

He had to bare with how she wanted to replace Genma's senbon with her tongue. And it went on. He didn't know that Jirya peeked when Tsundae-sama changed and that she let him. They were both asking for it and Sakura was going to lock them into a sealed room very soon. As soon as she surpassed Tsunade that is.

And it went on, there were times when Sasuke had to laugh, it was short but still a laugh. And it was odd since he hadn't done so since he had left Konoha. Whoever thought that an all powerful Sennin would be a class A pervert that wrote Kakashi Sensai's Icha-Icha Paradise novels?


Sakura felt like heard bulls had stomped all over her, once they were done she ached from head to two. Her throat was dry, her head fuzzy, her eye lids heavy. She took deep breaths and recalled what had happened to her. Her eyes shot open.

I'm a alive!

And in pain.

Second thing she noticed was that she was not alone in the room. Since the moon was covered by clouds providing the only light into the room, she couldn't see his face very well, he was a bit fuzzy. Her savior she guessed he was. He had black hair she was certain of that. He was seated on the chair to her right. His face shrouded by his inky black hair, he sat hunched with his elbows clasped together resting on his knees, the rest of is face covered by his hands. He was quiet, and let his steady onyx eyes bore into hers

It was the moron.

"Sai…water." She croaked her throat parched. Sasuke tensed his lips forming a grim line.

She closed her eyes again, confident she would be getting water any time now. When a few seconds ticked by. She grew impatient. Sai could be such an asshole sometimes.

"Trash." She whispered trying to egg him on.


'In the Ninja world those who don't follow the rules are called trash, But you know those who don't take care of their friends are worse than trash.'

Kakashi's words rang in Sasuke's head like a gong.

Sakura felt her self gently being raised and supported from the back as a canteen was brought to her lips. She sighed and rested her weight on the strong chest and drank. She didn't know Sai could be capable of such gentleness.

She inhaled deeply and froze.

Sai did NOT smell like this and she had been held by Sai before it did not feel like this. With Sai and Naruto she felt comfortable and relaxed.

The person holding her now was dangerous. She could instinctively tell he was trouble.

The sensitive hair at the nape of her neck stood up, she developed goose bumps on her arms. She felt her blood rush to her ears. She tensed and whispered harshly. Knowing only one person could make her body react her like this.

"You!" She couldn't believe she didn't recognize his unique chakra. Dangerously strong, potent, and addictive. It pulled a person in. Sakura twisted out of his grasp and swore, as the sudden movement sent spasms of pain through her body. Water came out of her eyes.

Shit that hurt!

Sasuke firmly pushed her back onto the sleeping bag. And got up.

Sakura watched as the Uchiha made his way to the door without a backwards glance or word.

What did you think he was going to do? Beg you to take him back home? Well no! But he could at least say something.

As angry as she was at him for everything he had done, for all the pain he had put her and Naruto through. She couldn't just let him leave with out giving him a piece of her mind.

"Your worse then trash Uchiha." Sasuke continued to walk his steps never faltering. The venom in her voice felt like it was puncturing him, strange that it affected him so. Then again she always was capable of enticing reactions from him.

"You're a cowered. A beast!" He put his hands on the door knob. Sakura raised her voice she was panicking inside, he was leaving her again.

"I HATE the sight of you! It revolts me. I hope Itachi ends your miserable life!"

Sasuke stopped.

Maybe she went a little to far mentioning his brother. But hell she was pissed and hurt

That's right turn around walk towards me, get mad, any reaction is better then none.

Are you sure about that? a small voice asked inside Sakura, which was quickly over powered my inner Sakura.

Sasuke had this coming.


His voice cold though hinted at anger while his fist's clenched. "You have no idea. So I suggest you keep to your self."

"Oh please your not the only one with a sob story." Sakura scoffed rolling her eyes. She knew it was low, but it got him to take another two steps toward her.

Now this is where you want to be careful. But Sakura threw caution to the four winds with her next remark.

"Your weak, a weak run away."

That did it, he stormed over to her and crouched down low until they were at eye level, Sakura sat up.

He's going to kill me! Just look at those eyes they have murder engraved in them.

The young konouchi stared into his bottomless dark eyes. Feeling her self being pulled into a dark void. The tension between them rose. Their breath mingled, eyes locked daring the other to turn away.

Lightning lit up the room for a brief second and what Sakura saw was a sight for sore eyes.

Her heart ached at the familiar yet unknown face in front of her.

The sound of fat raindrops upon the roof of the small cabin, drowned her racing heart.

Sakura leaned in an inch.

As did he. Her eyes searching his for a flicker of life. A hint of care. A dash of hope?

Sasuke felt an odd pull as though he wasn't in control of himself. Her scent was surrounding him. It was light clear and fresh it was …drawing him in.

He held her gaze steady , their lips a scant breath away. Her eyes half closed, he bent his head down lips barely grazing …thunder roared and both ninjas sprang away from each other. As though burned.

