Tunnel Vision Chapter 24
Middleton times
By Captainkodak1


Ann properly doctored her coffee while Jean Stoppable poured herself a cup. The mothers of the two heroes were sitting at the Possible's kitchen table. Both were relieved that somehow the "normal" lives of their children had brought the two teens home again somewhat the worse for wear. Ann took a sip while Jean sat down across from her.

"So, how's Ron doing?"

Jean pondered the question for a moment as she stirred her coffee and then took a sip.

"He's still having nightmares. One minute he mumbles about being in freezing water, and then he mumbles about the bombing."

Setting down her cup, Ann watched the surface of the coffee jiggle as she twisted the cup in the saucer.

"Kim's about the same. Nightmares. Sometimes one; other times it can happen two or three times a night."

A smile crossed Ann's face.

"But I've also seen something else. Kim doesn't whine or complain when it's her turn to do the dishes. She can do a better job than me and faster, too. She makes a bed better than any orderly or nurse that I know and her laundry is something you've got to see to believe."

Jean giggled.

"That's Ron. It normally took several requests and threats to get Ron to help paint the house. Now he can paint faster and better than I've ever seen. Put him in the garden if you need a hole dug. He mumbles something about "The Lotus Pain", but he can move the dirt. His cooking's improved, too."

The two mothers sat quietly for a few moments. Jean wrapped both hands around her cup as she leaned forward.

"Something else has changed. Before all this happened they were like any lovesick teenagers. Now, I don't know how to describe it. It's like they're…."

Ann face was glowing when she spoke.


Jean snorted into her coffee. It dribbled down her chin as she picked up a napkin.

"Yeah. Something like that. Before, they would have their hands all over each other. Now, it's like just being together's enough. But I've also seen them when they think no one's looking. They're closer than I ever dreamed they'd be."

Ann sat back.

"Yeah. James hasn't seen it, but I sure have. I just hope James' heart can take it when he does realize it. I don't think the kids have told us everything that happened. Why I don't know. Maybe I don't want to know. I'm sure it's nothing bad, mind you, but whatever it is, it's brought them closer."

Jean sighed.

"That's what I have been thinking. I went in Ron's room when he was asleep the other night. After hearing what they went through, I just wanted to be there to help. He had another bad one that night. It must have been when they were in London. He started to scream Kim's name and I went and grabbed him. He gave me a hug that nearly broke my ribs while he whimpered Kim's name. He woke up and just stared at me, then he thanked me and went back to sleep. I wanted to talk to you first, but I think we need to get Wade to contact Dr. Director and see if we can't get Kim and Ron some help."


Betty stared at the report on her desk, and then raised her eyes at the other people in the room. The Directors of the CIA and the NSA were there along with the Director of Area 51. Betty closed the report.

"Gentlemen, it's decided then."

The Director of the CIA nodded and turned to the Director of Area 51.

"Have your people dismantle the Tunnel and all the equipment. Dr. Possible is to turn over all the data and research."

The Director of Area 51 nodded.

"I'll send Agents Smith and Smith over to the Space Center. Betty, will you be sure to brief Team Possible so they can be there? I think if those two talked to Dr. Possible and his staff it would be better than from Agents Smith and Smith. Those two are good at what they do, but this is something that will take a little tact, and that's not on their skill set list."

Dr. Director smiled and nodded.

"I'm sure that Kim and Ron will be glad to help. However, what are we going to give Dr. Possible and his staff as compensation for taking their Tunnel research?"

The NSA Director pulled a file from his briefcase.

"I think Dr. Possible will be interested in this. It's full and unlimited funding on a rocket engine and spaceship. Since he's interested in Black Holes, this type of research could allow him to build and launch a spaceship that might reach one."

Dr. Director smiled.

"That might make Ron a little nervous, but I think it'll work well for our scenarios. We can draft a press release that there was an accident during the test of a new type of gravity engine. That would explain the effects felt outside of the Space Center. We can also include in the press release some of the same injuries Team Possible sustained during their time travels. However, the full extent of their injuries are to remain top secret."

The NSA Director sat back rubbing his hands together.

