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Inu-tachi's Spring Break


The hunt for the Shikon shards was going on rather well. So well in fact that the gang was somewhat worse for the wear after their more than zealous shard hunting frenzy that had lasted for more than a month non-stop. The reason for this frenzy was that while they had been searching the Infant who held Naraku's heart, Naraku himself, for a reason they were yet to decipher, decided to appear and taunt them. A tactical mistake in his part since the Inuyasha's Kongousouha (Diamond Spear Wave) ripped apart his barrier and hurt him quite badly in the process. Now this really didn't bother Naraku as such since his heart was safely tugged away inside the Infant... but as things would stand he decided to stay and flaunt that fact… and was hit by Kagome's purifying arrow that did quite a number on him.

Unfortunately the arrow didn't hit Naraku dead-on, but rather struck the nearly completed Shikon-no-tama that was absorbed into his body. Fortunately it expelled the said jewel from Naraku's body while purifying it in a flash… unfortunately it also re-shattered the jewel and send it flying whichever way. Naraku also disappeared in a roar of outrage and pain leaving only a quickly dispersing cloud of miasma in his wake.

While Shippo, Miroku and Sango all ogled at the fireworks show in sky Kagome was busy sweat dropping. Slowly, as if turning to face an executioner, she turned to face a certain inu-hanyou who was staring the young miko with a wide-eyed expression of disbelief. Kagome forced a 'happy' and overtly positive smile on her face before pointing out the obvious. "Well… at least Naraku no longer has the nearly complete jewel…"

Inuyasha just stared at the girl in disbelief while the thought of -You just had to… You just had to break it…to… to break it… AGAIN- ran through his head. Then his expression changed from positively stunned to a happy and warm expression that made Kagome's heart stop its beating for a while. With a happy expression the hanyou slowly walked to Kagome and put his hand on her shoulder while still smiling warmly at the girl, making her heart flutter and her head feel light.

The rest of the group were slowly backing away from the pair and waving their hands in warding gestures in an attempt to fend off the oncoming eruption of Mt. Inuyasha… Shippo was actually considering running to Kagome and transforming into his 'Oni-Balloon' shape to whisk her away from the hanyou. Kagome however was oblivious to the others and actually blushing like mad until she noticed that Inuyasha was still staring her with a warm expression and happy eyes. -Oh Kami… He's either going to kiss me or kill me… aarrghh I can't stand that expression any longer-

Inuyasha sweat dropped as Kagome closed her eyes and hunched herself as if to brace against a physical blow. He gently poked the girl in the forehead and looked deep into the reopened eyes with completely innocent 'puppy' eyes. He then narrowed his eyes slightly and inquired. "Hey what is it with the odd expression Kagome?"

This caused most of the group to sweat drop as the thought -He's not mad? HE'S NOT MAD?- went through their heads... Kagome on the hand felt like swooning under the hanyou's scrutiny and after a moment of faltering mumbling she finally managed to blurt out a tentative. "Umm… Inuyasha… you are not mad are you?"

Inuyasha just blinked, the smile never leaving his face. "Mad? Why would I be mad? After all Naraku no longer has a single Shikon shard. Why would I be mad?" This was delivered in a voice that steadily rose. "I'm not mad… I'm fucking happy… happier than I've ever been in my life." The last part was delivered in a deafening voice that turned into an insane and completely fake laughter while everyone was backing away from the hanyou. Before anyone could even blink at the abrupt change Inuyasha lunged forward and grabbed Kagome by the waist, swung her around and unceremoniously dumped her on his shoulder with her legs dangling behind the red clad, and 'not-mad' half demon, while her face was buried somewhere in the lower part of Inuyasha's fire-rat haori.

Inuyasha continued his insane cackling for a moment then began to walk in a random direction. "Soo… since you broke it… AGAIN bitch… you are going to locate the shards… AGAIN… So where's the nearest fucking shard HUH?" After a few moments of walking he changed direction while Kagome was trying to get her voice heard. "You couldn't even sense a fucking shard in that direction HUH? Well we'll just try this one then RIGHT?"

Everyone else watched as the obviously distressed hanyou walked past them for the umpteenth time while ranting on and on about shards, Naraku, useless modern 'fucking' bitches that couldn't even shoot a 'fucking' arrow into a 'fucking' jewel without 'fucking' breaking the 'fucking' thing into a million 'fucking' pieces... and so on. Shippo naturally chose this opportune moment to 'whisper' to Sango and Miroku "So… he's really, really mad right?" stopping the inu-hanyou dead on his tracks.

