Summary: Ryoma leaves Japan to participate in the U.S open, with them all silently cheering him in Japan. His parents left the house in Japan in Nanako's care while they left for America again. So the only ones that are really in America are Ryoma, his parents, and Kevin… what does he have to do with the story? I will tell you… everything.

Pairings: Kevin/Ryoma


He hugged all his sempais good bye really tight. For he didn't know if he'd ever come back. But he owed his future and everything about himself to them. Without them, he'd never realize his true potential. They were the closet the closet things- no! They were his best friends. Leaving them was breaking his heart. Tears were pouring from a mixture of happiness and sadness.

The plane ride didn't make his feelings change. America only had Kevin and the U.S open to look forward for. Now everyone can understand the U.S open, but we all thought the two bratty boys hated each other. Though they both knew it was the total opposite. They were great friends. Both are dedicated to tennis and were both determined to fulfill their fathers' dream, which turned into their own. Whenever they played each other, they had this adrenaline rush that they never got from anyone else.

That was why he looked forward to Kevin.

It was torture, waiting in that plane. It was six hours long, and he would arrive really late. Much later than he promised Kevin that he would arrive. 'I hope he is still waiting for me.'…


Ryoma came out of the plane and when he came into the terminal, he saw Kavin's sleeping form in a chair in the waiting room. He had his ipod still on, and his trade mark sunglasses were actually off his head and on a small table right next to him. Ryoma smiled. The blonde did wait for him. He peeked at the ipod's screen to see that the song "I hate everything about you" was being played, by the band 3 DAYS GRACE. 'How could he sleep through that?' Ryoma thought to himself.

He softly kissed the American boy's forehead and gently woke him up…

"Uh, oh! Ryoma! Finally, do you know how long I have been waiting?" Kevin asked annoyed. Ryoma pulled his cap lower to cover his cute face and said, "The flight was being delayed on account that there was some technical difficulties. They won't allow you to use cellphones once you're on the plane.". "What a lame excuse!" Kevin said and wrapped both of his arms around Ryoma's right.

"Come on; let's go check you into the hotel. The man from the U.S open staff is here to drive us." Kevin said. Ryoma was silent, on account that he was blushing too hard to answer. Kevin being so close to him was making his heart rhythm go crazy, and they weren't even on the court! "Whatever," Ryoma shrugged, trying to put up as good an act as he could. Kevin laughed. God, Ryoma loved hearing the sound of his voice now for some reason.

They walked to the entrance of the international New York terminal to find their ride waiting for them. "The Hilton Hotel (1)," Ryoma said. He nodded and started driving away. After a few minutes, the blonde boy squeezed the Japanese boy's hand with his to get his attention. "What is it Kevin?" Ryoma asked. "Well… I was just curious, but, how did you do against… you know- "Oh! I won," Ryoma said. Kevin smiled. "Expected results from you," he said.

It seemed that the only that didn't notice the boys' feelings for each other were the two themselves. For gods sake, the U.S open staff could see it so clearly!

Everyone didn't move for a while. Both boys were still holding hands, and they didn't want to let go. The touch of their hands was giving them both a wonderful tingly feeling, something that they didn't want to break. It was too bad that they were forced to because they arrived to the hotel. But in the elevators, while they were riding up to Ryoma's floor, Kevin grasped Ryoma's hand again.

Ryoma looked at Kevin and the blonde quickly answered, "What? Am I the only one that noticed the feeling we get whenever we hold hands? Or is it just me?". Ryoma blushed. "No, you aren't," he responded honestly. It was nice… finally they reached the room. "I'll be cheering for you in the crowd," Kevin said as he walked away.

That night, Ryoma didn't have that dream again. In fact, he couldn't remember it. But it must have been good cause he felt super happy that morning when he woke up. At least he was until he was almost scared to death by his door being smashed open!

"Yo, Ryoma! Oh, you're up. See, with me here, you learn to wake up early." Kevin said. Ryoma got out of bed and went to get clothes from his dresser. "So how do you feel today?" the blonde asked. "Okay," Ryoma answered. Kevin sighed. "Honestly, can you be a little more emotional? Oh, also, after your match we should check you out of the hotel." Kevin said. "Why?" Ryoma asked.

His parents weren't coming over until tomorrow. Wait! He forgot about the time zone! They were coming today! God damn it! "Idiot, forgetting your parents were coming. But that's okay, you have to focus on your match today! He's #78 in the pro tour and has a brilliant two handed-backhand." Kevin warned. Ryoma just closed his eyes and took off his pajama top.

"Oi! Are you listening?" Kevin asked. Ryoma just looked at Kevin and said, "If he's so brilliant, why isn't he #1? He's already 31 years old and was put in an elite tennis academy in Europe ever since he was 8." Ryoma said. Kevin laughed. That damn laugh… it was sweet music to Ryoma's ears. "Then I guess your odds do seem good," Kevin said.

