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Chapter 20: Where we meet the baby



"She's beautiful."

Sakura held back a yawn as she answered. "Hmm.. I know, she's lucky not to have my forehead."

"Your forehead is fine." Sakura laughed softly, and relaxed against the raised bed. Sasuke sat beside her holding their daughter, safe in his arms. He was unwilling to let Sakura hold the baby for too long, claiming he wanted her to rest.
Sakura of course knew he just wanted to hold their child.

At first when the doctor had given the baby to him, Sasuke had frozen in shock for a full minute. But like everything else in life, Sasuke had mastered how to hold the child effortlessly.
Sasuke felt a certain strong connection with his child that he felt with no one else. He had the feeling that he would protect her to no end. She gave him strength and as Sakura had mentioned, their daughter would one day have him wrapped around her little fingers.

I will protect you no matter what. We made a vow to his little girl.

The sleeping baby suddenly woke up crying, flying her tiny wrists about onyx eyes opening then closing just as little lips vocalized her upset.

Alarmed Sasuke turned to Sakura.
"Did I do something wrong? Why is she crying?" Sakura smiled and reached for the baby, Sasuke immediately placed the baby in her hands.
"It's okay Sasuke-kun, she's just hungry." Sasuke watched as Sakura undid the laces on her gown freeing one breast to the baby's searching mouth. The baby quieted own instantly and Sasuke was amazed. He had never seen anything so…he couldn't' think of the word for it.

"Does it hurt?" He reclined on the hospital bed next to his family. Sasuke let his daughter clench one of his fingers in her tiny grip,
"Not at all, my breasts were in pain before but the pain is lessening now that the milk is being taken out.

"She is so small." This was the 10th time he had said that.
"I know, but she is perfectly healthy at 7 pounds and 8 ounces." Sasuke smirked and looked at Sakura.
"She is worth it all, isn't she?" Sakura simply nodded her head. Even through all the pain, her daughter was worth it. She was perfect.
There was a hint of pride in the Uchiha's voice as he spoke, "She's going to be strong."

"How do you know?"
"By her grip on my finger."

Sakura couldn't help it, she giggled.
Sasuke only hned at her.
"Then I take it you approve of her? You don't mind that the baby wasn't a boy?"

"No I don't. The child is precious of all treasures to me. Thank you Sakura." Sakura had tears coming down her cheeks.
"Oh Sasuke-kun." She leaned over and hugged him holding her baby with one arm. Sasuke held her until their little one let out a yell of protest.

"Looks like she has your vocal cords." The konouchi smacked him on the shoulder and switched the baby to her other breast."Well at least she didn't get my pink hair."
"I don't think there is anything wrong with your hair." Sakura was shocked!

Was that a complement?

His lips took the reply out of her mouth as he gently kissed her, mindful of the child between them. They lazily went back and forth dipping into each others mouth.
"What do you want to name your precious treasure, Sasuke-kun?"
His forehead resting on hers he looked down at the baby, running finger over her deep red hair, which really was black, only in bright light could one see the deep red highlights.

"Takara…Takara Uchiha."

"Takara it is."

Sakura bumped noses with Sasuke making him look into her sea foam pools. She had asked him, once they were alone with the door looked to dispel the image of Sai."May I hold her again?" Sakura wiped the excess milk form Takara's lips and handed her over.
"I see, it seems that I will have competition for your attention?" Sasuke burped the baby as Sakura instructed him to.

Before Sasuke could reply there was a loud noise coming from the door.
There was a click, as the lock was picked. Naruto ran into the room, Hinata and Sai hot on his heels.

"Sasuke teme!"


The baby let out a cry and Sasuke glared at Naruto. Hinata quickly closed the door. Sakura joined in glaring at Naruto, Sasuke handed his daughter back to her mother and Sakura rocked the baby trying to calm her down.

"Naruto you baka, you have to keep your voice down!" she whispered harshly, Naruto had the grace to blush.
"Ano, sorry Sakura-chan…can I see the baby?"

"No." Sasuke's voice rang out in the room. Sai clenched his fists. And Naruto looked heartbroken.
"Dobe, go wash your hands first, I don't want your ramen bacteria on my child."

Sakura and Hinata laughed. Sakura nodded her head. "Yes he's right, Hinata, Sai if you would like to hold the baby, please wash your hands as well."
Naruto was already back from the washroom before Sai and Hinata could turn around and walk to the washroom.
"Oki teme, leme hold the baby!"
"Shh! Naruto you have to be quiet. And don't swear in front of her." She motioned Naruto closer to her and put the baby in his arms showing him how to hold her.

Sasuke watched with hawk eyes as his child was held by first a fumbling Naruto, who swore to never let any harm come to Takara, as well and to spoil her rotten with candies and to personally train her. Not to mention he would make her the next Hokage…after him, of course.

"Sakura-chan, the baby looks more like you, she will be more beautiful, won't you little cuite? You don't want to look like your daddy, he's an ugly troll." Naruto laughed when the baby opened and closed her eyes as if to agree with him. Sai smirked agreeing with Naruto.

