Nonsensual Dialogue (Has no part or significance to the story. If you want to, by all means go on to the next chapter where the fun really begins! I can't help myself, I just like to work the audience. Tommy: pops his head in You mean you just like to talk.)

Me: Hello, and welcome! I'm Herme, and this is my muse, Tommy. -looks around- Tommy!

Tommy: Yeah, whatever.

Me: -clicks tongue before smiling at readers- In any case, this is my first Kensuke, or to be more specific, DaiKen, but I like the term "Kensuke" better. I got a thing for names that end with –suke. Hm, what else? Well, as it's my first time writing about Dai and Ken, and because they replay the episodes so infrequently and even then out of order so I can't quite remember how they act most of the time, the characters may be OOC. So sue me. Also, I've used their Japanese names, so in case someone out there isn't sure: Daisuke is Davis, Takeru is TK, Iori is Cody, Koushiro is Izzy, Taichi is Tai, and Ken is, well, Ken.

Tommy: What fan wouldn't know something like that?

Me: -Coughs discreetly and looks away-

Tommy: -Stares-

Me: -Cracks under pressure- What? I learned them!


Me: -Brandishes whip- Just do your job!

Tommy: Now? I just finished!

Me: No, not that job! The other one!

Tommy: Oh! Yes, well…clears throat This oneshot (obviously) involves sex between two males, and two minors at that, cursing—

Me: Hell yes!

Tommy: —attempts at humor, angsty fluff—

Me: Oxymoron? I think not!

Tommy: —attempts by the Mistress at Spanish—

Me: - Hangs head- Lo siento…lo siento.

Tommy: —and drunkenness, so if that doesn't tease your kink, please punch a hole through your computer screen and run away screaming.

Me: -Cracks whip-

Tommy: Oh—uh…Herme doesn't own neither the characters nor the original story of Digimon…she's just a kink teaser.

Me: Dude, that sounds wrong…

23. March. 2006 – 1. July. 2006

Note July 3, 20011: I have recently found that, for whatever reason, has messed up the formatting for my story, hence sections that should have all stood on their own have run amok together. Laziness has prompted me to leave it that way, but pride as an author made me re-post (finally!)—No more shall anyone read my story and think I don't know how to write properly! –is shoved off-stage by Tommy-