The American boy put his left hand on Ryoma's bare shoulder and said, "I know you can do it Ryoma. You are amazing,". Ryoma never really paid much attention to compliments that people gave to him, but from Kevin, he felt his heart beat increase by double fold! "Ryoma, are you okay? You feel a little warm," Kevin said. Ryoma quickly turned and said, "I'm fine.". Okay, he was staring at the blonde a little too long.


"Boris Stepanek and Ryoma Echizen, please proceed to the court and start warming up." The announcer said. So for about ten minutes the two warmed up on their ground strokes, volleys, over heads, and serves. "Alright, let the match proceed. Echizen to serve," the line man said.

Ryoma gripped the racket with his left hand and was handed three balls from the ball boy. He threw one of the away and put one in his pocket. Then he positioned himself on the center line of the baseline and tossed the ball in the air. Kevin knew he was going to do a twist serve, he had seen it so many times. It was, and Stepanek missed it. An ace to start out the first round match. Everyone clapped and some stared in awe at Ryoma.

Then he went to the advantage side and was given another ball. He tossed it again, and Kevin knew it was going to be a slice. Another winner for the newbie twelve year old from Japan.

"Wow Tom, have you ever seen this before? The kid just served two aces!" the commentator Mary asked. "No, I haven't. He has game for such a little guy!" commentator Tom said with excitement. Soon the first game was taken by Ryoma Echizen, and they switched sides. "Now lets see his return game." Mary said.

Stepanek served it flat down the line, but Ryoma was able to get it and hit it cross court. Stepanek chased the ball down and hit it down the line with a slice spin. Ryoma hit it down the line and started creeping to the net. So when Stepanek hit it cross court, Ryoma was there to volley it for a winner. "love-15," the lines man said.

The crowd was going wild. This was Ryoma's battle field, just as the gladiator's had the coliseum, had tennis…

After 4 sets for 3 hours and 12 minutes, Ryoma won. 6-2, 6-7, 6-1, 6-1. Then Ryoma went into the locker room to change, and Kevin was there waiting for you. "You did awesome today Ryoma. That guy didn't stand a chance. But why did you drag it to 4 sets?" Kevin asked. Ryoma then finished tying his shoes and responded back, "Because if I only played 3 sets, when I get home, my father would force me to play with him as soon as I get there. I am not in the mood for him.". Kevin smirked. "Everyone could tell you just gave up on that set. Don't do that, for you don't know what might happen. And the dream will end," Kevin said dramatically.

Ryoma nodded. "Now, lets go get something to eat, get your stuff, and check you out of that hotel!" Kevin said cheerfully and dragged Ryoma out of there once he was done getting dressed. They decided to eat at McDonalds and have some burgers. "Hey, you actually are wearing your sunglasses over your eyes instead of having on your head." Ryoma pointed out. "Yeah, it's sunny out," Kevin said. To Ryoma, he looked absolutely hot like that.

Then they rode the subway back to Ryoma's hotel and checked him out. "Where's your place now?" Kevin asked. "Come, we have to take a cab." Ryoma said as he was getting one. They got one and he started driving to Ryoma's house. On the way there, Kevin noticed the houses were getting nicer and bigger. The cab then stopped in front of a white brick house with a big front lawn with well kept grass, you could see the many orange trees in the backyard of the property. The house itself was lovely and enormous. Of course it wasn't as big as Atobe's mansion. Though it probably cost at least $500,000, and that's at least!

"Nice pad you got there!" the driver said. "Thanks," Ryoma said and handed him the money. Kevin was just stunned. WHOA! "Yeah, oh, just to let you know, my brother Ryoga is coming to visit." Ryoma said (2). "You have a brother?" Kevin gasped. "Yeah, he's kind of weird and like my old man." Ryoma described and opened the cab door for Kevin to get out. He grabbed his tennis bag and luggage from the cab and started walking to the property with Kevin. Though they were greeted by a big surprise when Ryoma opened the door…

"CHIBISUKE!" Ryoga pounced on Ryoma to give him a big hug…


1.Does anyone know the name of the hotel Ryoma is staying at in the anime? I never really paid attention to those details. I just like watching the tennis! D

2.I watched the movie and judging by the fact that he was still in Japan and stuff, I though he did all that first before going back to America to compete in the U.S open.

Tell me what you think! I am going to make a second chapter. God I love this pairing! They are called the brat pair, right? Or just KevRyo of RyoKev? Or was it snarky boy love? Oh well! Again, tell me what you think! I don't care if it's the worst thing you ever read!

This pairing is so cute! Though I also like Ryoga/Ryoma too…