By Ariela

By Ariela

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The girls looked down in awe at what had fallen into their grasp. Rini's fingered it for a while and turned to Hotaru who soon lifted it into the air and inspected it. The boy called Davis lifted himself up with a heave and looked at the girls. He noticed what was in Hotaru's hand and fell back down. "A D-3!!!" Cody called out. Youlie raced to Hotaru's side and grabbed the object of her close inspection out of hand. "Yep!" She confirmed, "It is definatly a D-3!" Youlie smirked and handed back the light and smooth colored object. It was a pale purple and seemed so soft and smooth it could pass as a pale purple opal. Rini held up hers and revealed one like Hotaru's except for one thing, a small upturned pink crescent moon near the center of its soft gold surroundings. "Is that a moon?" Ken asked. Rini nodded. "Hey Guys! What's up?" Came a voice from the hall. The group turned to see a tall boy who looked like Davis without goggles or cut hair. "Hi Tai!" Davis smiled and waved. Hotaru looked back at Rini. 'Things can't get any worse can they?' She silently asked.


The girls real home was so scared and in a major fuss. "Amara! Amara!" Michelle and Serena rushed up to the tall boy look alike. The soft blue eyes fell on the two. "What's up guys?" She asked as Mina, Lita, Raye and Amy joined the frantic duo. "We have a major problem!" Michelle looked at Serena before bursting into tears and started to cry on her cousin's shoulder.

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Tai and the group pulled Rini and Hotaru to a secluded spot in a certain park. "So…You have no clue how you got here?" Matt asked the girls. The both shock their heads. "No. All I remember is this strange black like worm hole then falling here." Rini stated. "Well…I have a theory." The red headed smart guy introduced as Izzy stated. "Its simple really. Wargreymon might have destroyed enough Destiny Stones that he created a warp to the other times and places we talked about. You two young ladies may have been so close to were it was, that you were pulled from that location to another weak spot….mainly the digi-port that Kari and the others were opening." The genius finally finished. Rini sighed and muttered, "Kami. Anywhere I go there's another Amy." Hotaru small reply was an elbow in the shoulder and a small giggle. "So where exactly are you two from? Your parents are going to worry." Rini looked at Hotaru who shrugged and both looked at Joe. "Uh…" Hotaru glanced down and Rini looked away as she spoke. "Technically for Hotaru, you mean foster parents, and for me, my cousin." Joe realizing his mistake shut up for once. "But where are you two going to stay?" Sora asked. Again the two made eye contact and looked back. "Don't know." They answered at the same time. The younger digi-destined seemed a little nervous. "Hmm…That certainly is a predicament." Izzy stated touching his chin. "I got it! One can stay with me! June's away for summer camp this week!" Davis smiled proudly. Rini looked to Hotaru and Hotaru looked back. She glanced at the others. "Fine. I'll go." Rini stated. "As long as your parents agree." She smiled. Davis jumped up and raced to a telephone. "What about me?" Hotaru looked back at the others. "I guess we could try and get my parents to say yes." Ken stated. Hotaru nodded silently and followed the boy. "Wait Hotaru!" Izzy cried. He leapt from his spot. "Can I see that D-3 of yours?" He asked. Hotaru looked puzzled and lifted the thing from the computer. "This?" She asked. "Yep." He replied and took it from her.