Vestet All Boys Academy

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Chapter Eleven: Busted

Oh, how Demyx wished someone would put him out of his misery. He thought he had learned to hold his tongue, but apparently old habits truly are hard to break.

Mr. Xigbar had just tossed Demyx's naked butt into the clothes storage place in the nurse's office that Demyx didn't even know existed. His clothing choice was only the school's uniform and some old donation clothes that were worn out and smelled horrid. Picking the uniform that fit his slim body frame; he slipped it on and emerged from the room. Though, he felt weird not having any boxers on.

Then the gun master dragged Demyx now fully clothed ass over to the Dean's. He didn't even waste a moment, bursting in there and yelling about Demyx's frolic. The Dean was angry at Mr. Xigbar's outburst, but then directed it towards Demyx. He told the senior to sit down and explain why he was just running around without his clothes on.

Maybe it was something about the Dean's deep, commanding voice that made Demyx tell more then needed. Or maybe he was just a helpless, little wimp that couldn't shut his mouth at the right time. Whatever the reason, Demyx told the Dean everything.

And by everything, he told about the prank war going on between him and his friends.

The Dean thought about this prank war. It could either be a harmless fun between mentally challenged boys or could escalate into something more serious, like an actual war.

"Hm..." The Dean said, resting his head on his hands. Normally, he could let this slide and just tell them to stop it, but the current circumstances changed things a bit.

Those current circumstances being the upcoming dance with Marlen. If things started to get out of hand, the head of Marlen would mock him and never let him hear the end of it. The bitch. Not taking any chances, the Dean stood up, with his decision made.

"Demyx," the Dean said in his commanding voice, "you all must cease to continue with this so-called 'prank war' or else you all will be in detention for a good deal of time. I will not have a bunch of idiotic students make me look bad. Now, go and tell them. That is all." With that said, he waved Demyx off.

Nodding furiously, Demyx hauled ass out of the Dean's office.


Not being able to find Sora, he ran to his dorm room and buried his small body in the warm, soft blankets. He had just seen Axel kissing that girl from earlier that day. What was her name? Lauren? La-Oh screw it. All he knew is that she was sucking face with Axel and that didn't sit well with him.

But why should I care? He thought to himself. It was weird, he barely knew Axel, but he liked his company. As long as no one else was around to see him. Roxas was embarrassed that his first kiss was with a guy and he liked it, he wasn't ready to shout to the world that Axel rocked his socks.

"Gah..." Was all Roxas could say about this matter. He shifted around in his bed, uncovering his head, and finally decided to lie on his side. The clock said it was a quarter past one in the afternoon. So much had happened in one morning. He groaned, not liking how his heart was still frantically running around in his chest, and covered his blonde head again.

The door slowly creaked open, causing Roxas to unwillingly move to see who it was.

"Hey, Sora?" said an uneasy voice that surprisingly belonged to Axel. The redhead peaked in the room, not seeing Roxas since he ducked back into his covers.

"Ah, there you are!" Axel said, making his way to Roxas's bed. He flopped down next to the lump of blankets that Roxas was under.

"Sora?" Axel asked, shaking the pile of blankets. Roxas pushed Axel's hand away immediately. Axel didn't know it, but his hand had landed right on Roxas's butt, making Roxas feel very embarrassed.

"Oh, I guess you already know, eh?" Axel said, slightly sad.

Now this got Roxas's full attention, what did Axel want to talk about with Sora?

"Fine, if you don't wanna talk about Larxene rearing her ugly skank head, then I'll just sum it up. Listen, I'm not going to go out with Larxene, you were right, she's too...ugh." Axel chuckled and then continued. "Better as a friend. If she picks on you, just, well, don't come to me. Go whine to Riku, he has taken a liking to you." Axel paused for some kind of response, knowing that Sora normally would've blurted out something by now.

"Well, you must be sick or something. Eww... I don't wanna get sick!" Axel said in a teasing voice, Roxas couldn't help but laugh quietly. Catching the laugh, Axel eyed the lump suspiciously.

"Hm..." Axel said, standing up. He paced around the bed, making Roxas feel nervous.

"Okay, later." Axel said, walking to the door. Roxas relaxed as he heard Axel's footsteps get softer.

But just because the footsteps got softer, didn't mean Axel was leaving. Oh no, he kept pacing around the bed, just walking on his tip toes. He stopped, crouched down, and pounced on his prey, the heap of wrapped up Roxas.

And the heap of wrapped up Roxas did not expect the six foot tall senior to jump him and yank the blankets off him, revealing that Axel's suspicions were correct.

"Aha! I knew Sora wouldn't be that quiet! And lookie at my little prize!" Axel grinned evilly at the blonde freshmen underneath him.

"G-get off!" Roxas exclaimed, face getting hot and red in embarrassment.

"Now... What should I do? So many possibilities, what to choose, what to choose?" Axel teased, tracing Roxas's collarbone.

