Vestet All Boys Academy

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Chapter One: The Gayer School

"Ahh... The first day... Don't you just love the first day of school?" said an unsually cheerful voice. The voice belonged to a a boy with spiky brown hair that bounced along with him as he made his way to his bus stop, taking his usual spot next to his less awake friend.

"Not really, Sora..." answered Sora's friend, Kairi. "Though I am happy that we're eighth graders now. That means this'll be the very last school year we'll have to spend at gay UA." she said with happiness as she flipped back her short brown hair. She was a bit shorter than Sora and wore a green school tee with khaki shorts and blue tennis shoes, nothing all that noticable. The same went for Sora too. Just a blue colar shirt and worn out khaki pants. Their school's dress code didn't exactly leave enough space for their students to get creative with.

"Our school isn't gay... much." Sora said, trying to defend his school. Kairi just giggled at his attempt.

"C'mon, Sora. Our school might be one of the best in the county, but it doesn't exactly have the best students. A vast majority of our fellow eighth grade peers are stuck up and can get away with things since their parents volunteer and stuff. Plus, our school is small and I mean small." She said, putting a bit more emphasis on the last word.

"What's so bad with a small school?" Sora asked, not seeing any cons with a small school. Before Kairi could answer her, Sora jumped up and shouted, "Hey, look! The bus! Wow, she's a bit early compared to last year."

As she turned around, she saw the bus Sora was shouting about. It had stopped down at a street farther down from where they were, but that assured them it was their bus. Kairi checked her watch.

"You're right, Sora. She is earlier than last year. Normally she'd be here by fifteen minutes after seven, but it only five after now."

The bus had started to move towards them once again and Sora was almost jumping up and down from his excitement.

"I can't wait to see Mr. Knight again! I wonder if spanish will be as awful as the eighth graders before us had said. Hey, do you think we'll get new students this year? I remember last year that one really tall girl, but I think she mo-OW!" But before Sora could finish his random ramble, he was cut short by a slap on the head from Kairi. Sora rubbed the side of his head where Kairi had slapped him. It wasn't all that hard, but it did sting.

"Hey, what was that for, Kairi?"

"Look, the bus is almost here. Pick up your binder and come on!" Sora did as he was told and picked up his binder. The familar screeching sound of the bus stopping soon came and Miss Mary, their bus driver, beckoned them to get on. Which Sora happily did and Kairi followed but with less joy.

"G'morning you two!" Miss Mary said as Sora and Kairi climbed in. Miss Mary had been their bus driver the pervious year and was infamous for being late.

"Good morning, Miss Mary!" The two said in unison as they headed toward their usual seats. Sora jumped in seat six while Kairi sat in the one right across from it. Miss Mary shut the bus doors and headed toward the next stop.

"Maybe Miss Mary has turned over a new leaf..." Kairi wondered aloud.

Sora set his binder next to the window and turned to face Kairi, but ade sure his feet weren't in the aisle. "What do you mean, Kairi? Miss Mary's always been nice."

"I meant with her being early. Maybe it's a sign that this year'll be fairly decent."

"This year'll be great, Kairi! We can both try out for All-State and then go together!"

"All-State? Together?" Kairi giggled at Sora enthusiasm, which confused Sora. "Sora," she started, "I don't think that, even if we did both make it into All-State, we'd be together."

"Why's that?"

"Because you'd be in the chorus and I'd be in the band. Both All-States happen at different times."

"Oh..." Sora said, obviously sadden by this news.

Kairi felt a little bad now. "Hey, I wasn't even gonna try out for All-State anyways. I don't wanna do scales in front of people I don't know. And that written test? I don't wanna do any extra tests. Plus, the music is hard with a capital "h"."

"Well, of course it's hard! It's for the top musicians from all around! They have to weed out the ones who aren't ready from the ones who are. I should know since I didn't make it last year. But this year, I know I'm gonna make it!" Sora said with the upmost confidence.

Kairi couldn't help but smile at his newfound strength. The rest of the bus ride they mainly talked about how they first days were normally and how maybe this one wouldn't be as routine as the others.


Well, they didn't exactly get their wish. No matter how much they had hoped, UA had still stayed the same. They were stilled filed off their bus like cattle and were told to head toward the cafeteria. That was probably the only thing different, staying in the cafeteria before the bell rang.

"And here I thought sitting in the cafeteria was gonna be sweet..." Muttered Kairi as they headed toward a vacant table. As they had walked in, one of the eighth grade teachers who was on morning duty, had announced that they could not switch seats to talk with other people and no talking across the tables.

"Aw, cheer up, Kairi! This year'll be great! I know it will!"


"Ugh... Still gonna stay true to your word, Sora? I won't blame you for taking it back now." Kairi said as she picked up her foam tray. Yep, another reason why Kairi referred to her school as "Gay UA", they were cheap as hell. Never spending a lot of money, not even on books. The school's library was smaller than an elemtary school's.