"I read the complete reports on what happened to them. As you know, Betty, I spent a few years as a 'guest' of the North Vietnamese at the "Hanoi Hilton". I'm glad that the treatments they were given were able to heal them physically. Speaking from experience, though, frankly, I'm worried about them mentally. Just the last scenario they went through would be enough to push the normal agent over the edge. Yet, what happened to them goes beyond anything that could have ever happened to any agent."

Betty sat back and pulled a folder from her desk drawer.

"I have been thinking about that. I spoke with a number of experts on the matter and this is what they came up with."

Betty handed each director a file.

After a short time to study the file's contents, the CIA Director closed his file and looked up.

"Has this been cleared with their parents?"

Betty nodded.

"Cleared, and, except for James Possible, approved with enthusiasm. He had some reservations about the plan."

The CIA Director snickered.

"Oh, I know how James is about Kim. This had to have really pushed some of his buttons."

Betty agreed with a smile.

"He's okay with Kim being with Ron as they travel the world fighting villains; but setting up a trip just for the two of them drives him crazy. Ann stepped in and made it 'doctor's orders'."


Halifax, Nova Scotia
Fairview Lawn Cemetery

Kim brushed some lint from her skirt as she walked across the field. Ron held her other hand as the two approached the rows of black granite headstones. The two teens had flown into town at the request of Dr. Director and one of the doctors at Global Justice. At first, they wondered why; but now, walking across the lawn toward the graves, they understood.

As they approached the gravestones, they could read the date of death on all of them was the same: April 15, 1912.

Walking up and down the rows of headstones, Kim and Ron stared at the names engraved on each of them. The memories of that night were still fresh in their minds. Kim shivered as she recalled the moment the lifeboat she was in was lowered into the water. All she could do then was sit and watch Ron standing on the deck next to the officer.

Ron slid his arm around Kim and pulled her closer. A damp rain began to fall as they continued down the line of stones. They stopped on one particular stone:

"John Law Hume"

Kim moved closer to Ron as her thoughts went back to the evening when they had dinner in the First Class Dining Room. Ron was so handsome that night, and for just a few moments they were able to lose themselves in the romantic moment. The Orchestra had come to their table and started to play a very beautiful song. Kim closed her eyes and remembered the violinist standing between the two of them, just smiling. That same man had stayed with the ship and continued to play even as it sank. Kim took the bundle of flowers she was carrying and placed them on ground in front of the stone. She stood and stepped back into Ron's arms. Her arms went around him as she pulled herself tightly to him.

"Ron… all those people. We knew and we couldn't do anything. Promise me: no matter what may happen to us, if we can ever stop something like that from happening again, we will stop it."

Ron pulled up her chin so he could look into her eyes. He reached up and brushed a lock of auburn hair from her face.

"I've got your back there, KP."

Kim shook her head as she played with the lapel of his jacket.

"Not my back anymore, Ron. Hand-in-hand and side-by-side. If we can't do it that way, we don't do it."

A nervous cough caught their attention. They turned to see an elderly man standing there carrying a bunch of flowers.

"Excuse me, Miss. I beg your pardon for intruding, but I was wondering if you were related to anyone here?"

Kim shook her head.

"No, sir. I guess you can say we're just friends of the family."

The gentleman nodded.

"You're Kim Possible and Ron Stoppable, aren't you?"

Kim and Ron glanced at each other and then back at the man.

"Yes, we are," Kim replied. "We're on sort of a vacation and wanted to visit here. I've always admired the man who played the violin to the end."

The man nodded.

"My name is Hiram Dickson. My granddaddy was the Second Officer Lightoller on the Titanic. He survived, but lost many friends. I try to come here every so often just to leave flowers on the graves in his honor."

Kim had to catch her breath at the thought. The memories of the kindness shown to both of them over those days came back to her. He was the one who put her in a lifeboat. Later she found the he had made sure Ron was in a lifeboat, too. They both owed their lives to him. She knew he passed away peacefully long before they were born.

Hiram bent over and laid his flowers on one of the graves marked unknown. He stood up and wiped his hands on his pants. His lips moved as he spoke a small prayer. Kim and Ron stood quietly to the side. When he finished, Hiram turned to the two teens. He stood staring at them for a moment. Then he coughed.

"It's a pity you weren't there. Two young people as you, who do what you do, I think you could have made a difference. Maybe the two of you could have changed history and saved more people."

Kim bowed her head.

