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Inu-tachi's Spring Break


A loud sound of fist hitting flesh echoed through the Sengoku Jidai, only to be followed by an equally loud yelp of pain. Inuyasha glared at the cowering monk beside him while the rest of the group simply walked by shaking their heads. The hanyou suspected that the lecherous bouzu had caught wind of what had transpired in Kagome's time after the youkai attack… or he could still be enervated by the visit to a modern mall where Inuyasha had to forcibly remove him from the hentai section in the bookstore. Regardless of how many pieces of hentai manga and/or other adult literature they confiscated from the lecher he always seemed to be able to produce another one from the depths of his robes.

As to why Miroku had been in the modern era in the first place was to help rebuild the well house. He, Sango and Inuyasha had helped Kagome's grandfather to rebuild the well house, or rather they had rebuilt it while the old man had given 'helpful' advice. After they had finished Miroku had actually made himself useful and had warded the place to make it virtually impossible for anything break out from the said house, that anything including Inuyasha.

It was now two and a half weeks after the youkai incident, Kagome's end term exams had passed and the gang was again on the hunt. Coincidentally they were headed towards Totosai's place as Inuyasha fully intended to beat the living shit out of the old youkai… along with all the information he had on Shippo's weapon, things like name, special abilities and so on.

The boy smiled inwardly as he remembered the time he'd spent recovering in Kagome's era. Not used to being pampered he had been in a perpetual state of bliss, lounging on the sofa and watching hours upon hours of anime, or hours upon hours of martial arts action films. Inuyasha had replayed them on slow motion, after Sota had shown him how to use the remote, time and time again until he was sure he could repeat the moves perfectly. He had also made Shippo to watch these as a form of 'training' and had even managed to convince Kagome into getting the kitsune a few DVDs that had the basics of Naginatajutsu on them.

Speaking of Kagome… after she had woken up on the morning after their little conversion she had been flitting in clouds and then worse yet had gone and blabbed the whole thing to Shippo. And after that to her mother, who went absolutely wild, wandering around with a dreamy expression and mumbling about dog-eared grandchildren… along with keeping a keen eye on the hanyou to make sure he was not aggravating his injuries. Inuyasha smirked at that, his own estimate of how long it would take for him to recover had been proven wrong. Seeing how it took, little shortness of breath aside, only a few days for him to heal completely. He surmised that it was probably due to the fact that he had been recovering in safety and comfort not available during the Sengoku Jidai… not having to fight when injured really helped it seemed.

And after he had been declared fit by Kagome's mother he had bounded through the well and enlisted Miroku and Sango to help him with the repairs of the well house, a task that had taken them only a day as the materials had been already supplied. It was during this time that Kagome's friends dropped by and were immediately intercepted by Miroku who, in the space of one hour, managed to ask each one of the to bear his child… quite the feat considering that he was smacked unconscious by a jealous taijiya just as many times.

Kagome had also taken them to the movies and later to the mall, where Miroku had his little 'incident' with the hentai selection. She had also, or so Inuyasha surmised judging by the approving glances he got from Sango, told the taijiya about their new 'understanding'. Of course Kagome had also told her friends who'd been all gushy, or so she said. Luckily Inuyasha wasn't present at the time but was rather in the Sengoku Jidai with Sango and Miroku and trained Shippo.

Inuyasha grinned evilly, the runt was going to give a nasty surprise for anyone who'd come within a few meters radius of him. He wasn't ready for a real battle but might take a smaller youkai by surprise if push came to shove… and even Inuyasha had to grudgingly admit that the runt was taking in the sword, staff and naginata fighting forms quite quickly.

Inuyasha was shaken from his reverie by Miroku who simply commented. "Why Inuyasha, you have been on such a good mood lately that one could even think you asked Kagome-sama to bear you child and she agreed."

The hanyou, still deep in thought, just waved dismissively at the monk and said. "Feh... hard to believe isn't it and now she's going to be my mate." His words caused all motion to cease as the entire group froze with mixed expressions on their faces. Kagome and Inuyasha instantly went beet red, while Sango and Shippo, who was now perched on her shoulder, began to smile… then laugh at their friends' expressions, especially the houshi's who looked totally pole axed.

There was a short silence during which Miroku recovered and said "You did?... She did?" and then began to smile like a true lecher. "Well practice makes perfect right?" Seeing the lack of understanding in their faces he continued. "I've been wondering where you've been sneaking every night for the past weeks but you probably have been practicing baby making with Kagome-sama" The houshi collapsed in a fit of laughter that echoed around the surrounding area … until it was silenced yet again by the sound of fist hitting flesh and Shippo's cheery voice that stated "Got 'im!"

The Inu-tachi's spring break had ended…

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