"H-how about getting off me!" Roxas suggested loudly, trying to get Axel off of him. He might've looked skinny, but he wasn't going anywhere and Axel himself made sure of that.

"Aww, don't be like that, Roxy." Axel said, pouting.

Roxas's face started to turn red from anger now. He had enough.

"GET OFF ME!" he screamed. The blonde started to flail around. He didn't care if he broke something, as long as Axel got his skinny ass off of him Roxas would be happy.

Axel tried his best to keep his prey pinned down, but one of Roxas's legs landed a powerful kick to his ribs.

"D-dammit!" Axel hissed. The redhead rolled over and gripped his sides.

"Well, you should've got off." Roxas said. He felt guilty for nailing Axel so hard on his side.

"I'll remember to tie your legs down before I pull something like that again." Axel humored. He slowly got to his knees and then to his feet. "I think I'll go and heal in my room. I've had enough abuse today." With that said, Axel made his way to the door and left. Leaving Roxas feel as though he came close to rape.


"Here Demyx! C'mon! Zexion safe now! You don't need to show everyone your... everything anymore!" Sora yelled with his hands cupped around his mouth. He had finished what Zexion ordered him to do and there was no sign of a naked Demyx. There was a naked student that Sora had passed by, but that's better left unsaid.

In defeat, Sora decided to head to the cafeteria. All this searching was making him hungry. Sora picked up his pace as he walked to the cafeteria.

"Yeah! Way to go, Lar!"

Sora turned around, looking for the person who said that.

"I know, Yuffie. I'm awesome." Larxene said smugly. The two girls were talking as they walked and hadn't noticed Sora, who was ahead of them.

"Eep!" Sora squealed and turned forward again. He started to speed up, but not too much. Sora didn't want to raise suspicion.

Larxene and Yuffie stopped their chat and spotted Sora. The spiky haired brunet felt their eyes burning his back, so he did what his mind told him to.

So he ran.

But Larxene wasn't about to let him go so easily. She too sprinted and tackled Sora quickly with Yuffie in the background cheering her on.

"Well, well, well! If it isn't wittle Wora!" she cooed. Larxene's smirk grew wider when Sora unsuccessfully struggled.

"Grr!" Sora growled.

"Growl all you want, Wora. You boys are so uptight. Loosen up. All I did was-"

"Hey, Larxene?"

Larxene looked up to see Rinoa standing next to a glaring Yuffie.


"Um... You're needed right now. We have a meeting today." she said.

"No we don't, you lying whore! You just want me to leave so you can have Squally all to yourself!" Yuffie screamed.

Rinoa stared at Yuffie.

"Uh. Yes, there is a meeting and you and Larxene need to be there." Rinoa said, feeling uncomfortable. This was why she had tried to protest that she was not good for this job. Yuffie was always ready to spout nonsense at her and it was annoying.

"Well," Larxene said as she got off of Sora, "I guess I'll see you later, Wora. You have two days."

Sora sat on the floor with a confused and angry expression on his face as he watched the three girls walk away. Larxene had a smirk, as usual. The girl who Yuffie apparently loathed was sighing as Yuffie yelled something about a boy named Squally and long nights something. Sora didn't quite catch that last part, but it offended the girl so much that she finally smacked Yuffie across the face, making Larxene laugh.


"Ugh!" Sora said as he flopped down on his bed. It felt like marshmallows. Yum.

"Long day?" Roxas asked from his bed, not moving an inch. The sun was beginning to make its way to the other side of the world, signaling for the moon to make its appearance.


"What happened?"

"Got mauled by an old friend and I think threatened by her in a way." Sora sighed and rolled over to face Roxas. "You?"

Roxas rolled over to face Sora and said, "Let's see. I almost got raped and got mentally scarred."

The boys sighed in unison after Roxas's mini pity rant.

Roxas got up and turned off the lights and returned to his bed.

Before going to sleep, Sora thought aloud, "Two days. Two days to what?"

Hearing that, Roxas sarcastically answered, "Two days until we finally get homosexually molested by a teacher and or student?"

Sora laughed. "And the sad thing is that that has a pretty good chance of happening. Better lock the doors."

They shared one more laugh until both were knocked out.


"I'm sorry!" Demyx said for the... Well, it had been a lot, there. Demyx was on the roof, fully clothed, with Zexion leaning against the railing.

"I'm sorry, so sor-!" Demyx stopped, unable to say anything now that Zexion suddenly lip-locked him.

Not that Demyx was against this, of course.

Zexion broke their short kiss. "I heard you the first time. Now, go to bed."

"Okay," Demyx said with a frown. He turned around and headed for the stairs, but stopped. "Hey, Zexy?"


"You just gonna stay out here?"

"Yeah. Just going to think about the next few days."


"Do you know what's coming up in the next two days?"

Demyx's mouth curled into a smile and he started toward the stairs again.

"Of course. The dance."


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