"Maybe we could have, Mr. Dickson. Is there anything Ron and I can do for you or get for you?"

Dickson smiled as he removed his cap.

"Well, Miss Possible, I think you both have done enough already. I thank you for coming. I hope and pray for both of you. Bless you both."

Hiram put his cap back on his head and started to walk slowly back to his car. Kim reached out and touched the stone with the unknown name. It was not Lightoller's grave but at least she could imagine so.

"Thanks, Mr. Lightoller. You showed us a kindness we can never repay."

Kim pressed her fingers to her lips and touched the stone. Turning, she put her arm around Ron and pulled him close to her. Laying her head onto his shoulder, they started back to their car.

Ron kissed the top of her head.

"Feeling better?"

Kim nodded.

"Yeah. I think I see why Dr. Director and the doctor wanted us to come here. Being here with all these people --- some we knew, and maybe some we never met --- I feel better. Now I think we should go to the one place that we both really wanted to go back to."


Kitty Hawk, North Carolina

Ron pulled the car into the drive of the hotel. Kim waited as he got out and came around to open the door for her. Stepping out into the wind, Kim looked up at the hotel.

"Not fancy, but nice enough. Let's check in and get some supper."

Ron opened the hotel front door and they walked into the lobby. A young woman at the reception desk smiled brightly as they approached.

"May I help you?"

Kim nodded.

"Yes. Reservation for Possible. Non-smoking room. Could we get one facing the ocean?"

The girl smiled.

"I think so. There are not many people here now."

She typed on the computer keyboard for a moment. Pulling a magnetic card out of a drawer, she ran it through a reader, placed it in a paper holder and wrote the room number on it.

"Here you go. Room 260. Your room is in the other building. Just go in the door and take the elevator up. Your room has a microwave, a refrigerator, free wireless internet and a balcony. There's a free deluxe continental breakfast here in the lobby in the morning."

Kim took the key.

"Thank you. Come on, Ron. Let's get up to the room and rest up. Then we can go find some supper."

Kim turned back to the receptionist.

"Excuse me. Could you tell us a good place to eat supper; maybe one that has a nice view?"

The girl thought a minute.

"Well, there are a couple of places right up the road from here. Good food, good service and good prices. We even have coupons here at the desk."

Ron picked up a few.

"O-o-o-o! Coupons!"

Kim groaned.

"Well, at least it'll save us a little money. Let's get our stuff up to the room and then go eat. Then, maybe a little snuggle time on the balcony before bed."


Ron held Kim's hand as they walked across the grassy field. The old shack was renovated as they remembered it. They both stopped and gazed up at the marble monument that stood on the hill before them. Turning around for a moment, they saw the different smaller monuments that marked each of the flights the Wright Brothers made that day. In their minds they could hear the rhythmic beat of the small engine. They could smell the exhaust. The two teens skipped the talk in the reception center. There was little the guide could tell them that they didn't know. It had been over one hundred years and some days since they had stood on the sands with the two brothers.

Ron nodded toward the beach.

"It's a shame the life station's gone. I would have liked to see it again."

They began walking from the starting monument and kept on walking until they reached the last marker. Ron rubbed his arm.

"Just thinking of everything makes my arms hurt from all the hauling back and forth we did with that thing."

Kim giggled.

"Yeah. Come on. I want to go over to the beach. Maybe take in a few of the sights."


Kim walked down the aisle of a small store near the beach. They had spent the morning at the Wright Brothers Memorial and then had lunch at a local burger joint. Before heading for their next destination, Kim decided to get some gifts for the family. She picked through some pictures of the beach and the area. Turning to another table a picture hanging on the wall caught her eye. She stepped over to look at it and gasped.

"Ron, I think you need to get over here!"

Ron stepped over to her side.

"What's up KP?"

Kim's finger shook as she pointed to the picture.

"So what's up, Kim? It's just an old picture of some folks on the beach. Hey, it's only ten bucks. This would be great for Dad."

Kim grabbed Ron's face in her hands and pulled him around to face her.


Ron glanced down at the picture again.

"O-o-o-h-h, b-o-o-y!"

Ron studied the caption at the bottom of the picture.

"Crew of the Kill Devil Hills Station after successful rescue of crew from burning ship. December 15, 1903."

