Me: Oh, I received a nice review from KiriharaAkaya, saying how Ryoma probably won the US open. But judging by he only lasted in the tournament for a week (which is only half the tournament), like it showed in the OVAs, I thought he lost in the quarter finals or the round of 16. I mean, I watch that tournament live, and it last two weeks. I mean, how can they get 126 matches from both from the mens and womens tournament done in 1 week. Since men and women don't play on the same days after 3 days. Sorry for this long explanation, for I am a tennis freak.

Ryoma: So I didn't win?

Me: No, probably not. You were like Russian girl that got to the semi-finals of the Australian open, though of course she never got past the third round after that.

Ryoma: Gee… hope I'm not like that.

Me: Well, I didn't see all of the OVAs. Just the beginning… anyways, lets get on with the fic! This is going to be the last chapter...


Kevin went back to the tennis courts of the US Open. They allowed players to practice on the courts if they weren't playing on the courts that weren't reserved for the tournament. When he arrived, he saw Ryoma practicing his serve. He smiled. Always tennis with this guy, isn't it? "Ryoma!" he called out. Ryoma had just tossed the ball and let it drop once he heard Kevin's voice. The asian boy walked up to him and asked him what did he want. "I wanted to say sorry for leaving like- "I'm not mad about that- "Let me finish. Okay... the reason that all the weird things that have been happening to us is because... I really like you Ryoma," if Kevin had anymore to say, he couldn't. Ryoma yanked at the collar of his shirt and plunged his tongue into his mouth. Kevin gasped. Okay, not the reaction he expected, but he liked it.

Ryoma let go of him and smirked. "What took you so freaking long?" Ryoma asked. Kevin was speechless.

(We are going to fast forward to Ryoma's last match in the quarter finals of the US open. Where he will face Andy Roddick, who I think took this title in 2003 which is when the anime took place... right? Or am I wrong?) /QUARTER FINALS/

Ryoma was running side to side in a mad dash. It wasn't looking good for the asian boy. Sofar it was tied 2 sets all, Marat Safin leading the fifth set by a break 4-3. Then Ryoma won Safin's service game by hitting a drive B down the line. Kevin was on the edge of his seat. Sweat was dripping off of Ryoma's body and he was totally fatigued. Ryoma's body agreed with Kevin's observastions and he just collasped. He wasn't getting up. Medics came and sent him to the hospital. He didn't recover in 15 minutes, which meant the match went to Marat Safin (1)...


Kevin was by Ryoma's bed side, waiting for him to wake up. His parents were already were there before, and left, seeing as how he wasn't going to wake up anytime soon. Ryoma's body began to stir, and his eyes began to flutter. He opened them and blinked once, then twice. "Where am- "Ryoma! You're awake!" Kevin said and tackled his boyfriend. He lay on top of him on the hospital bed, his breath on his neck. "Kevin, what happened?" Ryoma asked. The last thing he remembered was dashing around the court to try to get into the semi-finals of the US open. "You... you had to forfeit. Don't worry Ryoma, there is always the Australian open." Kevin said, trying to cheer him up.

They just hugged each other for a while and tried to enjoy the silence. "Kev," Ryoma said. "Yes?" Kevin asked, waiting for Ryoma to continue. "I want to go back to Japan and cheer my friends on. I really miss them," Ryoma said. Kevin laughed. "You think I would be upset? Ha! Just konw that I'll be waiting patiently for your return," Kevin said and kissed Ryoma on the cheek. Ryoma smiled. "Thank you for understanding," Ryoma said...


Me: What a nice ending...

Kevin: That -censored-ing sucks!

Ryoma: We don't get a lemon?

Me: You guys are only twelve. Unless you want me to do a sequel with you guys older and-

Kevin and Ryoma: YES!

Ryoga: I'd like to watch that...

Me: I don't think Konomi Takeshi would agree to make one... so I'll just write one if people want to read it. I know the ending sucks, but hey! I'm only thirteen people!