Hinata handled the baby the best, she oowed and awed at Takara. Repeating over and over how kawii she was.

"Sakura-chan she has your lips and nose…S-Sasuke-san her skin tone and eyes are clearly yours. She is beautiful baby. Congratulations." Sasuke only nodded in thanks.

"What's her name?" Sai asked looking over Hinata's shoulder. Sakura held on to Sasuke's hand just in case he decided to finish the fight from earlier on.

"Her name is Uchiha Takara." Sasuke answered.
"But for now on the books it will be Haruno Takara." Sakura mended casting a warning glance at Sasuke.

Naruto looked up from making faces at the baby to Sakura, when he suddenly noticed the physical appearance of his friend.
"Hey Sakura-chan you look awful. As in tired…you always look pretty but now…you look bad." Naruto walked up to the bed and stood on one side of her, since Sasuke occupied the other side.

"I am very tired Naruto. And I'll let the comment about looking bad pass for now." Sasuke attention was brought back to his once team mate. She did have dark circles under eyes, her hair lay limp about her shoulders, her eye lids were almost covering her dull sea foam orbs, not to mention that her skin was washed out and pale.

"Sasuke teme this is all your fault, Sakura-chan is not feeling well because of you." Sakura sighed and closed her heavy eyes entwining her hand with Sasuke's. While patting Naruto's arm.

"Not now Naruto, you can beat him up after I do, I just…want some…sleep…so tired…Naruto, Sasuke-kun stay…watch T-Takara…" And then Sakura was asleep.

Naruto looked on as his old rival stared at his one time crush. He had never seen that look in Sasuke's eyes before.
"You can't just up and leave now Sasuke-teme. They both need you. You have your own family now."

Sasuke didn't answer he continued to watch Sakura as she slept.


This women had suddenly changed his whole world. Before he had clear goals and he knew how to attain them. Now, he wasn't so sure. What was he going to do? He couldn't just leave his daughter and Sakura alone, someone had to protect them. But who was capable enough to watch his family?

"Sasuke-teme listen to me you jack ass."
"Naruto, promise to look after both of them if anything were to happens to me?"

"Ah you sick bastard, do you even have to ask that?"

Knock Knock

All persons in the room aside from Sakura turned towards the door, as it burst open admitting a crowd of people.

"Sakura-san, I have arrived with your parents and flowers!" Lee clambered into the room his arms full of flowers and teddy bears of all shapes and sizes.
"Sakura honey, your father and I came as soon as we heard…" Ms. Haruno noticed that her daughter was fast asleep with two males holding onto her hands. One Naruto and the other she wasn't sure, but he seemed very familiar.

"Sakura it's about time you gave birth we have been waiting-" Tsunade stopped her tirade as her eyes zeroed in on the man with dark hair standing next to her sleeping apprentice. Her eyes roamed the room spotting a bandaged Sai holding a white bundle of blankets in his arms. With Tenten already demanding he let her hold the baby. While Hinata was telling Neji the baby's name.

Ino pushed into the room, Kakashi, Shikamaru, Kiba and Choji hot on her heels. Her eyes zoomed around the room, she spotted Sakura on the bed, Naruto one side and …

And then all hell broke lose.


With all the people in the room shouting, Takara was easily scared and began to cry. Sakura instinctively awaked by the shrill sound of her baby crying.

Wild eyed she was startled by all the people in the room. "Where is my baby?" She demanded, Sai quickly walked over and placed the distressed child in her mother arms.
Sasuke stood up in front of Sakura's bed and Naruto quickly came to stand beside is rival.

The shit just hit the fan and there was lots of damage control to do.
Tsunade looked at the three males standing in front of Sakura's bed, one being a missing nin. Everyone in he room held there breath waiting for the Hokage to speak. They didn't have to wait long.

"Uchiha explain what you are doing here."

Hinata, Tenten, Ino, Sai, Neji, Kakashi, Naruto and Sakura, clearly knew why Sasuke was here. No one said a word, Sakura' parents made there way to Sakura giving the ninja's in the room a wide berth.

"Speak man! Or have you lost the ability to?" The baby cried again. Sasuke narrowed his eyes. Naruto gulped. This was not good. Even he could feel Tsunade's chakra rising, as well as Sasuke's. Not to mention everyone else in the room was on the ready to pounce or hold certain people back.

"Umm hey Baa-chan relax for a minute will ya? You haven't even seen Sakura-chan's baby. That is why everyone is here right? Even Sasuke-teme. She's very beautiful, her name is Takara, and she has the cutest little nose…" The last part came out very weak. Sakura wanted to kick Naruto for opening his big mouth, she wasn't the only one.

Tsunade raised a sculpted eyebrow.

"Why would Uchiha Sasuke care that Haruno Sakura was having a baby? It doesn't seem like a legitimate reason for the avenger to be here? It implies that Sasuke knew of this before, which means you, Sakura, were in contact with him and didn't let me know."
Naruto lost all color to his face. He started stuttering.