It was only lunch time, but already a good majority of the students looked worn out. The teachers weren't about to make their final year here easy. Oh no, they were going to make sure that their students were the most prepared for high school. They weren't going to be one uped by anyone. So, being their evil selves, they had a crap load of work for the students and the first day wasn't even half way through.

Grabbing a pudding cup from the tray Sora turned to Kairi. "I still think it's going to be a good year!"

"Yeah, yeah. You say that now, but later you're going to eat those words. Now c'mon, boney butt, you're holding up the line."

One bad thing for having a girl as outgoing as Kairi and have her know you since you were in first grade, she wasn't afraid to call you something that you found embarrassing.

"Hey!" Sora exclaimed as Kairi pushed him forward. "Why'd you have to call me that in front of everyone?" he asked, now blushing under the many eyes that were staring and snickering. Sora hastily pressed in his lunch account number and quickly ran to the assistant principal. Why? To see where he had to sit of course. Which brings us to yet another reason why Kairi dubbed this school "Gay UA". Each student had an exact seat where they were suppose to sit in for the whole year. They couldn't change it and if you didn't get along with your fellow peers at the table, tough. The assistant principal pointed to the table where Sora was assigned to. It was almost front and center to where the microphone for the lunchtime announcements was. Right behind the actual front and center table.

"Hey, everybody!" Sora greeted. There was only six to a table and the other five at his table were all familar faces.

"Hey, Sora." they all said. There was two girls and three boys. The two girls, Shell and Suzan, were talking non-stop about the latest issue of Seventeen. The girls have been close friends and are normally nice to Sora, but for some reason, mean to Kairi. Kairi said it was because some girls just hate other girls without even needing to talk to them, which Sora still didn't understand. The other boys, Tyler, Wade, and Jake, were just focusing on their food, making idle chit chat every now and then, but it never lasted long.

"So, Sora, how was your summer?" asked Suzan.

"It was pretty boring. I did go to the beach with Kairi, but that's probably the most exciting thing. All I did was hang with her at either my house or hers."

"So... Are you and Kairi finally gonna go out?" asked Shell.

"Wha? No!" Sora exclaimed, his face getting a bit red.

"C'mon, you two would make a cute couple! Plus, you two have known each other for years!" Shell said. She turned to Tyler, who was sitting next to her, and nudged him. "Don't you think so, Tyler?"

Tyler took a quick glance at Shell and then at Wade who was on his other side. Smirking, he shoved a bunch of noodles in his mouth and answered, "Yeah!" , not even bothering to swallow his food.

"Ewww!" The two girls said in unison, disgust clear on their faces. All the guys just laughed. A plus for having the guys outnumbering the girls.

"Okay, that's enough." said the assistant principal. The guys shut up quickly. "Thank you." he said as he walked off.

"Gods..." muttered Wade. "He's like a shadow!"

"Yeah, I know..." agreed Tyler. Jake and Sora nodded.

"Well, it served you guys right!" Shell exclaimed. Suzan nodded in agreement.

"We were just having some fun! Besides, lay off Sora. Gods... Why do you have to know about Sora's love life? I bet Kairi bugs him about who he thinks is hot or not anyways. No need to help Kairi with her work." Wade said.

The girls just pouted and went back to their ignored food, now keeping their conversation to themselves which made the guys at the table happy. They were tired of hearing about the newest teen model and how fine his ass was.

The next few minutes were peaceful, just the way Sora liked it. Nothing happening, nothing to work on, just had to make sure the food went in his mouth and not his shirt. Having food drop down into your shirt wasn't a nice feeling and having it then slide into your pants... Well, that was down right embassasing and uncomfortable.

Sora looked around the lunchroom, hoping to see an unfamilar face. UA never really got any new students since it was so small, but when it did, Sora was always the first to greet and welcome. Scouting out the lunchroom was the best time since the whole grade was in there. Sora sighed inwardly, no new students to greet. He nibbled on his cookie to cheer him up. Now this brings us to one of Sora's reasons of why UA isn't gay...much. Their cookies totally rocked. They were always soft and warm for some reason and they tasted wonderful.

"Science class for seconds." the assistant principal bellowed into the microphone. Sora jumped a bit. He had forgotten that eighth graders get what's left of the day.

'That must mean lunch is almost over... Aww, man. I don't wanna go to class so soon...' Sora thought as he took a big bite out of his cookie. The chattering started to die down and then it went quiet. Sora glanced around, wondering what had happened. He was confused until he noticed that the room seemed a bit darker.

'Oh, lights off.' When the lights were out, it was like a universal sign to shut up. So, the students ate what was left of their food and then gazed off into space, waiting for their welcome rant.

A tall, skiny man in a suit stepped up to the microphone.

'Ahh, here it comes. Welcome back blah blah blah.' Sora thought. But he didn't want to ignore the big cheese of the school, it just wasn't in him. So, being the good student Sora was, he turned his attention to the principal.