"Kuso!" her ribs needed to be fixed soon, the sudden movement had hurt like a bitch. When she looked up, Sasuke was already across the room looking out the window running his hand through his hair in agitation.

Sakura took this time to look around her. The cabin was sparse. There was a fire place behind her, the fire had died. A table at one corner of the room, her bag sitting next to her with bandages neatly folded next to it along with other medical supplies. That's when Sakura took noticed of all the bandages covering her person.

A soft smile touched her lips. So the ice block had tended to her. Sakura was brought back from her thoughts by Sasuke's movements, he brought a bowl with what looked like soup in it in front of her.

"Eat." he stated as he pushed the bowl into her hands.

She ate. He sat back down on his chair watching her.

He couldn't seem to take his eyes off the kunochi. Her hair framed her face to perfection. Her lips more full, she was beautiful, he wasn't blind. Her eyes…those eyes that could call him out of his curse seal induced madness…the only eyes that could hold the beast back.

And what had I almost done a few moments ago?

It's purely hormones.

He would never admit it. But Sasuke had missed Sakura and Naruto. Their was no one friendly or caring where he was. No relaxed atmosphere no fun.

His world of innocence had come to a stop when his brother had murdered his clan. His heart had frozen over when he declared him self an avenger. His childhood had died when he had left Konoha.

His life was now…dark. That was the best way to describe it. There was no color no light. Everything was dark. She was the only light. From her shining soft pink hair to her luminous sea foam eyes. The first colors he had seen in a long while.

Did he have feelings for his old team mate? He honestly didn't know.
Did he fid her attractive?


He was a twenty-year old male after all. And she now suddenly confused him. He expected her to beg, cry and say how much she loved him. She was a constant. WAS being the key word.

Sakura raised her spoon to her lips and he had the urge to take the place of the spoon. How would her lips feel?

What am I thinking? Hormones, everyone had them, that was all. It still didn't stop him from staring at her.

"Uchiha, it's rude to stare." Her voice controlled holding no warmth or aching with emotion.

What happened to her?
And why did she keep calling him by his last name?
He sarcastically decided to ask her. "What happened to Sasuke-kun?"

"He's dead."

His eyes widened. If Naruto was their he knew the blonde would say something like

"Ne Sakura-chan the teme's right there!" However, if Sakura was so...cold with him he wondered if he would receive the same treatment from the dobe as well?

Well it's for the best, our paths are different. It's better this way. Although he would be lying to him self if he didn't admit that it didn't bother him. Just a bit, not too much.

She was right, a part of him was dead. Only the vengeful power hungry bastard was left.

Sasuke also realized something else.

Sakura had given up on him. He let a bitter laugh escape him.
Now he truly was alone. His light had left him. His number one fan.

Sakura looked up. "Thank you." she put the bowl aside and lay back down. She had to rest if she wanted to heal her self.

"Why haven't you left already?" Her question caught him off guard.
"Your annoying."

He didn't expect her sarcastic acid filled reply. "And Orochimaru decided to join the monks, and plant every tree ever uprooted. While donating orphan's instead of using them." That answer got a raised eyebrow.

"You talk too much." His eyes held no amusement.
"What are you doing?" Her sudden question startled him for a moment.
"Seeking power to avenge my clan." He didn't elaborate. Sakura nodded her head She looked thoughtful for a moment.

"Itachi obtained power on his own through his own abilities. He learned everything he could from Konoha. I heard he was an ANBU at 13?" She received no reply only a harsh glare.

What is she getting at?

The murderous look didn't faze her. She didn't care, she continued, she was on a role here.

"Amazing really, well he is a genius after all. He knew he could take on all the clan, they were no competition. He did it all with his OWN strength and skills, not by swallowing some pill." She ended laughing as if mocking him.

Sasuke clenched his fist anger boiling up in him.
How did she know about that?

"You on the other hand couldn't even take Naruto and when he was a mere genin at age 12." She even tsked and shook her head back and forth.
A tick was developing in his eyes.

"Do you know why?" When he didn't responded she bulldozed right on. Her voice increasing as her rant continued.

"Your weak that's why. Weak, rash, selfish and stupid. Your only going to end up killed at this rate. How the fuck are you going to restore your clan if your dead? And Konoha won't accept you with open arms. That is where Uchiha started its reputation. If the clan isn't respected and horned in Konoha it won't be anywhere else, no one else will give a damn to a ruined clan name. It's going to die with you!"

"SHUT UP!" He whirled around on her, pinning her back down to her sleeping bag. His eyes red the three black comas swirling madly. His seal could hardly contain the curse.

The sea green eyes continued to look into his very soul. His power had grown it was evident by the increased number of black comas.

"I never want to hear those kinds of words out you ever again! You know NOTHING! About me or my clan!" After his passionate essay she merely rolled her eyes and yawned delicately.

Sakura settled down and pulled the blanket up to her chin and turned her face away, closing her eyes. Sakura knew if he continued to look at her like that she would break. She had seen him mad…at others, but never this much at her.

He scared her.




To be continued…..

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