"W-well no we didn't -know he was--coming..I mean-I-come -on maybe he was curious--decided to check in on us and --and-and found o-out Sakura-chan was going to have a baby-and d-decided to pop -in..ah- you-"
Sasuke had enough, Naruto was digging him in a deeper grave a he spoke.

"Dobe cease you prattle. I come here for my own reasons, that I do not have to explain to anyone."
Sakura rolled her eyes. Did he not realize he was talking to the Hokage?

"You arrogant bastard. You realize you are a criminal standing in a roomful of Konoha sihnobi? I will ask again what business do you have with Sakura?"

Sakura had already handed her baby over to her mother, she sat up and held the back of Sasuke's shirt. In an effort to tell him, not to anger the Hokage."Sasuke-kun please?" She whispered so only those close to her could hear.
Sasuke cast a quick glance behind him and then turned back to the Hokage.
"I came to see Sakura's baby, I heard from sources that she was expecting."

"That's a load of bull. What do you take me for boy?" Tsunade was not going to bite, there had to be another reason why Uchiha Sasuke suddenly decided to grace Konoha with his presence.

Sasuke knew his reason wasn't convincing, but it was true. He had come to see his child, his heir.

"Believe what you will." He really didn't give a damn what the blonde women thought.

Tsunade had enough.

"Neji, Kakashi arrest him." Both men hesitated before moving closer to Sasuke.

"No!" Sakura let out before she could stop her self. She was on the hospital bed on her knees holding on to Sasuke shoulders. Kakashi paused when he saw the wild look in her eyes. It really wasn't fair to put her through this now, just after she gave birth.

Naruto moved to stand partly in front of Sasuke, ready to stop Neji or Kakashi, "Tsunade-ba-chan, come on don't be such a stick in the-"

"Silence!" her eyes were raging Not only were Neji and Kakashi hesitating, Naruto and Sakura were clearly defying her orders.

Uchiha Sasuke still seemed to be a sore spot for team Kakashi. However, that didn't change anything , no one was above the law, and Uchiha Sasuke had clearly broken Konoha law.

"This is ridiculous I am-"

"Hokage-sama! Hokage-sama! All eyes in the room turned to the chunin who was huffing and puffing at the door way, holding a scroll in his hand.

"What is it now?" This really wasn't a good time to bother Tsunade.
"Large group of Sound ninja's are approaching Konoha."
"What!" This was all she needed now, another battle for Konoha.

Kakashi's eyebrows creased. "Did you not read the scroll I sent to your office yesterday afternoon?"
Apparently she didn't.

"In that scroll I told you of my suspicions of a large number sound ninja in fire country."

"Shit!" Tsunade had actually ignored the scroll taking it for a regular mission summary. Her eyes narrowed in on Sasuke.
"Is that why you're here?" Sasuke was actually surprised by the news just as the next person in the room.
"No." He answered flatly.

The Hokage was not buying it. "Why should I believe you?"
"I believe him." Shikamaru spoke up. "Hokage-sama with all do respect I don't think this is the time to interrogate Sasuke.
Tsunade nodded her head, and turned to the messenger, she gave her orders, " have the shinobi ready for battle and evacuate the villagers at once."
"Already in progress Hokage-sama." Suddenly an explosion was heard.

Tusndae turned to the rest of the ninja's in the room, "everyone else, you know what to do, get to it. Uchiha your under arrest and are coming with me-"

"Boy this is not the time to-"
"I'm fighting, I have a mission."
"What is that?"

Most of the other member of the rookie nine were gone by them, only Naruto, Sai and obviously Sakura, remained.

"To kill Orochimaru."
"Really? Now this is interesting, but how do I know you won't kill Konoha ninja instead?"

"If I wanted to I already could have."
Naruto laughed nervously there.

"I'll watch him Ba-chan, same with Sai.."
"Make sure you return with him after the fight." And then they were promptly dismissed.
"Wait!" Sakura started to remove the blanket from her person. "I want go as well!" Sakura's parents looked alarmed.


Sakura fixed the three males with a harsh look, since all three had clearly denied her.

"Sakura you just gave birth you need time to heal-" She interrupted her teacher.

"Tsunade-sama please heal me, and I'll take a few pills and then I'll be rea-"

Sakura glared at Sasuke.
"Damn it Sasuke! I want to help as well-"
"Who will watch Takara?" Suddenly Sakura's eyes winded, for a moment she had forgotten that she was now a mother as well.

She bit her lower lip, while fisting the sheets, this was so unfair!

Tsunade keenly watched the interchange between her apprentice and the Uchiha.

She stopped the starring match, "Sakura I want at least 15 hours of rest after that I will personally heal you, I'm sure this battle will be long and all ninja's will be needed. Naruto I want you and your group to meet up with Kakashi."
Sakura slumped in defeat. Eyes falling to the ground.

Naruto rushed back to the bed and gave her a quick hug. "Don't worry Sakura-chan I won't let him leave this time."
Sasuke in surprising show of affection kissed his wife's forehead.

"Don't die on us?" She whispered only for his ears.
A light smirk grazed his lips.


And Sakura had her promise.








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