They stared at the picture for a moment, looked back at each other and giggled. Kim punched Ron in the arm.

"You know, you looked like a drowned rat."

Rufus popped out of Ron's pocket.


Kim patted him on the head.

"Sorry, Rufus."

Rufus scurried back into his pocket and closed the flap.

Kim took the picture up to the cashier.

"How much is this?"

The cashier looked it over.

"Well, it's just been a decoration around here for a long time. The picture came from some old archives around here. Are you sure you want this old thing?"

Kim nodded.

"Yes, how about thirty dollars?"

The cashier smiled.

"I think I can let it go at that. Are you sure now?"

Kim gazed at the picture, then back at Ron. He nodded. She turned back to the cashier and nodded.

"S-o-o-o sure."

The cashier took the picture and started to wrap it. She picked it up and took a close look."

"Hey, did you know that two of the people in this picture look just like the two of you?"

Kim glanced at the picture again.

"Well, what do you know? Isn't that a surprise?"

The cashier finished wrapping the picture and gave it to Kim as she handed her the money. Kim took the package and Ron's hand as they headed for the door. They smiled at each other as she clutched the picture close to her.



Ron took Kim's hand as they walked around the museum for the Golden Spike National Historic Site. They found a few things interesting but it was the countryside they had come for.

"You ready, KP?"

Kim turned from the display to see Ron standing there with the keys to her car. She nodded.

"Yeah, let's get back to the ranch. Mr. Davis said we could take a couple of horses and try to find the site of the Indian camp. Do you think we can find it?"

Ron put his arm around her.

"I don't know, KP, but at least it'll make us feel better than it did when we visited Valley Forge and Philadelphia."

Kim shuddered. They had visited the Valley Forge site with no problems. It was when they were touring Philadelphia and came across the home where Tarleton had taken them. The family in the home was nice and let them look around in the backyard. The two teens had told the owner they had heard that this home had been Tarleton's headquarters. It was bad enough in the backyard when they recalled almost being hung. It was in the basement that they both nearly broke down. The remembrance of all the pain they had endured in that room made them hold onto each other tight. The owners sensed something was wrong and left the two teens alone.

Kim took Ron's hand and led him to the spot under a certain beam. The cast iron hooks they had hung from were still there. Kim took him into her arms and gave him a slow deep kiss. Both of them stood there for a moment just holding each other. They told the owners that they had been trapped in a basement similar to this and it brought back some bad memories. The owners had smiled and lead to two back upstairs. Kim and Ron stayed for dinner. Later, as they departed, the two teens left an autographed picture.

"KP? Kim?"

Kim snapped back to see Ron looking at her.

"Sorry. Zoned out there for awhile."

Ron put his arm through hers.

"No big, KP. The Philadelphia thing got to me, too. Come on. Let's go for a ride."


Kim and Ron walked their horses for awhile to let them rest.

"Well, we didn't find the site of the old Indian Camp. But we did find this old rail line."

Kim slipped over to take Ron's hand.

"Yeah. This whole trip has made me feel so much better."

Ron slipped his hand out of Kim's grasp and pulled her to him face to face. Kim put her arms around his neck and pulled him down for a kiss. The kiss grew longer and deeper with each passing second. The need for oxygen finally forced the two blushing teens apart gasping for breath.

"B-o-o-o-y-a-a-a-h-h-h-h!" they whispered together.

Kim laughed.

"Jinx! You owe me a..."


The air blast knocked them to the ground.

The two rolled over to glance back at the train that had appeared out of nowhere. It was the same train as before when…

The doors to the enclosed train cab flew open and a wild-haired man stuck his head out.

"GREAT SCOTT! KIMBERLY! RONALD! I'm glad I found you. Dr. Director sent me for you. Drakken and Shego have stolen your father's Time Tunnel device and gone back into time. She doesn't know what they plan to do, but you two are the only ones with experience like this. Come on and get in!"

Kim glanced over at Ron and shrugged her shoulders.

"Oh, well. Here we go again."

Ron gave her a quick kiss.

"Oh, well. Time travel: it's a cornucopia of disturbing concepts."

The two teens climbed into the train cab as the door shut behind them. The lights on the train started to flash faster and faster. Soon the vehicle levitated off the tracks and disappeared into the sky.



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