Slowly the dog eared boy turned towards the now sweating group and Shippo decided that hiding behind a certain houshi (monk) would be a good idea at that point.

Ever so slowly Inuyasha put the miko he was carrying down on the ground and then drew in air before bellowing "I'M NOT FUCKING MAD OR ANGRY! I'M HAPPY MWHAHAHAA" Or that at least was his intention but his shout was cut short by a nearly inaudible "Osuwari!" that activated his subjugating rosary and made him kiss the dirt. Everyone, sans the subjugated boy, turned to a beet red Kagome who was glaring at the said boy, another command of "Osuwari!" was followed by another thud and a growl from the hanyou. Now Kagome was not really mad at Inuyasha for being upset about the jewel, she didn't even mind the yelling… it was to be expected after all.

But what really embarrassed her, and thus pissed her off, was the unceremonious way the infuriating dog-boy had circumvented her subjugation spell... namely by dangling her in such a position that using the spell would flatten not only the boy but her as well. Not to mention that her head had been dangling somewhere in the vicinity of Inuyasha's groin, err lower belly… and in front of the others no less. She bristled at the memory and so… "Osuwari! Osuwari! OSUWARI!"

She said the word a couple more times for good measure until Sango finally managed to snap her out of it, which was sometime after Miroku's "I think she killed him!" comment woke her from her own stupor. As a result the group decided to camp nearby for the night… to let Kagome cool down and Inuyasha to crawl from the shallow crater he had managed to form into the ground.

And like usually the two made up after a several hours of glaring and a short talk in which neither apologized but both admitted that they 'might' have gone a 'little' overboard in voicing their own displeasure… after which they had a nice and good 'make-up-fight' that ended with the Silvery haired boy once more in close contact with mother earth. This was normal though, as was the whispering of the rest of the group, and thus the next morning met the group all ready to go and the hunt was on…

They covered a lot of ground, collecting shards from townspeople, rampaging youkai and in one instance from a rabbit hole… into which Shippo crawled after being bopped on the head a few times by Inuyasha and from which Shippo shot out like a bullet while screaming about a killer bunny. As things turned to be the rabbit had ingested a tiny Shikon shard and had been turned into a rather vicious rodent.

Kagome couldn't do anything but to laugh at the comical sight of Inuyasha trying to hack the blindingly fast rabbit with his massive sword, missing and growing more aggravated each time he took a swing. While the scene was funny to watch for the rest of the gang it didn't really explain why the miko was rolling on the ground while laughing so hard that she had tears in her eyes. Finally she managed to calm herself before uttering "That's the most foul, cruel, and bad-tempered rodent you ever set eyes on!" and collapsing in another fit of laughter

Finally Inuyasha, who was aggravated by Kagome's laughter, was driven beyond the point of reason by the mostly harmless little animal, mostly harmless as it certainly had managed to ruffle his hair and his fire-rat haori looked like it had been put through a shredder. With a loud growl the hanyou sheathed the Tessaiga and in a frenzy of swipes managed to shred the poor little 'usagi-chan' to tiny scraps.

As time passed on they saw, or sniffed, neither hide nor hair of Naraku so the hunt seemed to be like a holiday in itself. The few youkai that had shards, or came to look for the shards the group had gathered were nothing compared to the enemies they had faced before. Even so… over a month of non-stop fighting and more to the point the non-stop travelling was wearing on the group and it came as no surprise that Kagome suggested that they take a short breather when they arrived at Kaede's village. This emotion was readily seconded by everyone and surprisingly Inuyasha gave in after only a small amount of 'Fehhing' and cursing. Even more surprising was that he allowed Kagome to go visit her own time without needing to be 'sat'… he really didn't even curse that much.

And so began the Inu-tachi's spring break…

A/N: Happens sometime after Moryomaru raises his ugly head I suppose, although this really isn't all that time dependant… although in this Kagome's friends haven't met Inuyasha.

And if you didn't get why Kagome was laughing her ass off then I suggest you watch Monty Python and the Holy Grail… and behold the beast of Caer Bannog!... a creature so foul, so cruel that no man yet has fought with it and lived!