The principal coughed in his hand and then cleared his throat. "Welcome back to your final year here. I hope you all exceed you limitations even farther this year. Though, don't think this year will be a nice stroll through the park, it is going to be tougher than you predict for this year we shall be teaching you as though you were already in highschool. So, no more babying. Now, as eighth graders, you all have the privilage of walking through the garden once Mr. Hughes gives the okay. For now, you cannot." There was a few small groans. One of their eighth grade perks that they had looked forward to wasn't available yet. The garden had always been just for teachers and eighth graders to walk through, since it was much more prettier than the brick walls. Though, the distance was still the same, the garden wasn't shorter than the sidewalk sixth and seventh graders had to use.

"Please keep the school rules in mind and try not to get to wild since this is your final year." Now a few snorts were heard. This was Gay UA, no one was going to get wild. Gay UA didn't have wild people like that. Just nerds who acted like themselves, nerds who acted all emo but weren't and the nerds who viewed themselves more 'popular' than the rest, but were still nerdy to the tenth power, just like everyone else.

"Now, before we dismiss you all, will Sora Natsaru please come with me? Just leave your tray, we will have someone get it for you."

Sora's eyes widen and his faced turned red. Slowly, he got up, almost tripping on his chair leg, and headed toward the principal. He could feel his peers' eyes stare right through him with each step he took. He kept his face down as he took what seemed like the longest walk in the world.

As Sora approached the principal, the principal put his hand on Sora's back and led him out of the cafeteria.

Glad to be out of the eyes of his peers, he quietly sighed. Though, his curiousity and nervousness just kept growing with each movement he made. Sora was lead to the front office, where he saw an extremely muscular man sitting calmly on the couch. His hair was brown or golden or some combination of the two and looked slicked back. The man looked up at the principal and Sora.

"Ah, there you are, sir! I see you brought him." said a portly woman from behind a desk.

"Sorry if I took so long." the principal apologized to the muscular man. He nodded in forgiveness. The prinicipal turned to the woman. "Have you called Sora's parents and told them?" The woman nodded.

"Yes, I have and they have happily agreed." answered the woman with a smile. "They have already stopped by and filled the paper work."

'Huh? Wait... What's going on?' Sora glanced from the lady, to the man, to the principal. Now his curiousity and nervousness increased tenfold.

The big, muscular man stood up and walked towards Sora and the principal. Sora took a tiny step back.

"I think I'll take him now, sir." He said. The principal nodded and gave Sora a small push forward.

'What am I? A piece of meat for sale? And what does this guy want with me?'

"Now, Sora, no need to be worried. This man is-"

"My name is Eleaus, Eleaus Lexaeus. I am the gym teacher of Vestet All Boys Academy. Due to your exceptional education background, you have been selected to enter our academy early."

Sora blinked. 'Me? Exceptional? At what exactly?'

"You see, Sora, " The principal started. "Vestet only accepts up to five extremely exceptional students that are in their eighth grade year to join early. So that means you'll be starting high school a bit early. I hope you don't mind me for asking, but Mr. Lexaues, how many were accepted this year?"

"Just two. Sora and another boy whom he will soon meet."

"Ooh! Don't you feel wonderful, Sora?" asked the principal.

Sora just slowly nodded, still pondering on what was so 'exceptional' about him. 'My singing skills? No way, I might be good, but not that good... My grades are good, but not perfect... Ugh! What is it!'

Mr. Lexaeus put a large hand on Sora's shoulder and lead him to the door. "I bid you farewell, sir." He opened the door and lead Sora out to his car. As they walked toward it, Sora's silence finally stopped.

"H-Hey, um, sir... My parents know a-about this?... Right?" Sora asked, with a nervous stutter.

The large man nodded as he opened the door for Sora. Mr. Lexaeus beckoned him to climb in and Sora did.


The ride was a very long one. Mr. Lexaeus was obviously not a social person, he only spoke if it was needed. He told Sora a bit about Vestet and how it had a counter part school called Marlen. It was an all girls boarding school and occasionally they had co-ed dances with them. Marlen wasn't too far from Vestet, but far enough to keep the boys from sneaking in. Vestet was a school for boys with exceptional skills and how each student got their own dorm.

"It's quite well kept," he said while keeping his eyes on the road. "The school campus used to be some sort of castle, though I don't know much about it's history. It's a very big place, so try not to get lost. If you do, ask a teacher or an upperclassman. Whoever is closer."

Mr. Lexaeus stopped talking and let Sora have free reign over the radio, which Sora happily turned to 94.4 FYZ. It was his favorite radio station since it played a variety of music, not just one type. He started to hum along to 'Ridin'' and he stared out the window as he did so.

Sora started to think about this new school, Vestet. He compared it to UA and was left with one question in his mind before he fell asleep in the car,

'Which is gayer? Small, Gay UA or Vestet, the all boys academy?' But deep down, Sora was really hoping UA was.

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